Bring me to life

When a new girl comes to mystic falls everyone is stunned


1. I'm back

'This is stupid,Elena' Jeremy says to Elena while setting up the barbecue
'Whats wrong with inviting our friends over to plant flowers for our dead family members?' Elena asks while putting the plants on the grass
'Its like walking down memory lane but instead it's a nightmare' Jeremy replies putting the meat onto the barbecue
'Its called letting go' Elena retorts walking back into the house

'Hi!' Caroline exclaims as Elena opens the door 'Hey!' Elena says back hugging her
'You can go outside Jeremy made some food' Elena tells Caroline 'Thanks' Caroline says walking into Elena's backyard
An hour later everyone gathers around the yard to pick a plant.
Bonnie picks up a red rose for her grandmother
Caroline picks up a purple tulip for her dad
Jeremy picks up a evergreen for his dead parents
Elena picks up a cherry blossom tree for Jenna and her dad
Stefan picks up a red willow for his dead parents
Damon decides he's too cool
'Ready?' Elena asks everyone
'Yeah!' Everyone cheers
She stabs the ground with a shovel but it won't go through the ground
'Let me try' Damon says grabbing the shovel from her and starts digging 'there's something buried here' He yells
'I'll help' Stefan says grabbing another shovel and starts digging
They dig a hole and pull up a coffin
'Who is it?' Caroline asks
Damon rips open the coffin and they all gasp
It's katherine
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