Living the Dream

Fan Fiction: Justin Bieber.
My life seemed so perfect until, i found out my boyfriend was cheating on me again. On top of it he wouldn't say a word about it till brought it up. We were suppose to be going to a Justin Bieber concert together. That ended up not happening. My whole day was ruined... until i got to meet a special someone.


26. This will go no longer

Justin's POV: 


Brad took a hit to side of my face. Surprising me a little. Oh fuck its on! Me and Brad are all fist. Brienna was crying and sitting about the whole situation. She would yell a couple times for us to stop, but we didn't. I felt bad for her but I didn't want Brad to win this. He needs to get it through his fucking head that he has no right to talk shit about me! He deserves everything that comes to him! I punch him in the face real good and gave him a purple lip. That will hurt tonight. Next thing I know were being broken up by a couple of students. I can still see Brienna crying. After they split us up I yelled "You better watch your fucking back Brad!!"  Brad walked away. That'll show him who to mess with. I left more marks on Brad then he did to me. I went and picked up Brienna off the ground. Her eyes were puffy and red from the crying. This poor girl doesn't need to be crying. She is to beautiful to cry. I pick her up and just hold her for a couple minutes. Then I decide to carry her to my car, she continues to sob a little into my shirt. I set her down in the car and got in on the driver side. I just rubbed her back and tried to sooth her. She just continued to look down the whole time. I lift her chin up to face me.

"Hey I'm sorry... What happened should of never happened. He just pushed me to far Brienna. I couldn't handle it..." I said almost a whisper. Her eyes were full of tears. I wipe the ones streaming down her face. I just wanted to kiss her, she was so beautiful... She looked back down. This whole situation reminds me of what happened with her and Steven. It disappoints me a little because I wanted to be better than that. "Brienna please say something... I'm really sorry! Please forgive me. I love you Brienna..." I tell her. I don't want to ruin what we have. She is my life. She is like my medication that I always need to have. If I don't have her, there's this emptiness inside me. She sniffles a little bit.

"Justin I forgive you... I just don't know what to do about this whole situation. I feel bad for Brad and you. And its all my fault... but I love you so much." She says in deathly whisper. 

"It's not your fault Brienna its mine. I got you in this mess. I was greedy, and I wanted you. I hated the fact that Brad had you and I didn't. Your my everything Brienna... You were meant for me." I say quietly. She looks up and stares into my eyes. I could tell she loved me everything about her actions and the way she acted around me screams that she truly loves me.

"I'm your everything...?" She asks. 

"Yes and you will always be my everything. I want to give you the world and show you everything." I say smiling at her. I begin to see her beautiful smile again. 

"Are you ok?" She asks gently while touching the bruise on my cheek. 

"Ow. Yeah I should be fine for now. I just need to ice it." I say smiling at her. "Now lets get you home my love." I say. She smiles and I start up the car. Time to go home.

I decide to drive to my house, instead of Brienna's house because of Brad. You never know if he'll show up there. I carry her inside to my house. I set her down and her mouth is gaping at how big my house is, I chuckle a little. What can I say, I am Justin Bieber. She walks around admiring everything I have. "This can all be yours too." I smile at her. She is still gawking at the fact of how big the house is.

"You live here?!" She asks surprised. 

"Yeah babe. I can buy anything you want. And like I said before, this can be all yours too." I said winking at her. 

She giggles. "Bieber I might take you up on that offer. But I don't prefer you buying me stuff." She says. 

"So is that a yes then? But what if I want to buy you stuff? I want to give you everything you want!" I said trying to get my point across. 

"I don't know yet. And no Justin its fine, really. I don't need fancy things to make me happy. I just need you, that's all." She says smiling.

"Please say yes. And aww come on Brienna just a couple things?" I ask with a puppy dog look.

"I don't know Justin, just give me a couple days to think about it. And no on buying me stuff! That's final." She says trying to suppress a smile. 

"Fine. And please do think about it." I tell her. I am going to buy her stuff even if she said not to. Besides she'll love what I'll get her. "Hey Brienna mind getting me some ice or something cold to put on this bruise?" I ask. 

"Sure! I just have to find it in your big fridge." She says giggling. She finds a bag of frozen peas. She walks over to me and places the frozen bag of peas on my bruise. She smiles at me. Ahh how I love that smile, drive me nuts. 

"You know I could get use to you taking care of me Brienna." I say smiling at her. She giggles again.

"I would be so bad at taking care of you!" She says laughing. 

"No you wouldn't." I tell her. "You would be just perfect." I say smiling at her. I wrap my arms around her waist and just inhale her beautiful scent. Oh how I love being having her in my arms here. I look up into her eyes and smile. Then I start to hear a familiar voice in my house. 

"JUSTIN!!!" Alfredo says almost yelling. "Oh hi Brienna!" He says. He walks in seeing Brienna placing the frozen bag of peas on my bruise. "What happen to you bro?" He asks. 

"One word, Brad..." I tell Alfredo. 

"Aw man that looks like it hurts dude. Did you knock the living shit out of him man?!" Alfredo asking about all the details. 

"Well I wouldn't say that, but I did get him pretty good." I say smiling.

"Oh I see." Alfredo says laughing. "Hey Brienna did you know that Justin would talk about you every day after we left your house?" He says laughing. 

"Aw man why did you tell her that!!" I say. That sounded so corny! 

"You know it's true Justin." He says still laughing. 

"I think it's kind of cute actually." Brienna says. 

"See Justin! She thinks it's "cute". So it must be ok!" He laughs even harder. I punch him in the arm. 

"Knock it off Alfredo." I tell him trying not to smile. 

"Ok Bieber. Whatever you say." He says still laughing at the whole situation. "Brienna your really pretty. Justin she definitely is  a keeper!" Alfredo says. Brienna blushes at the comment. 

"Yeah she definitely is, but she's mine Alfredo." I say selfish. She's all mine...

"That's all fine with me bro. She's yours anyways!" He says laughing. "Hey Brienna do you speak Spanish?!" Alfredo asks. 

"Yes I do actually." She says giggling. 

"Yes!! Now we can annoy Justin by speaking Spanish to each other." Alfredo says. "He doesn't like it because he never can understand what were saying." He says.

"Hey!! I'm sitting right here! And you never know I might know some of it." I say even though I know for sure I don't. 

"Ok Justin." Alfredo chuckles. "So Brienna are you moving in!?" He asks excited. 

"Umm I don't know yet..." She says. 

"Well I think you should. You would fit right in!" He says. 

"She's thinking about it at the moment." I say smiling back at her.

"Ok well I'll leave you to love birds alone then." Alfredo says. 

"Ok bye Alfredo." I tell him. 

"Bye Alfredo! Nice meeting you!" Brienna says. 

"Bye guys." Alfredo says before leaving. 

"So now what do you want to do babe?" I ask. 

"I don't know? Let's watch a movies!" She says excitedly. 

"Ok what do you want to watch?" I ask. 

"Oooh lets watch Despicable Me!! I love that movie it's sooo cute!" She says. 

I laugh. "Ok babe." I say smiling at her. Brienna snuggles up close to me. I wrap my arms around her fragile body and we just began to watch the movie. Man what a day....

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