i love you - a Niall horan story

a normal school girl Hayley is like most girls a directioner but at one concert her wish comes true


2. the concert

I get their and it is packed so I quickly get to my seat and they are coming out so I start to screaming on the top of my lunges and start with na na na and they are coming into the crowed and niall says come back stage after the concert beautiful and hugs me. it is the middle of the concert and start to change the lyrics a lot like in I want harry says you could be preoccupied different dick every night . blow a kiss small child and in the course I want I want I want but that's gravy I want I want I want but that's jay-z I want I want I want to be loved by poo but then It started to get a bit dirty because Louis sang in more than this when he lays you down he just wont fuck you right and it twitter time and a girl asked wants your fav song at the moment and can you sing it liams was climax by usher and nialls was payphone and he was singing it was coming up to where they swear and niall stops but we carry on and said shut and Louis says this is a kids show don't say that and I thought to my self that's the guy that say he just fuck u right and the ends and Paul comes up to me and says come with me mar horan wants to see you so I come back stage and see them running around playing with water and Paul screams at niall "she is here" niall takes me in to his change room and we sit there and he says "hi am niall "hi my name is Hayley " wow that is a beautiful name umm would you like to come to get something to eat yeah sure ok I just have to get changed ok lets go wow that was fast he was wearing jeans a ,white t shirt,  white supras and his san Francisco snap back he laughed niall your laugh is so cute is said to him and he blushed 

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