Living the Dream

Fan Fiction: Justin Bieber.
My life seemed so perfect until, i found out my boyfriend was cheating on me again. On top of it he wouldn't say a word about it till brought it up. We were suppose to be going to a Justin Bieber concert together. That ended up not happening. My whole day was ruined... until i got to meet a special someone.


6. She Could Be That One Girl

Justin's POV: 



As soon as I got her attention, she turned around with her head down and arms crossed. She then started to say "Look Steven, just leave me alone OK! It's over!!", She said it with almost a sob. Then she started walking away again. Who's Steven? and what just happened?! 

I say "Excuse me miss!." For some odd reason she froze, then started walking faster away from me? 

I caught up to her again, and grabbed her arm, and turned her around to me. She looked down again. I couldn't tell if she was embarrassed at the fact what had just happened or if she still sad. I lifted her chin up to my face. I got to see her beautiful face, which looked torn from something. She then turned her head, I turned it towards to me again.

I asked her what was wrong, but she didn't say anything. This time she looked at the ground and started to cry. I frowned. Why is she crying?  

I wiped her tears. I said. "Hey don't cry. I'm Justin by the way. You probably knew that." Oh jeez why did I just say that. I feel like an idiot! Whatever, just laugh it off. I decided to change the subject. "What's your name?" Now that's a better question. 

Then she smiled, and boy did she have an amazing smile. Then I heard the slightest giggle escape from her mouth. That sound made me melt inside. I love it, and I want to hear it more. She told me her name was Brienna. What a beautiful name...

I told her, her name was beautiful and I loved to hear her giggle. Her smile got bigger. Oh how I love that. I might not know her, but boy did I want to get to know her better. I said "I hate to see you cry." "May I ask why you were crying?" I said.

She nodded her head. "Great!" I asked her if she wanted to tell me on the way back, because I didn't want  Scooter freaking out about me and the fact I ran away. She said Ok. Her voice sounded like an angel. I decided to put my arm through hers and started walking her. 

She started telling me how this jerk guy named Steven had slept with her friend. He wasn't going to tell her. She found out from her friend that they got wasted and slept with each other at this big party. She was waiting for him to say something, but he just acted like nothing happened. She said she finally cracked and broke up with him. That makes sense why she called me Steven. Man did I want to be her boyfriend. She so beautiful, and her eyes are just amazing. I felt bad though for her she explained to me that it's happened to her before. If I was her boyfriend that would never happen. Wait why are you thinking like that, you barely know much about her?!  She just got out of relationship. I wouldn't want to trouble her that much. I smiled at her, and she blushes. I wonder if her lips are soft from crying? Damn shes making me crazy!! I want to kiss her so bad! That's when I realized I want to be this girls everything and give her the whole world...


Sorry it's short ill try and finish another one! 

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