It Started With a Dream (A One Direction Fan Fiction)

As Charley, Karilin, Laurel, Mary, Callie, Diana, and Diana's boyfriend, Chance leave high school in the states, they decide to go to England, the girls hoping to find fame in the place they've wanted to go all their lives. What will they find in the place of their dreams? Is it what they're looking for? Or is it more?


2. I'm Yours.


*Charley's POV.*


I hadn't had much sleep the night before. So it was kind of hard to stay awake after about two hours on the plane.


“Louis, do you have any more carrots?” I asked, half asleep.


“Of course I do.” he chuckled. “But you're falling asleep, love. Take a nap. I'll wake you before the plane lands.


“Thanks, Lou. You're amazing.” I said, laying my head on his shoulder, drifting to sleep.




*Louis' POV*


I looked down at Charley, her eyes closed. She had started to fall off my shoulder, so I lay her in my lap. I was falling for this girl. She was beautiful, and kind. And she liked me for who I was. Not 'Louis Tomlinson of One Direction!' Just Louis. I could be myself with her.


I took her phone from her hand, putting my number in her contacts. My name was 'The Most Amazing Boyfriend Ever!' Obviously, I planned on asking her to be my girl.


I spent the next two hours thinking about what exactly I should say. I went over it, changed it a thousand times in my head.


Suddenly, I saw Charley's eyes fly open. She looked up at me, smiling.


“Hey, Lou.” She said, stretching and yawning.


“Hey, Char. We've got about two hours left until we're in London.”


“I feel so much better. I only had four hours of sleep last night.” She replied.


“I'm sorry, Char. You can go back to sleep, if you want.”


“No, Lou. That's okay. Do you know where my phone is?”


“I have it.” I replied. “Before you check it, I want to say something.”


“Go ahead, Louis.”


I tried to keep from looking nervous. But I was. And she probably noticed. “So, I've been thinking.” I paused, giving up on what I planned to say. “Okay, so I was wondering...” I stopped again. I wasn't sure what exactly she would say. “Charley, will you be my girlfriend?” I asked. She didn't say anything. I could see the small smile on her face as she looked at the floor. “I know we only met like four and a half hours ago. But I really like you. I feel like... Like I can really be myself with you. Please?”


I saw a tear escape her eye. “Louis. I really like you too.” she said. She looked self-conscious. “Are you sure? I mean... I'm... I'm just Charley. The random fan you met at the airport. You don't want me.” she finished, now letting her tears go.


“But I do. You are amazing, Charley. You aren't just a random fan. You're different. Don't you believe in fate? We met for a reason. I want to be able to call you 'my girl'. I want to be able to wake up in the mornings and text you, just to tell you how beautiful you are. Why can't you believe it?” I replied, meaning every word. “How can I prove it to you?” I asked.


“Kiss me.” she whispered.


“That, I can do.” I said, crashing my lips onto hers.

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