It Started With a Dream (A One Direction Fan Fiction)

As Charley, Karilin, Laurel, Mary, Callie, Diana, and Diana's boyfriend, Chance leave high school in the states, they decide to go to England, the girls hoping to find fame in the place they've wanted to go all their lives. What will they find in the place of their dreams? Is it what they're looking for? Or is it more?


8. The Plane Ride

*Charley's POV.*

"Oooh. Louis's crushing on someone!" Harry announced.

I frowned. "I wonder who it is."

I watched Louis slide down in his seat, cheeks burning.

"I bet it's Charley." Callie said.

"Probably." Laurel agreed. "Why else would they just now be saying that?"

"Maybe." I replied, chewing on my bottom lip.

"Awww! Charley likes him!" Mary gushed from behind Laurel.

"Shh! It's a secret!" I whispered urgently. "He likes someone else!"

"Sure he does. That's why he's been staring at you." Karilin said sarcastically, laughing at me.

"Go back and sit with him." Callie demanded.

"He doesn't like me!"

"You're so stubborn." Laurel said, standing up, pulling me out of the seat, and dragging me back to where Louis was sitting.

"I'm going to hate you for this."

She rolled her dark brown eyes. "No you wont."

"You don't know that." I replied, struggling half-heartedly.

"But I do." She said, pushing me into the seat.

"Hi." I said as Laurel walked back to her seat.

"Hello." He smiled warmly, the heat returning to his cheeks.

"I'm sorry about her."

"Want to play twenty questions?" He asked, not hearing me.


"I'll start. What's your favorite color?" He asked.

"Purple. Yours?"

"Red. Your birthday?"

"March fourth. I'm not good at asking questions."

"I'll ask them then. How old are you?"

"I'm eighteen. I just graduated from high school."

"So what's your favorite food?"


"Where are you from?"

"Originally, I'm from Kentucky. But at the start of senior year, all of us girls and Chance moved to LA. My mom came with us as our guardian. We were all seventeen at the time. Chance moved for Diana and got an apartment of his own."

"That's love. But you don't sound like you're from Kentucky."

"I know. I hate stereotypes. I've never really talked like that."

"Oh. So what was your friend on about earlier?" He asked.

"Mary? N-nothing." I felt blood rising in my cheeks..

"Lying isn't nice, Charley." He said, sending chills down my back when he said my name.

"Well what was Harry talking about?"

"Erm... Well..."

"Well?" I asked.

"Um. Well, I-um." he stuttered, rubbing the back of his neck.

"I was talking about you! Louis has a crush on you." Harry said.

"You shouldn't eavesdrop, Harold." Louis said, smiling at me and pushing Harry back into his seat with one hand.

I grinned, not knowing what to say.

He chuckled, taking my hand.

I heard a chorus of "Aww!"'s around me, successfully ruining my perfect moment.

"Gee, thanks, children." I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes. "You just ruined the moment."

I looked in front of me at my friends, all of them had their eyes on Louis and I.

"Sorry, Charley! I promise it will happen again!" Mary said, laughing and ducking back into her seat.

"Honestly!" I said exasperatedly.

"Don't worry. I have a feeling the boys were ready to do that too." Louis said, rolling his eyes in their direction.

"We were." Liam confirmed.

"Funnn." I said sarcastically.

"C'est la vie!" Mary said from her seat, not turning back around.

"THAT'S NOT LIFE, MARY ANNA. Shut up!" I whined

"But it is, Charlotte." She replied. I could tell she was smiling.

"You're so annoying." I groaned.

"You love me though."

"You don't know that."

"But I do."

"Sure." I said, leaning my head back on Louis's shoulder.

He wrapped his arm around me, making me lean on his chest.

"Wake me up before the plane lands." I said, closing my eyes.

"Charlotte, you are NOT going to sleep again!" Diana shouted.

"And why not?" I asked, my eyes still closed.

"Because. You just took a nap! No more sleeping for Charley!" Callie said.

"But I waaaant to."

"No, Charlotte. You are not going to sleep." Laurel replied.

"Is anyone willing to let me sleep?"

"Yeah. But no." Mary said.

"Of course not."

"What about Karilin?" I asked.

"She's asleep."

I opened my eyes. "Honestly. I like sleep too."

I closed my eyes and listened to Louis's heartbeat. He chuckled as I slowly drifted to sleep.


"Charley. Wake up upidstay!" I heard Diana's voice shout.

"Mmmm. What?" I groaned.

I felt something shaking under me. Then I remembered where I was.

"Oh, junk. I'm sorry, Louis." I said, sitting back up and opening my eyes.

"It's okay. You're cute when you sleep."

"As opposed to when I'm awake?"

"You're beautiful either way." Louis said, his cheeks turning red.

"Vicious, awake." Diana said at the same time. "You snore by the way."

"I know, Diana." I said, knowing my face was bright red. "Thank you ever so much for pointing that out." I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

"Its my duty to embarrass you." She said mock-seriously, putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Will I have to live like this forever?" I asked.

"Maybe. That'll be fun." She said, laughing at me.

"How did we become friends?" I asked jokingly, groaning.

"Well, in seventh grade-" she started.

"But why?" I whined.

She simply laughed at me, turning back to Chance.

"Why did you even wake me up?"

"We're supposed to land in like thirty minutes." She said, checking the time on her phone.


I know there are people that are reading this story. So please, like, or if you don't like it, comment and tell me why! That's all I'm asking.

Thank you for reading!




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