The mage saga Book:1 beginnings

Darc is an orphanedboy sent on a journey with his best friend to kill the Genovesians.


1. death and the beginning of a new journey

         My father always said life was going to be hard in the future, but i had no idea. It all started July 17, 1999, i had no idea wat was ahead. I remember the last words he said to me.

          "Find Radol and give him this." And he gave me his bullet necklace he got in ww3. I immediatly got up and ran to my uncle Radol's house to tell him what had happened.

           "Uncle, fathers been shot and mama to, they were both poisoned by the Genovesians,"i said," He told me to give you this before he....." then it all hit me at once. Father and Mother were both gone and i was stuck with my uncle.I started bawling and couldnt stop till i passed out from dehydration.

           I woke up to more bad news. Radol had gone after the Genovesians and was badly injured in the battle. On his death breath he cast all his spells and magicary into me.

           "Take your fathers and my army necklaces to Sony to the East and tell him wat has happened...he'll know what to do."After these word, he died.

            "Yes,uncle, I will have my revenge upon the evil Genovesians." I ran out of the tent with the two necklaces and ran home to Sky's house to ask her help.

            Sky is a 14 year old girl with red hair who always has my back. Without her, life would be hard. We've always helped each other out, She's my best friend and is a master of black and white magic, and the power of the chaos sword.We used to practice non-stop for ours on end scrimmaging with each other...she always won. But this is different, all of our practice willfinaly be tested. Since the death of her parents, I've hardly ever left her side. Lucky for me, she was at home.

             "Sky," I said, hugging her, weaping miserably,"uncle and father have both passed,I don't know what I'll do please,you have to help me."

             She hugged me back, trying to calm me down,"I will do anything I can, Darc,just let me grab my equipment and you do the same,and we'll hunt them down, just like when we were little."

             "Ok, but we have to make a stop first,I must see my uncles friend,Sony, to the East."I said,my voice cracking from all the crying.

             "Ok, but go grab your equipment and I'll wait right here for you...just stay calm,Darc, stay calm."


              "Do you know where this Sony lives Darc," Sky asked me as we were on our aeons,"It'd be kinda hard to be on a wild goose chase just to find a guy you've never met,wouldn't it."

               "Well, I dont knw where he lives,can you by any chance perform the finding spell?"

               "I can try, just find a field for me and I will."

               Lucky me again, we stumbled out of the forest and into a field, where she had already placed an alter.

                "Ok, do it here."

                "Kenoa sin geokan," She said meaning "find our person."

                At once,a strange aroma spread around the field just enough to give us a sense of where to follow it.

                "we go that way," I said to Sky and took off flying on Bahumat, my aeon.

                "Never fails," she said, taking off on valefore, her aeon.


                We stumbled into a clearing where we saw ten galions.

                "Oh my gods, Sky, we're in some trouble."

                They struck at us. Sky instantly pulled out her master sword to start fighting back and I pulled out my bow and jumped back. We faught them all until they were lowered enormously in number, and then they're boss came out with seven-thousand more. We were enormously out-numbered and we knew it but we continued to fight. Blood was shed everywhere from them and us. We were too out numbered so we both went down. There was no hope.......

                "Sinchy ele consio,"

                Lightning exploded from the sky,killing them all.

                "Hello Darc and Sky, I've been expecting you." Said Sony.


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