It Started With a Dream (A One Direction Fan Fiction)

As Charley, Karilin, Laurel, Mary, Callie, Diana, and Diana's boyfriend, Chance leave high school in the states, they decide to go to England, the girls hoping to find fame in the place they've wanted to go all their lives. What will they find in the place of their dreams? Is it what they're looking for? Or is it more?


5. The Grand Tour Part One


Extra long update for Hazza's birthday? YESH.


*Charley's POV.*

Once we all left the airport, Louis and the boys showed us to our aparment, realizing that our room was right beside theirs, in the same building.

"Looks like we would've met anyway." Louis said. "It must be fate." he chuckled, but somehow looked like he was somewhat serious.

"Maybe it is." I said, giggling.

He smiled down at me, sweetly kissing my forehead.

I buried my head in his chest, hiding my too-wide smile. I felt so short standing there with him. Though, out of the girls, Laurel and I, who were the same height, were the tallest. "You're so tall, Louis." I said.

Everyone else had gone into our apartment, while Louis and I simply stayed out in the hall.

I looked up to see Louis smiling to himself. It made me so happy to see that smile. He looked like a school boy. That school boy was mine.

"Charley?" he asked.

"Yeah, Lou?"

"Karilin and Diana seem very interested in watching us." he said softly, so they couldn't hear. They were standing against the wall inside the door. I could see Diana's foot when I looked their way.

"Oh, they're so nosy." I said, scrunching up my nose, grinning, and rollling my eyes. "What would you like to do about it?" I asked.

"You're so cute when you do that." he said, more to himself.

"What, this?" I asked, scrunching my nose up again.

"I said that out loud." he stated.

"Yes, you did. And you look adorable when you mess up." I said. "So, what should we do?"

"Well, we could give them a show, maybe." Louis said. It sounded more like a question.

For a response, I wrapped my arms around his neck, pecking him on the cheek.

"I take that as a yes." he said quietly, his forehead touching mine.

"It's a yes." I said, now kissing him full on the lips.

My arms were still around his neck, so he pulled me closer, our lips still moving in sync, lifting my legs off the floor and wrapping them around his waist, so my head was now above his. He was so strong. He leaned back against the wall as he ran his tongue across my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I opened my mouth, having fun with this. We continued our make-out session for a while, until I heard someone clear their throat. I pulled away, as Louis gave me a cheeky grin.

"Impressive, m'lady." Louis said, still holding me up to his chest. My legs were still wrapped around his waist. I tried to unwrap them, but he just held me in place.

Another throat was cleared. We looked over at the doorway to see all of our best friends watching us. Harry and Liam were the ones to clear their throats. Niall and Mary had even made popcorn, and were sharing it, silently, eyes glued to Louis and I.

"Well, that was fun." I said, smiling and trying to unwrap my legs from Louis' waist again, to no avail.

"Damn it, Charley. I can't seem to hold my girlfriend when she's trying to escape my arms." Louis said exasperatedley, but gave me a smile.

He'd called me his girlfriend in front of the guys. I heard a few gasps coming from Karilin, Liam, Niall, and Mary. None of them had seen us kissing, let alone known we were dating. We had told Callie and Harry, and Zayn and Laurel had seen us kissing. Diana and Chance had probably expected us to be together. They had seen Louis kiss me on the cheek, and the two were extremely smart. Neither of them looked surprised. I didn't expect them to be.

"Is that what you two were doing on the plane?" Karilin asked.

"Erm, well, actually, we talked. And I took a nap. Only to wake up without my phone." I gave Louis a sarcastic look.

"Well, you got something out of specific people taking your phone." He said, smiling, not admitting he took my phone from me.

"And what was that?" I asked, pretending I really didn't know.

"You became my girlfriend." He said sweetly.

"So, how long have you all been standing there?" I asked, feeling my cheeks heat up. I had only known Diana and Karilin were there at first.

"You probably don't want to know." Diana mumbled.

"I do know how long you've been there, Diana. And Karilin. Yes, Louis saw the two of you invading our privacy." I said.

"Sorry, girl, but you were having a full on make out session in the middle of a hallway. You have no privacy." Karilin said.

