Book two in the Mansion of Thieves series.
Read the mansion of thieves first.

Malena is trapped in the underground mansion after saving her brothers life. The brother Alex murdered. Will they both realise they have more in common than they think?


2. New Plan

I am a prisoner again. I will never bargain with my father or help him with his little jobs again though. The faces had never left me and to think I had killed Malena's own brother no wonder she now hated me. When she brings clean sheets or food and water now, I don't receive and kind smile or a warm hand on my shoulder. Instead a cold stare. I know what their next plan is, they have the crown jewels but they want the crown!

I over heard small parts of their plan but not much, they plan to blow up Buckingham palace with everyone inside. Just the thought of that plan makes me quake in my bones, even more dead. They know I won't help them this time, they didn't even ask me. They say they have got someone better. As long as I'm not involved I don't care.
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