Hush Hush

Jezebel or Jezzy for short has been through a lot of heartbreak. Love is nothing but misery to her. However when she finally reaches her dream of going to college in the beautiful city of London, she meets none other then the Harry Styles.Will she finally let someone fix her shattered heart or will he be pushed away like all the others? Warning: there will be some mature content. 15+hope u like it(: comment on ur thoughts.


3. Chapter Three

HARRY'S POV: Harry walked up to the other swing. There was a faint lamppost that allowed him to see the girl swinging next to him. She was so absorbed in her book and had headphones in that she was yet to notice his presence. She was probably about 18, with long dirty blonde hair. She was a little more then average height with long legs stretched out in front of her. His eyes ran up her body, she was skinny but still had curves. Harry tapped her shoulder gently and she jumped looking up at him. Harry gasped, she had big blue-green eyes that were framed with long, dark eyelashes. She didn't wear any makeup, showing off her soft freckles that ran from one cheek, across her nose, to the other cheek. "Can I help you?" She asked pulling her headphones out. " it's just there's never been anyone here whenever I came so I was surprised to see someone." Harry said scratching the back of his head. The girl leaned in a little closer "wait, no way.. You're Harry Styles." Harry sighed "please don"t freak out, you can have a picture or whatever. Just please, don't freak out." The girl laughed, "does it look like I'm freaking out?" "Wait, you aren't a fan?" " I was when I was younger, I still listen to you guys, but I'm not a die hard directioner like I was a few years ago." Harry sat on the other swing and smiled. "Thank god! So what brings you here then?" "Well I just moved here and I wanted to explore, I guess I just happened to come across. I like it here, it's quite." She smiled at the ground. "Ya I know, I come here when I have the chance to get away from everything. It's peaceful, I like be able to have some time to myself." The girl looked up, "Oh well I can leave if you want me too, I completely-" Harry cut her off "No,no it's fine love. I didn't mean that way." The girl smiled at him "Oh ok, well I'm Jezebel by the way, but you can just call me Jezzy." Harry smiled back, "It's great to meet you Jezzy."
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