I felt Louis shake with laughter.

"I don't need your judgements." I said sarcastically to both of them. "Besides, Lou, it was your idea."

"You agreed to it, love." he said.

"So I did." I replied.

"I liked it, though." he said, giving me that adorable school boy's smile.

"Me too." I agreed. "I honestly thought you two would've been video taping or something. I would've killed you then." I said to Diana and Karilin. Both of whom just smiled sheepishly. "Oh my gosh, you did, didn't you?" I asked.

"Maybe," Diana said, throwing her phone to Harry, who was as tall as Louis. she probably would've thrown it to Chance, but seeing as he's as tall as her...

Harry caught her phone and started playing the video. I noticed Karilin has tossed hers to Liam, who also started playing the video. They all passed the phones around, playing the video and debating posting it on YouTube. In spite of myself, I kind of wanted to see the video. But I wouldn't do that. Louis wouldn't let me down anyway.

Louis looked up at me, frowning when he saw my face. He must have noticed how embarrassed I looked, because he walked over, took Diana's phone from Harry, watched a few seconds of the video, and pressed the little trashcan button, where he had the choice to delete or cancel.

"Do you want the videos deleted?" he asked. "Because, if I don't delete it, they'll probably post them online and send them to everyone."

"I know. And I'll probably get a lot of hate for it from your fans. But they'll probably save it for when they need it." I replied. "We'll just have to get them back." I finished.

I kissed him again and he moaned into my mouth. It felt so good to be held by him.

I heard the clicks of cell phone cameras at the door.

"Oh, we will. And if any 'fans' give you hate, I guess they aren't real fans. I wont let that happen." he said as I pulled away and glared at everyone. They all had their phones out. But, I smiled when I saw Louis immitating me, completely ruining the purpose of my glare.

"And our adorable little kitten is back." I heard Laurel say.

"I'm not a kitten anymore, Laurel." I said.

"No, you're my carrot." Louis said before she could reply. "Who's ready for the grand tour?" he asked excitedly.

"I am." I said. "Could you please put me down, Louis? I need to get my purse."

"Nope. Where is it?" he asked.

"Kitchen counter." Diana replied.

Louis walked inside, going to the kitchen and sitting me on the counter-top.

"I need to use the loo." he said, walking to the bathroom.

I jumped down and saw that my purse wasn't on the counter, it was in the middle of the floor in the next room. The bedroom was apparently mine, as my suitcase was sitting in the corner.

I was bending down to pick up my purse when two strong arms wrapped around me from behind.

"Louis." I said, looking into his face. He smiled his school boy's smile and chuckled.

"I love how your eyes light up when you look at me." he said.

"And I love the adorable school boy's smile I get when you look at me." I replied.

"It's yours, Charley." He said, pecking my lips again.

That's when I realized that we had another audience at the door.

"We just came to see if you two were ready to leave. Sorry." Niall said, smiling slightly.

"At least there was an apology this time. Lets go, please. I want to shop!" Laurel said.

"Lets go, then." Louis said, hugging me from behind.

"D'aw!" Laurel cooed. She loved it when boys hugged her from behind. Seeing it happen to one of her best friends must have excited her.

I saw Zayn walk up behind Laurel and wrap his arms around her. She smiled widely. They were so adorable together.

Laurel gave me a meaningful look. She knew I was fangirling for her. She seemed to be doing the same.

"Shall we go then, lads?" Niall asked.

"Yeah, lets go." Mary agreed.

I simply nodded my head, walking to the door and pulling Louis with me. We walked to the elevator, Louis shouting "Sorry, we're full!", quickly closing the doors before anyone else could enter. Luckily, it didn't stop anywhere else. Louis quickly grabbed me, pushing me up against the wall of the elevator and kissing me passionately.

"What was that for?" I asked, smiling slightly as he pulled away.

"You looked upset." he said, embracing me and burying his face in my hair. The elevator had now stopped and the doors opened.

"It's nothing." I said.

"Want to elaborate?" he asked.

"Not really." I felt the heat rise in my cheeks.

"You'll tell me when you're ready." he said sweetly.

"It's just, I didn't expect to let you in, and have all the walls I've built around myself, well, it's like you've kicked them in." I said softly.

