Hush Hush

Jezebel or Jezzy for short has been through a lot of heartbreak. Love is nothing but misery to her. However when she finally reaches her dream of going to college in the beautiful city of London, she meets none other then the Harry Styles.Will she finally let someone fix her shattered heart or will he be pushed away like all the others? Warning: there will be some mature content. 15+hope u like it(: comment on ur thoughts.


1. Chapter one

"Yes..yess...okaayy...MOM I GOT IT! k love you too..bye!" Jezzy hung up her phone and laid her head down on the table. She groaned in annoyance and lightly hit her head on the table. "Gee I knew I wasn't the best waiter but I didn't realize I was that bad." A deep voice said. Jezzy looked up, blushing when she noticed the cute blue eyed boy standing in front of her. "No sorry, it's not you I just can't seem to get away from my mom, even after moving across the world." The boy chuckled, "don't worry, I know what you mean. I'm Tristin by the way." "Jezebel, but just call me Jezzy." " well Jezzy,is there anything else I can get you?" Tristin asked. "Well I don"t want to order anything but I would like to fill out an application, if your hiring." Tristin pulled out a pen and piece of paper, " here just put your number and name down here." Jezzy wrote down on the paper and handed it back. "Is this for an interview?" "No, this is for me. But you can go grab an application from the counter and turn it in later." Tristin said, taking the paper and winking. "Well aren't you slick." Jezzy said, getting up and leaving, making sure to grab an application before walking out. "EXPECT A CALL LATER!" Tristin yelled before the door closed behind her. Jezzy rolled her eyes and walked back to her flat.
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