A girl named Daniela is not very the romantic type until one day she is out at a partly with her friend and her life changes



My mom just told me the worst news ever. Most girls would be happy but I'm not I don't want to move to London . My mom is crazy . The only thing that its good for is my singing career that has been crushed by my family I'm leaving everything my friends the guy I love and so much more why is this happening to me why doesn't anyone care what I think god no understands me at least I'm going to be surrounded by people with cool accents and have a big house there ohhh how am I going to brake the news to Leslie my BFF from like all time and now I'm crying like alot because I don't want to start all over I don't know anyone over there I'm going to have to start all over I just don't want to leave why is this happening to me I only have a week left in LA the in the coolest city world ohhh god I'm having an anxiety attack my life is at a low point
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