"Truly, madly, deeply, I am foolishly, completely falling." he murmured in my ear.

"Exactly. That's why I've built up all of my walls. Just to be broken down and swept away by the one and only Louis William Tomlinson." I mumbled.

Louis had started to walk me out of the building to wait on the others, but when I said that, he paused. "You can trust me, Charley. I don't know what happened to make you feel like you couldn't trust a man. But I'm sure whoever it was obviously didn't know what he had. Anyone who would hurt you is just... stupid, in nice terms." Louis said sweetly, taking my hand.

The elevator dinged, the doors opened, and out walked Callie, Harry, Liam, Karilin, Chance, Diana, Niall, Mary, Zayn, and Laurel.

"Yes, Louis, that lift looked extremely full with only you and Charley in it." Harry said, his voice full of sarcasm.

"Well, I'm sure you want me to explain in excruciating detail what we were doing in there. But, I'm sorry, I've got a grand tour to give. I do believe we all do." Louis said, smiling his school boy's smile at me again. The one he said was mine.

I took a small breath, completely and utterly dazzled by his sweetness.

"Short of breath?" Lou asked me. "Staring at my beauty?"

I blushed. No, I wanted to say. But that would be a lie. Louis chuckled nervously.

"Why so nervous, Lou? You've only been staring at Charley all day." Liam commented, chuckling.

So that was why Louis was acting nervous. He'd asked me that because he'd been staring at me. Maybe because he thought I was pretty, maybe because I confused him. And maybe, I thought, he's falling for me too. But I didn't want to believe that. It would only break me when he ended it. And I hated feeling like I was broken.

*Louis' POV.*

I looked down at Charley, she looked broken. This girl was fragile. I would have to be careful in order to keep her. She made me feel whole. But I didn't think she would ever believe me when I told her I was falling for her, and that she was beautiful. But it was the truth. She was just too afraid to open up.

I took in her whole body as we walked. She was beautiful. Her eyes were blue with little green specks, but they had been green with blue and grey specks earlier. They were so bright, framed by long lashes, they were irresistible. Her hair was extremely long. It was reddish brown with blond highlights. I wondered how many times she'd cut it. Couldn't have been many. Her full lips were perfectly kissable. She really wasn't poor in the top area. Her stomach was perfectly flat and a bit toned. I bit my lip as I noticed how big her bum was. It was a bit smaller than my own, which was surprising. Her tan legs were long and skinny.

Charley wore a purple t-shirt with green suspenders and a jean miniskirt. On her feet were sparkly TOMS. This was when I realized how alike we were. She was perfect for me.

"Isn't that right, Louis?" Charley asked, looking into my eyes and flushing.

"Mmhm, yeah." I said, not taking my eyes away from her's.

Before I knew it, Harry walked up to me and slapped my face.

"Not cool, mate." I said, finally looking away from Charley.

"You were staring." he said, giving me a meaningful look. "That's not polite, BooBear."

"Shut up, Harry." I mumbled.

*Karilin's POV.*

I looked at Charley, who I was walking right next to. I didn't care what she said, she was becoming our little kitten again. She was happy with Louis and we all knew it. She was staring at the ground, her cheeks bright red.

"What's wrong, Charley?" I asked softly.

"I'll tell you later." she said, as if she didn't want someone else to hear. I saw her give Louis a  nervous sideways glance. That was who. She didn't wan't Louis to hear her.

I looked at Louis. He was zoned out, staring at Charley with a cheesy grin on his face. I looked back at Liam, who, like Charley, was staring at the ground, cheeks red. "Liam," I said quietly, staring at the ground.

"Yes, Karilin?" he asked at the same volume.

"Look at Louis." I giggled, looking back into Liam's eyes.

"He seems a bit happy, doesn't he?" Liam asked with a small smile.

"Staring at Charley. Yes, he does." I giggled again.

Liam looked at Harry, who was next to him, and pointed this out.

"Charley, look." I said, pointing at Louis.

"Pretend we were having a conversation, okay?" she said, smiling mischievously.

"Will do." I replied, smiling.

"Isn't that right, Louis?" she asked randomly, blushing a lot.

