Bloodlust (Vampire/One Direction)

*One Direction Not Famous* People say vampires are mean and cruel people and we love killing humans.

Well they are wrong there. Vampires sometimes hate killing humans. Like the good ones. They hate it. But its the way they can live and be strong.

6 vampires Arizona, Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn. They move from London to America. Well Atlanta, Georgia. They moved into the abandoned house that no one has lived in for years. When two girls push their buttons as they go to school. They have no choice to kill them in secret. When a new girl comes into town with her family. Louis is in love.

But they have to try and keep there secret under control. Can they do it? Or will everyone find out who they turly are? Read more and find out


4. Chapter 3


Hey guys this part is dedicated to another one of my friends Isa_Styles

She is an amazing stories. You should read her story Let Me In.

It's Amazing. She has given my some inspiration for vampire stories. So I thank her for that.

And she is the loveliest girl you could talk to. She is grateful for the fans she has and the credit they give her for her amazing stories.

She's only on Wattpad but please read her story Let ME In. I love it so you will

I guess that's what Directioners to. :)



Harry slept with me last night. I was still asleep.

"Come on Ari time to get ready for school" Harry said shaking me.

"I'm not going" I moaned.

"Please" Harry said.

"No" I moaned and turned away.

"I will give you love tonight if you come" Harry said.

I raised an eyebrow.

"uh huh" I said.

"Promise" Harry said.

"Mr Styles saying a promise then he must be serious" I joked.

"Come on babe for me... I am the one who almost died" Harry said.

My smile faded.

"I didn't mean to say that" Harry said.

I placed my head in the pillow.

"Babe come on please I am sorry" Harry said.

I shook my head.

"Babe" Harry whined.

"Why should I my fault you got  shot" I said.

"No its not why would you think that?" Harry asked.

I looked at harry.

"You guys always protect me... So its my fault... Alright everything is" I cried.

"It's not your fault... We made a pack to always protect you in the good and bad" Harry said.

"See... My fault" I shouted.

Harry's face fell.

"Fine stay home okay" Harry said and walked out.

More tears fell. I laid in the blankets. I felt someone grab my arms and pulled me out.

"Let me go" I said.

"Arizona you are going to school" Liam yelled.

"No I am not I would rather die then go to school again" I shouted.

"Do not say that" Liam yelled.

I pushed Liam off.

"It's true I would rather die... I would rather die then my friends... I would rather die then the people I care about" I shouted.

Liam dragged me out.

"No" I shouted.

"Stop being a baby... We all lose people" Liam said.

"Why can't it be me?... Then you guys wouldn't have to be in danger" I yelled.

Harry's head snapped up. I got out of Liam's grip and ran out the house.


Harry's POV

Arizona ran out of the house.

"Liam do not push her... She's still upset about me" I said.

"Oh" Liam said.

"Omg you didn't ask her why she didn't go to school" I said.

Liam shook his head.

"Now whos the idiot" Louis said.

Arizona walked back in. Cuts and bruises. She fell.

"Arizona" I said.

I ran up to her. I got to her.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Nicole and Naomi" Arizona coughed.

I felt fire burn in me. I picked Arizona up and placed her onto her bed.

"I'm sorry about this morning... I was mad and mad at Liam for pushing me" Arizona said.

"It's fine... Just please stay in bed" I said.

Arizona nodded, "I love you."

"Love you too beautiful" I said and kissed her forehead.

I grabbed my school bag and walked out. Arizona fell asleep. I smiled. The boys and I walked to school. We got there.

"Yeah we beat the shit out of her this morning" Nicole and Naomi said.

I grabbed Nicole's shirt and Louis grabbed Naomi's and pushed them against the wall.

"You heard what we did to Arizona" Nicole smirked.

"She fainted because of it... If you ever touch my girlfriend again you better watch out... She hasn't done anything to you alright" I snapped.

"She knows everything" Naomi said.

Okay that made me worse.

"We all know a lot its called studying... You should try it sometime... Oh wait you can't because you are dumb and shit" I snapped.

I let Nicole go. Louis let Naomi go. 

"Guys Mr Right was found dead behind the school" A girl said.

"What" All of us said.

"Yeah teachers think animal attack" The girl said.

Louis and I walked up to the boys.

"And they said police are checking the house in the woods and arresting the person" The girl said.

