A Night to remember

Monique and Niall have now been together since they were fourteen, it's now February 14th (valentines day) Niall and the rest of the one direction boys decide to take all of their girlfriend to Paris for the weekend!


1. valentines day, one shot

Niall  P.O.V  

Today was the day before valentines day, the lads and I have decided to take our girlfriend to Paris for the weekend. ( Louis + Eleanor, Liam + Danielle, Zayn + Perrie  ) and harry thought he would just tag along and find a pretty french lady on the way.

I am now on my way down oxford street with liam to go down to the jewelers " you sure you want to do this Niall it's a big commitment in your life, and remember you're only nineteen" liam asked. what stupid question is that.

" what kinda question is that Liam of course i'm ready i love her!" I screamed at liam which made a few people turn and look or gasp that we are in the most busiest  part in London with no security.

once we reached 'Daniel prince' which is a really nice jewellery  shop in London. 'hi my name's joshua do you need  help" a very nice man came up to liam and I. "um..yeah hi i need help looking for an engagement ring" i asked 'joshua', 

'uh..yes would you like gold,silver or diamond" he asked pulling out a catalog which must show all of the beautiful rings \         



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