Book two in the Mansion of Thieves series.
Read the mansion of thieves first.

Malena is trapped in the underground mansion after saving her brothers life. The brother Alex murdered. Will they both realise they have more in common than they think?


1. Guilt

She was watching me from behind the silk curtains when I woke up. Her dark eyes stared at me knowingly. When my eyes met hers she looked away and left. I didn't want her to leave as when I was alone the nightmares would come again. They beefeaters dead eyes staring at me. Malena's brother, dead because of me. Malena a prisoner for no reason. Her hands burnt and scarred because of saving her brothers life. The life which i had ended.

I got up, I wished I still had a window even if it was barred. We had to leave the mansion and live in a underground hole instead. I say hole but it could be much worse. It could be like the dungeons. I only spent a short time in the dungeons but I don't plan on ever going back there. My mother is there as I write, you may be wondering why I'm not doing all in my power to free her. It is because she brought it upon herself and has to suffer the consequences. She fell into my fathers trap and suffered.
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