Book two in the Mansion of Thieves series.
Read the mansion of thieves first.

Malena is trapped in the underground mansion after saving her brothers life. The brother Alex murdered. Will they both realise they have more in common than they think?


4. A walking wash basket?

I knew I had to help her escape. Even if she hated and didn't trust me. I needed to escape too. Maybe I could even help mother to escape. She was in the wrong but I couldn't watch her die. I needed to do so many things, how could I even do one. I needed to know more about Malena. Why she was here and why her brothers life was so important?

I had the whole day ahead of me. The whole day to try and make a plan. I had the time but did I have the courage?

First I knew I had to find Malena. That was easier said than done. The hole was a wide network of underground passages and rooms. I didn't expect her to have luxury accommodation so I left the passage with the large comfortable rooms. I hurried to the end of the passage and turned left. I knew turning right would result in leading to the tank training centre, I place which I shall never go. I am running now so my writing is squiggled sorry reader. I can see a large wash basket coming the other way. Oh my it has legs.....
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