The mage saga Book:1 beginnings

Darc is an orphanedboy sent on a journey with his best friend to kill the Genovesians.


3. the lake



       “Ok so I spy with my little eye…..oh look it’s the lake.” I said finally, after the long, boring journey from the mountain of eagles.

                The lake was huge compared to the ones back home.  If I hadn’t’ve known better, I would’ve said it was the legendary sea. But, like most myths, the lake wasn’t real…was it?

          “Do you think this is the legendary sea?” Who’s blathering I had been ignoring since we got here.

          “Yes…I do, it has everything, its to the south, has dragons, very well hidden unless you were flying…like we were on our aeons.” She replied.

          I’d never again come back here but that moment sent a rush of adrenaline all up my body. But we’ll get to that later, right now, I want to continue our story.

          “So, where’s the cave at.” She asked, hoping she was wrong…she was right.

          “Underwater and to the left. We swim toward the cave and go in, swim up, turn right, go up again, then we’re at the hidden entrance to the cave.” I knew why Sky was in such a panic about us going in the lake. Her father died saving her from drowning in the river beside our houses. Ever since, she’s had a sever water phobia and is scared to death of swimming. I grabbed her hand,” It’s going to be ok, Sky, I promise.”

          “Thanks Darc,” she said smiling,” we’d better get a goin’ if we’re gonna get this done.”

          “couldn’t’ve said it any better.”


          “Come on, we’re halfway there.” I said grabbing her by the waist and taking her underwater so we can make it to the secret passageway. At this time I had only one thing on my mind. Getting her out of here safe and sound with the dolphin fin. But as it turns out, she had something on her mind as well.


          I was thinking of a lot of things at this time. The first was why had I freaked out when I saw Darc asleep? Why did I think he was dead? The next thing was what was Darc hiding from me? I always have had a huge crush on him, but he just doesn’t seem to think the same way. The final thing running through my mind was how did he manage to live through that death spell the eagle death cast? It just didn’t make since… I finally got my answer at the fight with the chaos dragon.


          “Finally, we’ve made it” I said with a sigh of relief. I had been dragging her through this with all of my strength, I don’t know how was still living…we found out.

          HOSA ELS DIAGO!” 

          Neither of us had ever experienced such a spell as that. It was the dragon spell that awared the chaos dragon of challengers. I immediately grabbed my archers long-bow and knocked a poisoned arrow inflicted with bio poison. The chaos dragon came out and I fired…



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