"Mmhm, yeah." he said, looking into her eyes.

I noticed Harry was walking over to Louis. I watched as Harry slapped him, hard, leaving a red hand print on his face.

"Not cool, mate." Louis said, finally looking away from my best friend. I smiled, looking back up to Liam. He looked back down at me, now smiling a little more.

I faintly heard a "You were staring. That's not polite, BooBear."

Louis opened one of the double doors of the main entrance to the mall, saying "Ladies first." and putting his hand on the small of Charley's back, pulling her through the doorway with him and letting it close in our faces. 

I started to open the door, but Liam walked in front of me, opening the door for me and allowing me to walk inside. But he, unlike Louis, held the door open for everyone else. I waited for him as they filed in.

"BUDDY SYSTEM!" I shouted. 

"ALWAYS!" I heard Charley shout in reply. I turned away from Liam to see she had grabbed Louis' hand, dragging him to the first store she saw.

I laughed, turning back to Liam. He was staring, red faced, at the ground again. "What's wrong, Liam?" I asked.

"Nothing." he replied, too quickly.

"It obviously isn't nothing." I said.

"It's not like you would care anyway." he said softly.

"How would you know?" I asked, giving him a reassuring smile.

"I don't." he admitted.

"Then you can tell me. You can trust me." I said.

"I know. Well, actually, I just feel like I can. We only met today, after all." he said, saying the last part sadly.

"I care." I said, barely audible.

"It's just, I think I like this girl. And I'm not sure I should. She's beautiul, and sweet, and she seems so caring." he said. "But, you see, I only met her today."

"Oh." I said, disappointed.

Liam finally looked into my eyes, flushed bright red.

"Do you mind if I ask who?" I asked sadly. It was probably Callie. I could just see it. A picture of Liam and Callie kissing flashed through my mind. It hurt. She always got the guy.

Liam didn't say anything.

"Its Callie, right?" I asked.

"What?" he asked, surprised. "No!" he shook his head repeatedly.

"Who is it then?" I asked again.

Suddenly, Liam crashed his lips onto mine. I stood there, surprised for a moment. After a split second, I kissed back. Our lips moved in sync for a few more moments, then he pulled away, taking a breath.

"Me?" I asked.

"Yes." he said, giving me a smile.

"I-I, I um.." I stuttered.

Liam's bottom lip pushed out. He looked like an adorable puppy.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I knew it. You don't like me back." he replied, almost in tears. Nobody could handle a crying Liam Payne without crying, themselves. No Directioner, anyway.

"Did I not just kiss you back?" I asked.

"You did..." he said, trailing off.

"Then why in the world do you think I don't like you back?"

"I don't know." 

"I understand." I said, knowing how he felt.

"Liam James Payne, I like you. Undeniably. I like like you. I like the way you look like a lost puppy when you're sad. I like the way you blush when you're embarrassed. I love the way you kiss me... How I feel little sparks when you touch me. How you make me feel like myself. I love the way you look at me. The way you're almost always smiling, trying to make people feel better. But, sometimes, Liam, you have to let others do that for you."

He smiled, looking back from the floor to my eyes. "You don't know how much it meant for you to say that to me." he said, wrapping his arms around me and pecking me on the lips.

"I may not. But I can tell by your eyes how happy you are." I said, smiling up at him.

"You're so sweet, and amazing, and make me feel so great inside." he paused. "I want you to be my girlfriend. Please." he finished.

"Of course!" I replied, smiling and feeling amazing. I'd dreamed of this day since I'd become a Directioner. Now, it felt as if all my dreams were coming true. I didn't just feel like a screaming fangirl anymore. I didn't feel like I needed to be, now.

Liam picked me up, spun me around, and planted another kiss on my lips. I could feel the sparks flying. I smiled. 

"We're supposed to meet in the food court at three." I said, checking my phone. It was two forty-five.

"Let's go, it's not far from here." he said, pulling me through the mall. When we reached the food court, everyone was already waiting for us, bags in-hands.

"What took so long? I'm ready to eat!" Niall said loudly. Mary nodded in agreement, so did Diana.

We all sat down while Niall and Mary went off to get all of our food.

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