Here's To The Pain

Pain, or more specifically, grief, has five stages. They look different on all of us, but there are always five - denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. This story gives a small glimpse about how to deal with pain.


1. The ungrateful son

“Neo! Breakfast’s ready, darling!”

“Oh mom, please stop that annoying accent of yours! I am coming, for god’s sake!”

“Okay, sweetie pie!” “Ugh!” Neo curses under his breath and bolts out of his bedroom.

   He rushes down the staircase, taking two stairs at a time. Finding his mother, he marches towards her. However, his mind, evidently overflowing with outrage and disgust, is swept clean by the strong scent of maple syrup coming from freshly cooked steaming pancakes, sitting aside a cup of hot chocolate.

   “Mmm!” says Neo, at the sight of the delicacy. He gorges himself, savoring every ounce of it. After licking his fingers and pouring the last drop of scrumptiousness into his mouth, he gets up to leave for school, but is broken off by his mother.

   “Has my sweet little kid completed all his homework?” she reckons at him inquiringly. “Oh please, don’t start again!” he begins, utterly annoyed.

“Can’t you leave me alone for a few moments of peace? Always butting in...”

“I was just—“ “No!” he cuts across his mother, “Mind your own business, and let me mind mine!” He shouts angrily and stomps out of the house to board the waiting bus, not even taking heed of his mother’s faint goodbye.

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