The mage saga Book:1 beginnings

Darc is an orphanedboy sent on a journey with his best friend to kill the Genovesians.


4. the chaos ragon battle


       The arrow went straight at his face. It should’ve killed him if not instantly then slowly, for the poison was extra effective due to extra poison added to the bolt. It would’ve killed any normal creature… as long as they didn’t have ultima armor.

            “Oh crap…”I said as the dragon came after me and sky, enraged from the bolt that had hit him. The dragon came at full speed, directly after the sudden vibration on his armory scales. I was weaponless so I turned to the only thing I could…the necklace.

            “Sky, quick, put your necklace on.” I said remembering Sony’s words very clearly, “they'll both have powers beyond what you have now.” I now know exactly what he meant by that. We put on the necklaces and instantly a surge of power went through me. These simple war necklaces were a lot more…they held the power of the trance.

            “Oh my Gods Darc…your glowing.” Sky said in awe.

            “And you are too, so I wouldn’t be so much in awe.”

            “Oh….. This is awesome.” At that time, the dragon was close enough for contact. I reached for my short sword to find it, but, to my surprise, it, and all of my other equipment, was now gone. I looked at sky who had nothing as well. I had one more trick.

            “Dias elwer denose.”

            A shock ran through my body and a sword appeared  in my hand. This sword was blue, had many ridges for gutting the enemy, and was sharp enough to cut the piercing armer shield I also bore in my left hand. I saw Sky do the same. Hers came out as a staff and a book of spells. Her staff was white with white specks floating around it.I figured it would boost her healing abilities. But then she turned the staff and on the other side was a completely different story. This side was deep black with a skull top.

            “Now, lets see how well this equipment works.” I charged and sliced once. At once, water sprang from all sides of me killing all of the dragons in my range. I sliced at the dragon of the water only to find it didn’t hurt him.

            “Derp,” I thought to myself,” he’s the water dragon of chaos, water don’t hurt him.”

            I had stunned him, however, which gave me enough time to run back to Sky.

            “Sky, use fire magic on him to weaken him and go in for the killing bow.” the dragon took that time to swing around, “All my blade will do is distract it try to hit home so I don’t die.” I added the last part to make sure she was listening.

            “Yes sir.”

            I charged the dragon and swung. I hit him in the back, striking a blotch in his armor.

            “NOW.” I yelled to Sky.

            She shot and the dragon turned to see the fire ball coming straight at him….which was a bad mistake.

            The shot hit him in the mouth, sending the bolt straight down his throat to his stomach, which exploded. And that was the end of this water chaos dragon.

            “Good shot, Sky. Now, let’s go get this fin.”

            We were met by the dolphin herself. He was dying.

            “The dragon was my only source of life, but if he were to be defeated, I to must parish. Here, take this.”

            She handed me the key to the dragons armor. She died directly after. I reached forward and cut the fin off the dolphin, while Sky went to get the armor. As soon as I cut the fin off, she became particleized and shattered into millions of gold specks, sinking to the bottom of the lake.

                        I put the fin in the bag and met up with Sky, who had the armor loaded.

            “Time to get this feather from the Pegasus to the north.”




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