Hush Hush

Jezebel or Jezzy for short has been through a lot of heartbreak. Love is nothing but misery to her. However when she finally reaches her dream of going to college in the beautiful city of London, she meets none other then the Harry Styles.Will she finally let someone fix her shattered heart or will he be pushed away like all the others? Warning: there will be some mature content. 15+hope u like it(: comment on ur thoughts.


2. Chapter two(:

Jezzy walked into her flat and laid her bag on the couch. She checked the time, 5:00pm, she decided she would go for a walk and explore her new home. She went upstairs and changed into a pair of black leggings, blue lone sleeve v-neck top, and her black knee high leather booths. She threw on a leather jacket And took her dirty blonde hair out of the braid, leaving it wavy. She washed off the minimal makeup from her face and didn't even bother putting anymore on. She grabbed her iPod and put her headphones on, drowning everything out with Adele. She grabbed her favorite book "Beautiful Creatures" and left. She shivered, not yet used to the cools weather. Sticking her phone in her pocket, Jezzy began walking, she didn't know where she was going but she didn't care. After about 30 minutes a small park came into view. It was already dark so noone was there. It was small, with a slide, two swings, and a small pond. Jezzy smiled and sat on one of the swings. She allowed herself to swing back and forth and get lost in her book. Not notice the tall figure walking up behind her. HARRY'S POV: Harry walked along the pathway leading to the tiny park he had found a few years ago. The place had become his little escape when the fame became overwhelming. There was never anyone there so he didn't have to worry about being mobbed by screaming fans. He loved his fans but sometimes it became too much. He reached the end of the path that opens up to the park. He smiled happily it had been almost a year since he was last here. He started walking towards the two swings when he noticed another person sitting on one. He began to walk closer, curious to who else had found his secret get away.
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