A girl named Daniela is not very the romantic type until one day she is out at a partly with her friend and her life changes


1. School sucks

I have always been that girl who is never pleased with bad grades but yet hates school I was in history and it was roll call and of course I'm zoneing out then I hear my name Daniela Garcia ohhh god I just wanna go home no one understands why I'm so wierd and outgoing. Everything I say is really funny or wierd except when I'm in class I say something really smart it's probably because I'm Hispanic so you have to be smart unless your a gangbanger like Javier ohh god how I liked him but he will never like me. So this is why I'm probably single I'm wierd do you have to be a freaking drama queen to get guys to lie you. Okay I understand no one gives a shit for the girls that will actully love you and appreciate you . The bell rings and I can't hang out with Leslie because I have to study for a test and I go home with shocking news I can't bear
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