Bloodlust (Vampire/One Direction)

*One Direction Not Famous* People say vampires are mean and cruel people and we love killing humans.

Well they are wrong there. Vampires sometimes hate killing humans. Like the good ones. They hate it. But its the way they can live and be strong.

6 vampires Arizona, Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn. They move from London to America. Well Atlanta, Georgia. They moved into the abandoned house that no one has lived in for years. When two girls push their buttons as they go to school. They have no choice to kill them in secret. When a new girl comes into town with her family. Louis is in love.

But they have to try and keep there secret under control. Can they do it? Or will everyone find out who they turly are? Read more and find out


2. Chapter 1


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We arrived at the house. We stepped out.

"Come one, two" Louis said singing along.

We kept laughing. I wanted to help but the boys wont let me. Since I am the only vampire girl they are very protective. Harry and I have been going out for about 300 years. I lost track. I am 500 years old. Harry is 510. Louis is 490, Liam is 450, Zayn is 420 and Niall is a new vampire 100. So his thrust for blood we have to help control.

I kept looking forward. Harry walked up.

"What's up love?" Harry asked.

"We're being watched" I said.

And my powers are stronger than the boys as well. Harry put his arms around me to get my mind off it. I smiled as it worked. I laid the back of my head in his chest. Harry smiled. He kissed my neck. I giggled.

"Guys wait until we are inside" Louis said.

Harry pounted. I giggled a little. I remember when Harry turned me. I was scared but he was so nice and told me that everything was going to be okay. He didn't compel me. But I believed him. He was the first boy to ever get me. And once I was a vampire. I was happy. So was he.

What sucks is that we are going to a school with humans and there blood will smell so good. Poor Niall has to learn to control himself. That's what we are here for. He gets scared killing humans. We all do sometimes. But it's the way we can survive.

Once we were inside with the boxes. I quickly grabbed on. Thinking no one was watching. When I heard coughing. They aren't going to stop me. I ran vampire speed into my room. I opened my door and the boys were there with arms crossed.

"It wasn't heavy" I said.

"We don't care you know the rules" Liam said.

I poked my tongue out.

"Just please let me help for once?" I asked.

The boys shook their heads.

"Your so mean" I pounted putting my arms in my chest.


Naomi's POV

*Before the new people walked in.

My friend Nicole and I were walking around. we always go for walks because it's boring at home. School starts up again tomorrow. Yay. Not. I hate school. Well I have lots of friends. We got to the abandoned house. It wasn't that scary as people said. But no one has lived in it for about 300 years. That's what people tell me.

"Come on Nicole" I said.

We turned when a car pulled up at a house. We turned back and watched. 6 people walked out. They were laughing. All of them carrying the boxers. Lazy bitch. It's a girl I can tell you that. A boy wrapped his arms around the girls waist. They were talking. I couldn't work out what. Since they were so far away. They then walked into the house. Nicole and I walked off.

"Weird" Nicole.

"Very" I said.

When we got to my place. I told mum. She said she heard there were people moving from London but that was about it. Mum is a nurse and real estate agent. I nodded. Nicole had to leave. Her parents are very strict on to what times she leaves the house and has to come home. I nodded and hugged her.


Arizona's POV

I was painting my walls. Pink. Yes I love you. You may think its weird a vampire who loves pink. Harry walked in.

"Whoa that is pink" Harry chuckled.

"I told you I wanted a pink room" I said.

Harry grabbed a paint brush and helped me. Harry through paint on me. 

"Oi I am doing work" I said.

"Come on babe I know you like it" Harry said.

"I do when it's not paint" I giggled.

If you guessed. I am not a Virgin. The boys walked in and helped.

"Why do you love pink?" Liam asked.

"Because... Anyone it's also one of harry's favourite colours" I said.

"Yeah one" Louis said.

"Well I am a girl so I like my girl colours... I may be 500 years old but I am still a kid in my dead heart" I said.

Once the paint was dried. We decorated it a little bit. Harry grabbed a basketball hoop and a ladder. Louis gave him an electric screwdriver. He screwed the basketball into the wall. After he did that. He drew a net on the wall. I smiled and got Harry back with the paint.

"Haha you are so going to pay" Harry said.

"No" I said.

I went to run out. The boys stopped me. Harry grabbed me and put paint all over me and tickled me.

"Stop you did it to me first" I laughed.

"Yes I know" Harry said.

I put a recent photo up of me and the boys. It was on my wardrobe. A picture of my mum, dad and me when I was young. Around 7-8. That was on the table. Harry put his arms around me. I smiled.

"Your my only family now" I said.

"You still have yours in your heart" Liam said.

"My non beating heart" I said.

Once we finished everything. The boys brought the bed in. I did the bedside table. I put a picture of everything I wanted up there. A picture of me and Harry. And one the other one picture of me and the boys again. My phone next to my alarm. And I saw a packet of condoms. Wait what?

"Why is there a packet of condoms on my bedside table?" I asked.

The boys burst out laughing. I through paint on all of them and ran. When I stopped the boys were still running. They banged into the wall. I laughed. I couldn't stop. I fell to the floor laughing.



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