"Arizona" I said.

We ran off. We got to our house. Police were there. Dragging someone out. It was Arizona. we ran up.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"She killed Phillip Right" A policeman said.

"She couldn't have she was with us... We were at the shops last night... We live here and well she's sick from too much candy" I said.

Arizona got out of the grip and ran to me. I hugged her.

"Alright we are sorry... We should go" The policeman said.

"Yeah you should" Liam said.

They left.

"Are you okay?" Louis asked.

"They hurt me" Arizona said.

I kissed Arizona's forehead.. Students ran up.

"Go back to bed" I said.

Arizona and I walked in. Students followed. I have no idea why. They were shocked. I laid Arizona in her bed and put the sheets over her.

"Sleep beautiful" I said.

Arizona nodded. I walked out and closed the door. 

"Wow this house is amazing" A girl said.

"Thank you" Liam said.

Nicole wanted to go in a room.

"Do not go in there" Louis shouted. 

He closed the door and locked it.

"What's in there" Nicole asked.

"Nothing that concerns you" Louis said.

When the students left. Louis unlocked the door again.


Nicole's POV

I jumped into the house via window. The boys were looking after Arizona. I opened the door. OMG lots of dead people. They were still breathing. Chained to a wall.

"I told you not to go in there" Louis said.

I turned and got scared. The boys ran down.

"You didn't go in there" Harry snapped.

"Your vampires... So you did kill Mr Right" I said.

"Yes because he found out about us like you just did" Harry said licking his lips.

I got scared

"Arizona dinner's here babe" Harry said.

Arizona walked down the stairs. Her eyes bloodshot red. I went to run. Liam locked the front door closed the curtains. They all made an evil smirk.

"Arizona you have can have her as your meal since she beat you up this morning... we will go hunting" Liam said.

Arizona's smile went eviler. She walked up to me and looked into my eyes.

"Do not scream nor fight you will let me some of your blood" Arizona said doing something.


Arizona's POV

I compelled Nicole. My fangs came down. I pressed my fangs into her neck. I drank her blood. I could feel Nicole's heart stopping. When she was dead. I pulled away. Blood dripping from my mouth. Liam put her into the room. Harry walked up and licked the blood off.

"Her blood is nice" Harry said.

I smiled and jumped onto Harry. Harry caught me. The boys groaned and walked off. I smiled. Harry pushed me into a wall and pressed his lips onto mine. I smiled.

Harry took me up to my room. He shut the door. Harry pressed his lips onto mine again. He unbuttoned my top and ripped it open. I smiled. 

I followed suit, and within a few seconds we were both completely undressed, naked on the bed in my bedroom. Harry sat back on his haunches looking down at me. I never failed to stir his blood.

I was such a beautiful woman, tall, slender, long-limned; and her skin was pale ivory, Harry thought.

Staring back at him, I saw the intensity in his luminous vampire red eyes, twin reflections of my own filled with mounting desire. I lifted my arms to him.

In answer, Harry stretched himself on top of me. How perfect we fit together, he thought.

‘I want you,’ I whispered against his neck, and my long, tapering fingers went up into his hair.

Harry wanted me as much as I wanted him, but Harry also wanted to prolong our lovemaking. Sometimes it was too quick. He was too quick. Tonight he had the great need to savoir me, to pleasure me, before Harry took his own pleasure with me.

And so he kissed me very slowly, languorously.

As Harry began to caress my breasts, my hands moved down over Harry's broad back. Smoothing his hand up along my leg, he slipped in between my thighs; my soft sighs increased as he finally touched that damp, warm, welcoming place. I arched my body, then fell back, moaning.

Now Harry could hardly contain himself and parted my legs and entered my vagina, no longer able to resist me.

I began to move frantically against Harry, my hands tightly gripping his shoulders, my whole body radiating heat and desire for Harry. Harry had not seen like this before excited beyond endurance. Harry felt every fiber of his being exploding as Harry tumbled into my warmth, and I welcomed him ecstatically. Which lead to Climaxing.

Harry collapsed next to me. We started to catch our breaths.

"That was awesome" I said.

Harry nodded, "Like always."

I smiled, "Like always."

Harry put his arms around me. I smiled. We fell asleep.



Hope you guys enjoyed it. Hope you also liked the sex scene. 


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