It Started With a Dream (A One Direction Fan Fiction)

As Charley, Karilin, Laurel, Mary, Callie, Diana, and Diana's boyfriend, Chance leave high school in the states, they decide to go to England, the girls hoping to find fame in the place they've wanted to go all their lives. What will they find in the place of their dreams? Is it what they're looking for? Or is it more?


10. Eventually

*Charley's POV.*

I woke up feeling like I was being beaten. I opened my eyes to see Diana at the door with a bucket of apples.

"What the flip? Stop. I'm awake. Stop it. Please." I groaned as she threw one last apple at me.

"We went grocery shopping." She said, turning around and leaving the room.

"Thanks for closing my door!" I shouted sarcastically.

"Get up. We made breakfast." Callie said, standing in my doorway.

"Fine." I said, slowly dragging myself out of the bed. I lifted my retainers out and placed them in my retainer case. "Gah. I hate those things."

Callie laughed and left my room.

"I want food." I said as I followed her to the kitchen.

Once we reached the kitchen, everyone was sitting at the table, some repeatedly banging their heads on the table. One of them, Karilin, raised her head up and said, "So nice of you to join us. Diana, why did you wake us all at this ungodly hour?"

"Good question, Karilin. Why did you lie to us? I don't see or smell any sort of food." I said, taking a seat at the table and waving my hand through the air as if I could smell her lie.

"Because I know that none of us have unpacked yet. It was late when we got here last night and most of you went straight to bed."

"So, what is the problem with that?" Laurel asked, her forehead on the table.

"We need to unpack. I just wanted to let you know that I expect all of you to be completely settled in by Friday. If you didn't notice, it's Tuesday."

"Well, I heard that there's a pool on the ground floor. So I'm just gonna go downstairs and check it out. I'll be back in like five minutes." Mary announced, walking out the door.

"Take a picture! I want to see if it's worth it to walk all the way to the elevator." Callie croaked, clearing her throat.

"I'm going to eat." I sighed.

"I bought strawberry Pop Tarts for you. They're in the cupboard." Diana called as I walked toward the island.

"Thank you, Diana." I replied sincerely. I walked to the cupboard and opened the door, immediately spotting my favorite flavor of Pop Tarts. I pulled the box from the shelf and placed it on the island. I took a package of two, not bothering to heat them, and walked back to the table.

"Food." I moaned, breaking one of my pop tarts in half and dipping it in a glass of milk.

"You're so weird, Charley." Mary said, staring at my pop tart.

"Thanks," I said with my mouth full, so it sounded more like "Fanks."

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, which made Karilin jump.

"It's probably Mary. I don't think she took her key." Callie said, hopping up to answer the door.

A few seconds later, Callie reentered the room, looking straight at me with wide eyes and a huge smile on her face.

"Who was it, Cal?" I asked worriedly. That face never meant anything good for me.

"Charley, just go to the door." Callie replied. I could hear squeals as I left the room.

When I opened the front door, I saw the one and only, Louis Tomlinson. He was leaning on the door frame with his bottom lip jutted out and his arms crossed like a child who didn't get what he wanted.

"It's not polite to slam doors in people's faces, Callie."

"Gah. She's so rude." I said, smiling up at him.

"Charley!" He laughed like a child, picking me up and spinning me around.

"Louis!" I laughed.

"This place has been empty for a while. We live across the hall. I volunteered to greet our new neighbors." He smiled down at me.

"That's sweet. Even though you didn't know it was us."

"I had a hunch. Did you sleep well?" He asked.

"Very well. You?" I laughed.

"Mhmm." He nodded, looking into my eyes.

"So, do you want to come inside?" I asked.

"Sure." He smiled, following me inside.

"I know, it's kinda plain right now. But we only moved in last night." I said, looking around at the living room.

"It's understandable." He smiled.

I sat down on the couch, motioning for Louis to do the same. "I wont bite unless I'm provoked." I smiled.

He sat down beside me, poking my face. "You have the cutest dimples."

"I've always hated them." I frowned.

"I still think they're cute." He said, making a frowny face at me.

I laughed, looking at my feet. "Please," I rolled my eyes, "I'm probably one of the ugliest girls you've met."

"No. You're the prettiest girl I've met." He muttered, sighing and lifting my chin with his index finger.

"No I'm not." I sighed, looking at my feet again.

"Hey. Look at me." He said, taking both sides of my head and making me look at him. "Why do you think you're not pretty?"


"That's not an answer."

"I know."

"I'll eventually get the answer, the real one, out of you."

"My mom's ex-fiancé. He told me I was an ugly, erm, girl dog." I mumbled

"Really?" He asked worriedly.

