Living the Dream

Fan Fiction: Justin Bieber.
My life seemed so perfect until, i found out my boyfriend was cheating on me again. On top of it he wouldn't say a word about it till brought it up. We were suppose to be going to a Justin Bieber concert together. That ended up not happening. My whole day was ruined... until i got to meet a special someone.


37. The nightmare

No one's POV:


"I was so upset. I didn't mean for that to happen! I never meant to get her hurt! Is she ok? Doctor tell me please?! Will she make it?!" 

"NO, NO, NO!" He yelled in his sleep as he tossed and turned in his bed. Sweat dripped down his clothes making his clothing stick to his body. "I don't need help! I need to see if my sister is ok!!!" Tears poured down his face as he screamed in his sleep...

He wakes up from the nightmares. He needed someone near him to hug. No one was laying there by him. His breath was heavy, his clothes were damp, tears were still coming down his face. It wasn't his fault, it was only an accident... He remembers seeing his parents both hugging each other and crying about it while he sat on the hospital bed with injuries. He just wanted to check on his little sister... His injuries weren't as bad as her's. He would try to get up and check on her but all the nurses would stop him. He was mad at himself and the driver. Why hadn't he payed attention... He blamed himself for the whole thing...


It was a cool late night. He had his sister in the back seat. He was upset because he had to take home his now 7 year old sister Jazzy, when he wanted to be at this party right now. He didn't have a car seat for her, so he put her in the back and buckled her in. He didn't understand why his parents or someone else could of picked her up. He just wanted to get home quickly and try to make it back before the party ended. His sister kept bothering him about how she wanted to see mom. He kept telling her time and time again that she would see mom when they got home. Then she would start to say how she's bored. He gave her his phone to play on so she would keep her mouth shut. She still wasn't happy and wanted to see mom. He got mad at her. They were going through an intersection. He was to busy trying to tell her to be quiet, that's when it hit them. The drunk driver who had run through a red light right into their car. He couldn't do anything but hope she was ok. When the ambulance and cops arrived, it was serious for the drunk driver and his sister. He was able to see some visions of what was going on. He remembered seeing the drunk driver on the street, his body was a mess and you could barely recognize it was a human. He saw his sister being pulled away from him, there was so much blood... She was unconscious. He wanted to get up and run after her but couldn't get up. As if there were a big weight on top of him making it so he's unable to get up. They took her on another ambulance. After that he blacked out... He remember's waking up only minutes later to find himself in a hospital bed. He got up and asked where his sister was, if she was ok. He tried to explain that he never meant for her to get hurt. The nurses kept trying to put him back in the bed he needed to relax because he was injured. He didn't care for the pain, he wanted to see his sister. His parents were scared, just like him. 

He stayed in his bed because he had no choice. His parents would only feed him little information on his sister about what was going on. Every time he moved he felt the pain in his chest, and winced at it. Eventually he was able to get up and walk to his sister hospital room. He walked in only to see his sister laying on the bed unconscious. She looked as if she were dead. He cried and winced at the pain in his chest. He would sit by the chair next to her and wait. He would talk to her and hold her hand. He would often pray to God, hoping that his sister would make it, and that he would rather take his life for her then to see her die... Minutes, hours, and days passed as he waited for something. She had been in a coma for a while. His parents wanted him to go home and relax. They wouldn't bring his little brother here because they didn't want him sacred for the rest of his life. His little brother would constantly ask were his sister was, and his parents would say she was busy or at a friends house. They had told him that the drunk driver was dead on the scene. He asks himself every time why wasn't he paying attention! 

Then that day that he had been waiting for ever since the accident happened. The doctors had came in and told him the good news. She was going to be ok, but she'll be hospitalized for a while till the minors cuts start to disappear. He was relieved to hear that... After his sister had been in a coma for 2 weeks, she was going to finally wake. The doctors had told him that they were lucky she was going to live because she would of died in the accident because of how young she was. He burst into tears of happiness that the fact his sister was going to live. He would no longer after to burden the fact his sister would die. She was going to be ok after all. His parents embraced him and they cried also with happiness. Later that day they were able to take her out of the coma. He was so breathless to see his sister talking and alive. He embraced his little sister and said how much he loved her. He thanked God for all he had done and protected his little sister. He would never want to lose her. His little brother reunited with his little sister. She didn't really understand what had happened, but his parents didn't want to bother to explain to her.....


Tears began to flood his eyes of the past memories. He was alone in his house. No one was there that night except him. He hated to think about that memory every time. After the accident he would always sleep next to his little sister and brother because he wanted to keep them safe. He never wanted anything to happen to his sister again or his brother. That's why he always had girls over to his house now, so he would never half to remember that horrible night. He protected them just like how he did with his sister later on. Some girls wouldn't be the comforting ones to keep him from his nightmares. Sometimes he would wake in the middle of the night, but the girl next to him would be fast asleep and not even paying attention. He would be gasping for air just trying to focus and realize that he was home and his sister was safe. 

He just needed her... and soon...


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