Here's To The Pain

Pain, or more specifically, grief, has five stages. They look different on all of us, but there are always five - denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. This story gives a small glimpse about how to deal with pain.


3. The Boy Meets The Girl

   As the bus stops at another house, Neo gazes at a girl about his age board the bus, along with a younger girl who, having great resemblance with the girl, can only be her sister. She looks for a vacant seat and finds one beside Neo. Neo grins at her and slides to his right to give her some space. However, as she steps towards him with an expression of thankfulness through the cramped pathway, she trips on some obstacle and falls face first on the deck.

   “Hahaha! Look everybody, loser’s here!” Addison gets up shakily, patting off the dust from her clothes and turns around to see the one who passed the comment – Regina George, the leader of The Plastics. Oh, who else could it be? The Plastics were, as the name suggests, one of those who regarded themselves as the most glamorous people in this whole wide world except maybe Robert Pattinson. They talked about nothing but boyfriends, celebrity break ups, glowing skin or how to make yourself so thin you are merely visible. They were more of walking Barbie dolls, for all Addison cared. They were the girls whose bodies were made of full, solid plastic. Their brains, specifically.

   Addison, for a moment, thinks of answering back, but then, what’s the point of arguing with people without feelings?

   “At least she doesn’t start hitting on boys whenever she sees them.” Regina’s face makes a really odd expression, which drips with defeat, anger and abhorrence.

   Before Addison can let herself luxuriate in and enjoy the situation, she turns around yet again, spots a boy, actually the boy, who had offered her a seat next to him. “Don’t,” she whispers to him, slightly shaking her head in denial to cease him before he gets into a quarrel. “This so isn’t over!” squeals Regina, flipping her hair swiftly with all of her attitude before plunging in with her sidekicks to start on thick gossip.

   “You shouldn’t have said that,” speaks Addison as politely as her tongue wills her to, finally taking the seat at last, Lexie by her side. “But she acted—“bellows Neo, “Sssshhh!” begins Addison, trying to soothe his red-hot temper down. “But she acted so cruelly, what does she even think of herself? That bloody bitch…” speaks Neo, much quieter now. Lexie is totally revolted and takes no time in distancing herself from him and joins her friends. “It’s not her problem, maybe she was raised like that. I pity her sometimes.” says Addison.

   Neo attempts to understand that for a moment, and making no success he gives up and says, “Oh, by the way, I am Neo.” introducing himself. “Addison.”

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