The mage saga Book:1 beginnings

Darc is an orphanedboy sent on a journey with his best friend to kill the Genovesians.


2. meeting and the sky eagles



                   “Sony, father and uncle have both died and....."I got no further

            "I know, boy, my scouts have told me of the trouble in saut," Sony began," But there more than what you know. You see the Genovesians are a group from the north, correct?"

            "Yes, they are," Sky began," also trained assassins that have a range of weapons and poisoned arrows who only care for one"

            "Bright young girl you are, I understand why Darc..."

            I glared at him and was getting angry. No one knows that secret, not a single soul. It can only be given to someone one way...through sorcery.

            "Your a sorcerer, aren't you?

            "Gee, what gave it away me saving both of you with lightning or the fact I can read your mind," He said sarcastically," Anyway back to what I was saying, the Genovesians had to be hired by someone. I managed to have a scout get a sample of the poison on the arrow. I can track it but only one way...through a tracking spell. I'm gonna need some materials to cast it. Would you mind helping an old man out and gathering them for me?"

            "Yes, Sony, we'll help out what do you need?"

            "I need eagle eyes, dolphin fin, and for the challenge a feather from the flaming Pegasus in the to kindly castle is the cave of fire where he'll be located. Only thing I can say is good luck and wear the necklaces, Darc your fathers and Sky wear Radol's they'll both have powers beyond what you have now. Good luck and I will help all I can.”

             With that, we took off to the mountain of the eagles to get the first item to lead us to the enemy.                       


                   The mountain of eagles wasn’t  that great…except it was a giant mountain in the sky that you had to fly to get to it. The mountain rests on a cloud forty thousand feet above the earth on a cloud.

            “Darc, I don’t know if I can go through with this…”

            “Don’t worry Sky, just keep your weapon out and keep close to me and we’ll get out quick and simple, I promise.”

               “Ok, Darc, I trust you,” she said, taking my hand in hers, “do you know where to get an eagles eye?”

            At that moment a eagle flew down from the sky. I immediately pushed Sky out of the way, pulled out my dagger of lightning.

            “Stay behind the rocks,” I ordered her, “We’re about to get our eagle eye.”

            “Darc….no I refuse i’m helping rather you like it or not.” She said, with this statement,  froze. It took lots of courage to stand up and fight and I had the lo…err….back to the story.

            “Ok, Sky, get out your staff and slow it down ill strike it as it comes at us.” I thought this was a perfect plan….well……it wasn’t…..

            The eagle swung down and attacked. Sky cast a spell that was supposed to slow it down…but….eagles are immune to status spells. The eagle kept coming at full pace and I struck at it. On the impact of the blade the eagle cast his dying wish like everything has. Unfortunately it wasn’t to kill me. His body  turned to sleeping powder and I got an extremely high amount of it. We had finally gotten the eagle eye…but at a price…

            “Darc, are you ok, oh my gods, he’s dead. “She always jumps to conclusions…

            She cast all of the healing spells in the book of  spells but couldn’t figure out what was wrong, then I woke up.

            “I know where the next item is, Sony sent it to me in a dream I just had.”

            “You were asleep?”

            “Yeah, what else would I have been.” She ran and hugged me and said that she was making the decisions next time.

            “So where is he next item?”

            “At  the lake of the chaos dragon…..we have to get the super dolphin out of it’s hiding cave where it lives with the chaos dragon… I hope your ready for a battle.”

            “After that , I’m ready for anything.”



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