Bloodlust (Vampire/One Direction)

*One Direction Not Famous* People say vampires are mean and cruel people and we love killing humans.

Well they are wrong there. Vampires sometimes hate killing humans. Like the good ones. They hate it. But its the way they can live and be strong.

6 vampires Arizona, Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn. They move from London to America. Well Atlanta, Georgia. They moved into the abandoned house that no one has lived in for years. When two girls push their buttons as they go to school. They have no choice to kill them in secret. When a new girl comes into town with her family. Louis is in love.

But they have to try and keep there secret under control. Can they do it? Or will everyone find out who they turly are? Read more and find out


6. Chapter 5


3 weeks past. Everyone started to get scared of everyone. More deaths came from the school. And they weren't from us. 

"Did you hear that those 6 are in danger" Naomi whispered.

"I think we can take care of ourselves" Liam said.

Naomi screamed. We laughed. 




When we got home. We didn't know someone was following us. And I think you know who it is. I got on Harry's back. Harry laughed. He climbed the tree. I giggled. I got off Harry's back. I gasped.

"What?" Harry asked.

"Naomi" I said.

Harry smiled evily. He whistled. The boys climbed the tree. We pointed. They also smiled. We jumped off the tree and ran up to Naomi. She got scared.

She went to go run. Liam blocked her. We took her into the house. Locked the doors and closed the windows.

"You killed Nicole and Mr Right" Naomi said.

"We had to they found out about us... Just like you" Louis said.

Our eyes went red. Liam bit into her neck. We all drank from her. When her heart stopped we stopped drinking.




A few days past. Everyone was getting worried. But the people who got bullied by Nicole and Naomi were happy. But what they said was mean. We had to kill them because they would tell. We hate killing humans but its what we have to do to survive. I saw Katherine. What was she doing here? She was my best friend or is my best friend. I turned her because she wanted to be turned.

Kathrine saw me. We hugged.

"I haven't seen you in ages" I said.

"Sam here" Kathrine said.

The boys smiled and hugged her as well. We pulled apart. We took her to the front office. Where she got everything she needed. A girl walked in as well. Louis' face looked like he was in love. 

"Louis' in love" Harry whispered.

"Shut up" Louis hissed. 

We walked out. The bell rang for class. Liam took Kathrine to hers since they were in the same classes. 





After school we took Kathrine to our place for a while.

"You live in the woods that's awesome... I got a house near this old guy"" Kathrine said.

"Well if you ever want to live here you can" Liam said.

Kathrine blushed and looked down. She's had a crush on Liam for a while. It's cute. We showed her around. She got to my room. 

"Nice room" Kathrine said.

"Thanks" I said.




It became late. Kathrine left to go hunting. Harry hugged me. I smiled. We got to his room. Harry pushed me against the wall (Not to hard peoples) and pressed his lips onto mine. I smiled. Harry took his top off. I ran my hands down his abs. Harry moaned.

He loved my fingers going against his body. Harry ran his hands up and down my sides. I smiled. Harry started to kiss my neck. He got to my sweet spot. I moaned. Harry sucked on my neck.

"Harry" I moaned.

Harry then licked my spot. Leaving a sun kiss. Harry carried me to the bed where he laid me down. Harry hovered over me. Harry took my top off. He kissed up and down my stomach. Harry bit on my jean zip and pulled it down. He slowly removed my jeans. 

I took Harry's jeans off. Harry wiped the strain of hair out of my face. I smiled.




Harry and I were laying back after having sex.

"Man I love having sex with you" Harry said.

I nodded, "Same." I caught my breath. 

Harry put his arms around me. I smiled.

"Harry" I said.

"Yeah babe" Harry said.

"Would you ever cheat on me?" I asked.

"No why would you think that?" Harry asked.

"I'm just asking... I just get the feeling that your bored of me" I said.

Harry turned me to face him.

"I could never be bored of you sweetheart... You are all the things i want in a girl... Why do you think I turned you" Harry said.

I smiled. Harry kissed my neck.



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