Living the Dream

Fan Fiction: Justin Bieber.
My life seemed so perfect until, i found out my boyfriend was cheating on me again. On top of it he wouldn't say a word about it till brought it up. We were suppose to be going to a Justin Bieber concert together. That ended up not happening. My whole day was ruined... until i got to meet a special someone.


24. The plan

Brienna's POV: 


I was moving on my side, but something stopped me from doing that. Oh yeah, Justin had fallen asleep next to me. He was still holding me tight in his arms. I loved being in his arms and all but I wanted to move. His body heat was radiating off his body. I didn't want to wake him up, he looked so peaceful. He was like a little angel when he slept. I could watch him for hours just sleep. It was adorable. Crap! I forgot I have another class today! I need to see what time it is, but Justin is holding me still. Argh I didn't want to wake him. I'll just lift my head up and see if I can see the clock. I lift my head to see, man did it hurt to do that, dang it it's 6:00 already! We slept for a long time! I have class in a hour. I should be fine for now. I go back to looking at Justin again. His face is so flawless and looks so soft, I just want to touch it. I couldn't help myself so I lifted my hand to his face and just started stroking face. It was so freaking soft like baby's butt, I laugh at the thought. I felt weird touching his face. Haha!! Of course he started to stir in his sleep. Dang it I woke him up. I kind of figured I would if I touched him haha. 

"Hey beautiful." He said sleepy. 

I smiled. "Why hello Justin." I said quietly.

"You woke me up with your cold hands touching my face." He said smiling. I giggled.

"Your face looked so irresistible and flawless. I had to touch it. It's soft like a baby's butt." I said jokingly. 

"I get that a lot." He said with a big smirk. "How do you know what a baby's butt feels like?" He said chuckling at me.

"I don't know? A lot of people always say that." I said laughing harder. Justin begins to laugh with me. We start to roll around in my bed just laughing. He ends up on top of me after we stopped rolling around. He had me trapped under him now, he was so strong I could barely move him. 

"I got you know." He said smiling. We looked into each others eyes. His eyes were amazing, I loved looking into them. Next thing I know Justin's lips are on mine. It was hot. That feeling I got the last time I kissed him came back again. The fireworks and shivers up my spine. I didn't want it to stop. He slipped his tongue into my mouth again and began french kissing me. He such a good kisser, who knew? I smiled at thought. Then I remembered how I admitted to loving Justin before I fell asleep. I knew for sure this time, that it was the real deal. I just felt bad because there still is Brad I have to deal with. I don't like cheating on my boyfriends it makes me feel bad. Like what I'm doing right now. I didn't like it. I just needed a plan to break up with him but not be rude about it. Justin started to notice I wasn't paying much attention to him kissing him. 

"What's wrong Brienna?" He said a little worried. 

"I'm just you know thinking..." I said.

"About what?" He asks.

"How I'm going to break up with Brad..." I said. 

"We could figure something out. I'm sure." He said. 

"I know... I just feel bad. I'm not usually the one that breaks up with people. I just usually get dumped..." I said feeling embarrassed. 

"Awww Brienna don't get embarrassed. I would never do that to you. That's just messed up. If you don't want to do it, I can always do it for you." He said.

"Thanks Justin. And I might take you up on that offer." I said giggling. 

"Now where were we?" He says with his sexy smile. I giggle some more and we began to kiss again. I love Justin so much, surprisingly. But I feel like I don't know him very well. He begins to trail kisses down my neck. Sucking at my neck. I let out a little moan again. I feel his smile on my neck. It makes me smile too. Shit! I forgot I have class!! What time is it now?!

"Justin what time is it?" I asked curious and freaking out.

"Why babe? You need to be some where?" He said while still kissing me.

"Yeah I have class at 7:00 today." I tell him.

"Awww why babe. I don't want to leave you already." He said making this cute little frown. It was so hot.

"I'm sorry Justin but I have to go to class. I'm almost done with school anyways. And stop frowning its one of my weakness's." I said giggling. 

"Oh really?" He says smiling. "What's your other weaknesses?" He asks while smirking at me.

"I'm not telling you. Now can you get off me so I can see the time now!" I said trying to keep a straight face but failing.

"I'm afraid that's not going to happen babe." He says chuckling.

"Justin!!" I shout. I try to push his body off me, but he's so freaking strong. All his weight is on top off me. "Come on Justin you'll make me late!" I said a little frustrated.

"Fine babe. But give me a kiss." He says smirking at me again.

"Fine." I say trying not to laugh. I give him a kiss. He starts to turn it into a full make out session. "Justin!" I say.

"Ok, ok!" He says laughing. He finally rolls off me. I get really cold because all his body heat was keeping me warm before. I look at the clock. Crap it's already 6:47!! I need to get going! I put on my shoes and fix my hair a little bit. I already look like shit, fuck it.

"Hey umm do you want a ride to class?" He says with his boyish smile. I love that smile, can't resist it. Another weakness of mine.

"Umm sure." I say smiling. I didn't feel like driving anyways. Especially having to find a parking spot. We arrive at my school with minutes to spare barely. 

"I'll see you later Justin." I say smiling and kissing him on the cheek.

"Ok babe. Can I pick you up after class?" He says with that smile again.

"I don't see why not." I say laughing. "Come get me at like 8 then." I say smiling back at him before leaving.

"Ok bye babe." He says. I wave back to him and start to run to class again. I was smiling the whole way there, thinking this day might just turn around. I found a spot in class. A couple minutes late again, then I remember how Brad is in this class too. Shit! And I forgot to call him back. Maybe I should just tell him that I'm breaking up with him. No I don't like doing that at all. Ugh... He kept trying to get my attention in class but I ignored him. I felt bad but I had to, the class I was in I needed to pay attention to the most. I'm so screwed...

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