"Every day. But there were others."

"Listen to me, Charley. You are beautiful. I don't know what to say to make you realize..." He trailed off.

"You don't need to say anything. I'm not." I sighed, looking away.

"Eventually." He whispered so quietly I wasn't sure if he really said it.

"They didn't let me finish my breakfast." I said, thinking about getting up.

"We can go to a restaurant if you like." Louis suggested, smiling.

"McDonalds!" I shouted happily, like an eight year old.

"Let's go!" He shouted, hopping up.

"No! I have to get dressed!" I blushed, realizing I was wearing my pajamas.

"Oh." He blinked, glancing down at my clothes. "Go on." He chuckled.

I looked down again, realizing I was wearing a t-shirt that said "Love One Direction" in the center with a bunch of quotes surrounding it. "Don't judge me." I said, pursing my lips and scrunching my nose.

I turned around, smiling to myself as I wandered to my room. When I reached my bed, I realized I still hadn't unpacked.

"Shoot," I whispered slowly, searching with only my eyes for my "favorite clothes" suitcase, which was the biggest purple one I had.

I was already decided on what to wear before I lay eyes on it. The purple suitcase was across the room, in the middle of my closet.

"Someone's been in my room." I sighed, walking to the closet. I looked at the floor before I entered, noticing a thin wire about a foot off the floor running across the doorway.

A tripwire.

"DIANA!" I shouted, stepping over the wire and into the closet. I looked up inside the closet to see a bucket over the doorway.

I carefully walked to the back of the closet, seeing a bright pink post-it note. It said;


Theres a bucket of pink paint over your closet doorway. Guess you already knew that.



It was the unmistakable, loopy, spastic handwriting of Karilin.

"KARILIN!" I shouted.

Callie walked through my bedroom door.

"Why are you yelling at people?" Callie asked.

"Come here." I said, waving her forward. "Watch the tri-" the sight of hot pink paint spilling over on Callie's head silenced me. I burst into fits of laughter at the look on her face.

"Who did this?" She asked angrily, speaking slowly, as if she needed to calm herself down.

She probably did.

"Here." I said, giving her the Post-It.

"Karilin." She said, sighing and turning around.

"Where are you going?" I asked, amused.

"I'm going to go beat her." She sighed.

"No you're not. We're going to to get revenge and possibly start a prank war." I smiled mischievously.

"I like that better. I'm going to go shower right now though."

"Okay. Sorry about the paint. I tried to tell you." I replied, looking at the paint splattered wall and the pink dots on the floor. "Go shower."

"Sorry, Charlotte." She shouted behind her as she ran to her bedroom.

Then I remembered Louis."Fu-fudge nuggets." I said.

I left the room, walking swiftly to where Louis was sitting.

But he wasn't there.

I walked back to my room, taking my phone from the night stand and flopping on my bed.

As I unlocked my phone, I could see the outline of a person in the corner of my eye.

"FUDGE!" I shouted, falling in the floor.

I heard the figure chuckle as I refused to open my eyes.

"I didn't mean to scare you, Charley." It was the unmistakable voice of Louis Tomlinson.

"I thought you left." I sighed, opening my eyes and sitting up. "Gah." I rubbed the back of my head.

"Sorry. Are you okay?" He asked, helping me up.

"I'm fine. Where were you?" I breathed. Our faces were an inch apart.

"I was talking to Laurel in the kitchen." He replied.


"Apparently Diana, Chance, Mary and Karilin went to the pool." He smiled, gazing into my eyes.

"Yeah." I grinned.

I felt fear creep slowly around me as he moved his face to mine at the same pace.

"Louis," I said, feeling my eyes fill with tears.

"Oh, I-I, I'm sorry." He frowned, running his hand through his hair.

"I-um, I-"

"What's wrong, Charley?"

I stood there silently, wishing I knew what to say to him. I couldn't tell him. I just couldn't.

I sighed, wiping the tears from my face.

"Come here, Charlotte." He said, holding his arms out in my direction.

"Louis." I sobbed, stepping into his arms and burying my head in his chest.

"It will be fine. You don't have to tell me, Charley. We hardly know each other. But, if you ever need me, I'm a good listener." He said when he wrapped his arms around me.

I don't know how long we stood there. It might have been an hour. Maybe thirty minutes. I honestly don't know. I just knew I could spend eternity wrapped in his arms and listening to his heartbeat.

When I looked back up at him, I hadn't noticed my tears had stopped flowing.

"We should relax. Want to go to the pool?" I asked.

"Sure. I'll be right back." He smiled as he left my room.

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