My Oath of Love

Niall and Rebecca are spending Valentines Day together. He has a Shakespeare surprise for her.


1. My Oath Of Love

As Niall opened the door of the car and helped me get out, I could smell of algae and salt.

"Where did you bring me?" I asked. Niall had blindfolded me before we got in the car. 

"Hush babe, It's a surprise," he said. He walked me and had his hands on my waist. Niall was such a gentleman. So respectful of my decision to take things slowly. As he led me around to the surprise, I could feel his warm breath kn my neck.

"You're going to love it," he said excitedly. I felt sand going inside my shoes. 

"Hold on babe, I'm going to lift you up okay," he said. He lifted me up and then removed the blindfold. I turned and saw that we were ontop of the rock where he had confessed his love for me.

"Brings back the memories huh," he asked. I smiled and looked into his eyes.

"Thanks for the surprise," I said. 

"That's not it though," he said. I looked at him, puzzled. "I'm giving you the surprise here," he said with a shy grin. He then checked his watch. The sun was setting.

"Becky, face this way," he said. I was now facing the sunset. That's when he bent down on his knee and he got out a small box from his pocket.

"Rebecca Williams, will you grant me the wish of being my wife, my future Juliet, my only love?" he had a smile on his face. Tears stung my eyes, I covered my mouth with my hands. 

"Yes Niall, I'll be your Juliet," I exclaimed. He slid the ring through my finger and he stood up. It was like the first time we kissed there. The sparks were there, literally. In the distance I heard fireworks. He had put detail into this. "I told you you'd love it," he said. His eyes were pink, he was crying of joy. I kissed his eyelids. We got off the rock and walked in the sand, barefoot, hand in hand, with tears in the silence...looking at the sunset.

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