Living the Dream

Fan Fiction: Justin Bieber.
My life seemed so perfect until, i found out my boyfriend was cheating on me again. On top of it he wouldn't say a word about it till brought it up. We were suppose to be going to a Justin Bieber concert together. That ended up not happening. My whole day was ruined... until i got to meet a special someone.


20. We Were Meant To Be

Brienna's POV:


I had such a fun time with Justin racing! I didn't know it be that fun. He said I cheated, well I did but hey what can I say I play dirty. Haha. I gave Justin a wink and that definitely caught him off guard. He bit his lower lip. Damn that's hot. I sped away from him. I haven't had this much fun in such a long time. It felt so good. I love doing this with Justin. This day is going to be great... 


Justin's POV: 


We just went to a casual restaurant. Man I was having so much fun with Brienna. I enjoyed every single minute with her. We decided to go down to the beach and walk around. Brienna told me it's her favorite place to be. She told me all these things I didn't know about her. She told me how she's graduating in a month, and how she wants to work more and more with professional athletes. She tells me she loves her job being able to help people by rehabilitating them from a serious injury or help them get back on their feet. The fact that she likes to help people makes me love her more. A girl that's beautiful and likes helping people. couldn't get any better than that. We were walking down the beach watching as the sunset was setting in the horizon. It's so beautiful...

I slid my hand in Brienna's hand. She just looked up at me but didn't do anything to change it. She smiled at me and continued walking with me. I love being able to hold her hand. I skimmed my thumb back and forth across her hand as we continued to walk across the beach. Next thing I notice Brienna is pulling me towards the ocean. The water felt perfect, not to cold and not to warm. Brienna let go of my hand and started walking deeper into the water. She then starts splashing me with water. "Oh it's on!" I said laughing. She starts running around in the water and splashing me. I splash her and chase after her. I finally come up close to her and grab her from behind and spin her around circles while she continues to giggle.

I stopped spinning her around and put her down. We stand inches away from each other both soaked from the sea water now. I can feel her hot breath on me and hear her heart pounding. We both looked into each others eyes. Her eyes looked like they were filled with passion, maybe even love? I couldn't tell. In the heat of the moment I smashed my lips on hers. It felt like sparks, my stomach felt like they had butterflies in it. She didn't stop me either. I love the feel of her lips on mine. She came back with passion in her kiss. When we came up for breath, she was speechless. I could still feel where she kissed me and I continued to kiss her more. She parted her lips so I could slide my tongue in. I bit down on her bottom lip making her moan back. At that moment I knew my feelings for Brienna were serious. I loved her and I wanted to be with her every second of her life. We... we were meant to be...


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