Here's To The Pain

Pain, or more specifically, grief, has five stages. They look different on all of us, but there are always five - denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. This story gives a small glimpse about how to deal with pain.


4. Uh-oh! Problem...

   “School’s arrived,” say the students aboard as they droopily abandon their interesting talks and the school appears through the shining windows.

   “Come on,” says Neo signaling Addison to come with him. “Yeah, coming,” replies Addison, wrapping her hand in Lexie’s. They leave the bus and climb the stairs to cross the beautiful wooden doors and tread into the enormous building. Addison waves a goodbye and drops Lexie off at her class, joining Neo again.

   “So, where are you heading?” asks Addison checking her watch, realizing she is running late. “To the English class,” replies Neo, soon realizing the same. “No way! Even I am going there! How come we’ve never met?” says Addison, trying to remember hard, but in vain. She looks at Neo’s face, but it doesn’t ring any bells in her brain. “Really? I didn’t see you before either! Well, as far as I know, there weren’t many brainiacs in the class until now, so I guess I have someone to borrow notes from!”

   Liar. Neo used to peek at Addison every day since the first day of the session, and he always thought he found something so fascinating about her he would feel goose bumps just by throwing her a glimpse. A girl with such poise, such distinction, such charisma. Fascinating.

   “Oh come on!” she tugs at Neo to stop taunting her. “I am just good in studies, that’s all!” “Yeah, as if pulling off 96% in Math is just good’,” replies Neo, jeering at her. They stow their bags in their lockers in a rush and race together towards the English class. “I hope we aren’t supposed to submit any homework today?” says Neo, seriously praying to god. “Sorry Neo, an essay about ‘Love’ in two-hundred words,” replies Addison. “Shit,” he mumbles, cursing.

   However, as they both set foot in the classroom, they find a teacher who resembles their English teacher much like a butterfly does to a spider. “You’re saved. She’s a substitution,” says Addison to Neo, seeing his face flood with relief. “Phew!” he says, swiping off the sweat which was drenching his forehead with tension.

   They seat themselves, both side by side. “Are you sure you don’t want to complete your homework? You really should,” suggests Addison. “Nah,” says Neo. They talk, they laugh, get shushed by the spider-like teacher, trash-talk about her, and basically have a fun time.

   The bell rings. “Okay cheeldren, your eenglish teacher weel come tomorrrow,” says the spider-like teacher. Giggles commend in the class as the teacher leaves. “Oh damn it! I’ve gotta complete that essay now! Addison, can you please help me?” begins Neo.

   “I—“ “Please don’t say no, I suck at things like this.”

   “Yes, but—“

   “Great! So meet me at the Inn at about, hmm…5:30? Thanks heaps!”

   Neo hurriedly takes off for his Anatomy class, leaving Addison to deal with the thought of how she was going to sit and chat with him in the very place she was supposed to ask him whether he would like an Espresso or a Latte.

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