Book two in the Mansion of Thieves series.
Read the mansion of thieves first.

Malena is trapped in the underground mansion after saving her brothers life. The brother Alex murdered. Will they both realise they have more in common than they think?


3. All my fault

The days are slow and boring here, it is night once more. I write in the dark to try and stop the nightmares coming. I am sure I can hear breathing close to me. Wait a second. I am scared. I'm turning on the light....

Malena was there perched on the end of my bed crying. I was horrified. She even allowed me to hug and comfort her. She said that her family in India had been taken prisoner and were going to be murdered. The only way they would be safe is if she helped my father with his new plan. She had to blow herself and everyone inside Buckingham palace to pieces.

I said I wouldn't let that happen, that we would escape together. For that I received a sharp slap to my cheek. It was my fault, all my fault....
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