Hush Hush

Jezebel or Jezzy for short has been through a lot of heartbreak. Love is nothing but misery to her. However when she finally reaches her dream of going to college in the beautiful city of London, she meets none other then the Harry Styles.Will she finally let someone fix her shattered heart or will he be pushed away like all the others? Warning: there will be some mature content. 15+hope u like it(: comment on ur thoughts.


4. Not a chapter!! Authors note(:

(: Ok so I hope you like it so far!! It's like 2:00am right now so I'm sorry about grammar errors!! Also I know Morgan Rory has the Meet me in Battersea Park that also has a park in it but I promise I am not copying from her! She is an amazing writer and I love her stories but I would never try to copy her. The park is just a tiny part of it. :D I hope you guys keep reading and comment any ideas you have(: Thanks<3333
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