Hush Hush

Jezebel or Jezzy for short has been through a lot of heartbreak. Love is nothing but misery to her. However when she finally reaches her dream of going to college in the beautiful city of London, she meets none other then the Harry Styles.Will she finally let someone fix her shattered heart or will he be pushed away like all the others? Warning: there will be some mature content. 15+hope u like it(: comment on ur thoughts.


5. Chapter four

"You did not?!? Who does that!" Jezzy said, bending over from laughing so hard. "We'll it was hot so I kinda just stripped down and then I had to go! I wasn't going to change back so I just wrapped a blanket around me." Harry tried to explain while also laughing. They had left the park a couple hours ago and where walking back to Jezzy's house after grabbing a bite from the bakery. "Wow, I'm grateful I wasn't on that plane." Jezzy said, bumping Harry with her shoulder. " You would of loved the view, don't deny it." Harry bumped her back and smirked. They both chuckled awkwardly but Jezzy's phone buzzed, saving them the awkward silence.
Unknown: Hey Jezzy it's Tristin(:
"Who's Tristin?" Harry asked. Jezzy rolled her eyes, "just the guy from the coffee shop that tricked me into giving him his number." " well are you going to text him back?" Jezzy put her phone away, "No, I have to see him tomorrow anyways when I drop off my application." "Oh ok then." Harry said, smiling at the ground and grabbing Jezzy's hand in his. Jezzy froze and took her hand back, she looked down trying to hide her burning cheeks. " I'm sorry I didn't mean-" " No it's alright Harry, you didn't do anything." Jezzy interrupted. "MOMMY! Mommy look it's Harry!!" A small voice from behind them said. A small girl went running up to Harry, who knelt down to her height. "Well hi there princess." He said, showing off a dazzling smile. The little girl giggled, "can I get a picture pleeeaasseee??" She begged. Harry laughed and let the mother snap a picture of them. Jezzy stood there awkwardly, not exactly knowing what to do. The little walked up to her " Are you Harry's girlfriend?" She asked. Jezzy smiled at her, "No, we are just friends." The little girl raised her eyebrows and whispered, "Well I think he likes you, you're really pretty." Jezzy knelt down and ruffled the girl's hair. "Thank you princess but I think ur even prettier." The little girl giggled and hugged Jezzy then ran back to her mother. "What did she tell you?" Harry asked. "Oh just a little secret." She replied, winking. They continued walking until they reached Jezzy's flat. "Jezzy it was nice meeting you, but I think it's only fair that if Tristin get's your number, I should too." Harry smirked. "Sure Styles, here." Jezzy took Harry's phone and added her number. "Cool so I'll text you and maybe we can do something tomorrow?" He asked, scratching the back of his head nervously. "I'd love too, just give me a call." Jezzy said, she gave Harry a quick hug and walked inside, closing the door behind her. "Oh Jezzy, what are you getting yourself into?" She said to herself, sighing.
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