Bloodlust (Vampire/One Direction)

*One Direction Not Famous* People say vampires are mean and cruel people and we love killing humans.

Well they are wrong there. Vampires sometimes hate killing humans. Like the good ones. They hate it. But its the way they can live and be strong.

6 vampires Arizona, Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn. They move from London to America. Well Atlanta, Georgia. They moved into the abandoned house that no one has lived in for years. When two girls push their buttons as they go to school. They have no choice to kill them in secret. When a new girl comes into town with her family. Louis is in love.

But they have to try and keep there secret under control. Can they do it? Or will everyone find out who they turly are? Read more and find out


3. Chapter 2


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We walked into the school. Everyone looked at us.

"They have red eyes" People whispered.

We got to the front office.

"You must be the new students" The lady said.

"That's us" We said.

She gave us our timetables.

"Nice contacts" The lady said.

"Thank you" Liam said.

"Here are your locker keys" The lady said handing us keys.

"Thanks" I said.

We walked out. We got to our lockers. We were all next to each other. There was books in there already. Harry and I had the same classes. So did Louis and Zayn. Niall and Liam. We had some classes together but some were different teachers. 

The bell rang. Harry grabbed my hand. I smiled. We looked for the classroom. We got there. We walked in.

"Your late" The teacher yelled.

"Sorry" Harry and I said.

"Wait are you the new kids?" The teacher asked.

We nodded.

"Oh I am sorry I am Mr Right.. Class this is Harry Styles and Arizona Winters" Mr Right said.

We got a seat at the back. He talked talked about the war with vampires and humans. I put my hand up.

"Yes Arizona" The teacher said.

"Umm... The war between was in the 1800 hundreds in London and America not 1900 hundreds and they didn't have a fight in Japan" I said.

"No It's 1900 hundred" The teacher said.

"If it was half of us wouldn't even be alive" I said putting my hand down.

Harry rubbed my back. 

"Don't worry about it" Harry whispered.

"Harry you know what happened then" I whispered quieter.

"Yes I know" Harry whispered.

"Arizona and Harry do your work or detention" Mr Right snapped.

We did what we were supposed to. When the bell rang. We grabbed everything and walked out. Mr Right grabbed a stake out. I gulped. I turned back.

"You okay?" Harry asked.

"Mr Right is a hunter" I whispered.

"What" Harry said.

I nodded. We bumped into the boys.

"Sorry" I said.

"Is everything alright?" Liam asked.

I nodded. The school alarm went off. We closed our eyes because of the noise.

"Run" I said.

We all ran. Every kid was screaming except for us. Once the kids were out. We stopped running. The cameras got disabled by Liam. 

"Hello vampires" Mr Right said.

"What if we aren't vampires" Liam said.

"Lets check" Mr Right said.

Mr Right fired a wooden bullet in my leg. I screamed and fell. The boys protected me. Liam and Louis ran up behind Mr Right.

"That wasn't very nice... She didn't do anything" Louis snapped.

"She's a vampire she's done enough" Mr Right said.

Harry helped me stand. Harry kept his arms around me. Mr Right went to fire the gun.

"Ah Ah Ah... No if you shoot at any of them or us... I will crack your neck" Liam whispered.

Mr Right nodded.

"Drop the gun" Louis said.

Mr Right did what Louis said. He fired the gun. Harry screamed.

"Harry" I said.

Harry fell to the ground.

"Harry" I cried.

Harry coughed. I kneeled down. I placed my hand on the wound.

"Come on you are not dying on me" I said.

Harry stroked my cheek.


"Please Harry" I said.

Harry wiped my tears off, "I love you." 

"Love you too... You promised me we would be together forever" I cried.

Niall ran up and bit into Mr Right's neck.

"Niall stop" Liam said.

Niall drank him dry. Mr Right fell to the ground. He licked his lips. Harry wanted to keep his eyes closed.

"No keep them open you hear me" I said.

He was losing so much blood. Zayn put his hand on top of mine.

"Arizona it's no use... It was a sliver bullet" Zayn said.

"I am not giving up" I said.

"Babe stop... Zayn is right" Harry said.

I shook my head.

"Louis get Arizona out of here" Harry said.

"No" I said.

Harry pressed his lips onto mine. I kissed back. We pulled back.

"I love you" Harry said.

"Love you too" I said.

Louis picked me up.

"No" I said.

I kept fighting. Louis knocked me out.


Liam's POV

Louis knocked Arizona out. I ran to Harry.

"Zayn pull it out" I said.

"It's too risky" Zayn said.

Louis walked out the back door with Arizona.


Louis' POV

I took Arizona home. I placed her in her bed. I wiped her tears off.

"I am sorry" I whispered.

I ran back to school. Zayn had the bullet pulled out. I ran and healed Harry's stomach. Harry's eyes shut in pain.

"Where is Arizona?" Niall asked.

"Asleep in her room" I said.

"You left her alone" Liam said.

I nodded.

"You idiot she will wake up in 2 minutes and probably kill herself" Zayn said.

We helped Harry up. 


Arizona's POV

I woke up in my room. With a massive headache. Harry. Harry is gone. Gone forever. I smashed everything. Tears fell. My stupid fault. I stabbed Louis' face with a knife. I hate him. I hate him. He knocked me out and took me here. I locked my door. I slid down the door.


Harry's POV

When we were walking home. We heard smashing.

"Arizona" I said.

We ran. She was crying and stabbing something. Not herself but something wooden. We heard her door lock.

"Great just great" I whispered.

"What?" Louis asked.

"She's locked in her room and she won't come out" I said.

I sat against the door and heard her singing. My song 'Rock Me.' I smiled. After she finished. She cried. I felt horrible. This is half my fault. I told Louis to take her away. He's the one who knocked her out. I didn't mean for him to knock her out and take her home. Just don't watch me die. She was writing something. I heard a window open and close again.

I got scared and broke the door down. Arizona was still there.

"Arizona" I said.

She turned.

"Harry" Arizona squealed. 

She ran and hugged me. After she pulled back she hit me. She kept hitting me.


"I'm sorry... Ow stop" I said.

"No I want to hurt you as much as you and Louis did" Arizona said.

"Ow your slaps hurt" I said.

"I don't care" Arizona said.

I tickled her. Arizona laughed.

"Stop" Arizona said.

"Nope" I said.

"Stop" Arizona squealed in my ear.

"Ahh" I said and let go. 

I rubbed my ear.

"You stabbed Louis" I said.

"He deserved it" Arizona said.

"I deserved what?" Louis asked.

He saw the photo. Arizona was slapping him.

"Ow what is this for?" Louis asked.

"Kidnapping me, knocking me out and making me leave Harry" Arizona said.

The boys ran in.

"Haha getting beaten up by a girl Louis" Liam laughed.

"Yes" Louis said.

Arizona stopped. I put my arms around her. We fixed her room up again and changed the photo to a different one. Arizona grabbed a soft ball and through it threw the hoop. I smiled. She loved basketball in London. She would always play with people she didn't know and beat them in the game.

They were shocked. It was funny watching them.



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