Living the Dream

Fan Fiction: Justin Bieber.
My life seemed so perfect until, i found out my boyfriend was cheating on me again. On top of it he wouldn't say a word about it till brought it up. We were suppose to be going to a Justin Bieber concert together. That ended up not happening. My whole day was ruined... until i got to meet a special someone.


41. Overboard

Brienna's POV: 




I swear Justin confuses me. I can never understand him. He brought me to my hotel room after he finally caught me. I was curious to why he tensed up in the elevator. But really that wasn't one of the worries on my mind right now.

 The feeling of being in his arms felt like I was home, and safe. We talked for a little bit. I asked him why he was so determined to find me. He said he loved me... I didn't know what to say. I've heard him say it so much to me already but I still can never believe that he loves me. 

I was shocked and horrified when he told me he was meeting my brother. Every part of me wanted to run away and scream. I didn't want Justin to know about my ugly past. There was more to it besides the bullying... He'll probably think I'm a loser just like how everyone else thought. He promised me he wouldn't ever change his opinion about me or leave me. My heart tells me he won't but my brain says he will... I can only wait. 

He brought my phone back. Great... now he can actually contact me. It's not that I didn't like Justin, but I just felt like this whole thing whatever it is, would never work out. I'm just an ordinary loser girl, and he's a pop sensation, with millions of girls wanting him. I just don't fit into his category. I mean who would want to date someone like me? I'm a loser remember. Stupid conscious. 

I told Justin that he should probably get going. I have no clue why I said that. A part of me wanted him here with me and another part of me wanted to leave town. I was just afraid of what was to come.

What confuses me the most is what Justin did before he left my hotel room. He told me to not cry and then smashes his lips on me. It took me by surprise. Then he told me he loved me again. He walked out of my room and left me dumbstruck. I could still had the feeling his lips were on me. I felt my lips. His soft, plump lips on mine. His kiss was nothing but passion and need. I remember every second of it. The fact of it is, I don't know if I'll ever have that feeling again. Or if I'll ever feel his lips on me again after he talks to my brother. I'm so overboard... I don't know if I can get through this alone.






Justin's POV:



It wasn't easy to leave Brienna right away. Ever instinct told me to drive back to her and hold her in my arms again and kiss her again on those perfect lips. I remember those perfect smooth plump lips. I could feel her kiss on my lips. I wanted to go back. Just the thought of it makes me want more...




After doing nothing the rest of the day except wait for seven o'clock to come around; It was now time to get ready. I decide to dress casual, not to big. I'm just hoping that I won't have to worry about running into a big crowd of screaming girls or the paps. I drove to the pizza place I was suppose to meet her brother. I parked some where I wouldn't have to get noticed, or get a fucking parking ticket for some stupid reason. Like come on people... 

I didn't really know exactly what he looked like. I mean I saw him sort of on his Facebook picture, but other than that I have no clue. I walked in and waited in line. I guess this place had reservations too. I'm hoping he made some reservations because this place was packed. I finally got to the front where the lady was. 

"Reservations sir?" She asked. 

"Umm, Silversmith?" I asked hoping he did make some and hoping that I won't look like a complete idiot. She looked through her list. 

"Yes. You must be Justin?" She asked. 

"Yes I am." I said. 

"Great one of our waitress will show you to your table sir." She said. 

"Thanks." I said. That was a close one. The waitress showed me to my table. I saw some guy already sitting at the table. I'm guessing that's him. You know for a pizza place it sure was fancy and nice. 

"Here you go sir." The waitress said.

"Thank you." I said. She walked away. He looked about my age but a little older. He didn't look that bad. He had the same color hair and eyes just like her. 

"Hello. You must be Justin." He said lending out his hand to me to shake. I gladly shook his hand.

"Yes I am Justin. And your Jake, right?" I asked to make sure that was his name. He shook his head to assure me he was. 

"I just ordered us some classic pizza, pepperoni. I hope that's ok with you." He said. 

"Yeah that's good with me." I said. I just wanted to get to bottom of this.

"So your that one Justin kid who everyone talks about?" He asked. 

"Yeah I'm Justin Bieber. The guy that millions of girls scream over." I said with a chuckle. 

"So I've seen." He said then chuckled. "So what's the deal with you and my sister?" He asked. 

"Well we recently have been dating. But recently I came across her wrist that had cuts on them. She ran from my house when I tried to ask what was wrong. I just came across her today." I tell him. I wasn't really sure if I was Brienna's boyfriend or not because of this whole mess. 

"That's not good..." He said sounding worried. 

"What you mean? She said I'll think she's a loser once you tell me what happened to her." I told him. 

"Well it goes pretty deep with her. She's always runs away from the pain... I hate to see my little sister like that." He said sadly.

"Is it ok if you tell me?" I asked curious. 

"Yeah. Did she tell you anything?" He asked. 

"No she didn't." I said blankly. The pizza came and we began to eat some and continue to talk.

"Wouldn't be surprised." He said then scratched the back of his neck. "She went through a living hell in high school. I was only there for her for a year then I went to college. She was that one girl who got picked on. I tried to watch out for her and have some of my lower class men friends help her out, but I guess that wasn't enough. It all started with the car accident with my little little sister..." He said. The words car, accident, and sister they made me freeze. I tried so hard to avoid those words... They only brought back those bad memories. Calm down Justin.  

"What happened?" I said trying to calm my heart rate down. 

"Well my parents were driving back from some small party their friends put together. They brought my little sister Amy with them because it was just a get together. Brienna and I couldn't go because we had school the next day. My sister was only 5 years old... They were hit by a drunk driver. Both my parents barely made it out of there, but my little sister on the other hand wasn't so lucky..." He said sadly. My breathing picked up. No not again please. My hands already began to tremble. I need to go outside before I look like a complete freak.

"Excuse me." I said with a little of an edge in my voice. I pushed my chair in walked out the back exit. I ran my hands through my hair repeatedly and pacing back and forth. Tears began to threaten my eyes again. It's not real! Get a hold of yourself. I was just making it worse my breathing was rapid and making it hard for me to breath correctly. I felt like I was going to pass out. I sit down near the exit and put my head in my hands.  "No, no, no." I said to myself. Why does this have to happen to me...

I sit there as tears began to pour down my face. I wept quietly. No one could see me or hear me. A couple moments later I hear someone come out the same door I came out and sit right beside me. I don't bother to look I was still flipping out. I hate these fucking panic attacks. What did I ever do to deserve this?! I was so corrupt and overboard. 

"Justin you ok?" The voice said. I realized who's voice that came from. It was her brother. I continued to sit in the same position I was before. I didn't have the words to tell him how I was feeling. "I paid for the pizza, so you don't need to worry about it." He said. We sat there in silence, and he continued to sit there near me. He put his hand on my back and gave me a little pat.

"Look Justin... I don't know what is wrong, but I feel like whatever it is, is bothering you a lot." He said. "Well your not alone..." He said before continue on. "I remember every moment of that miserable day. Brienna was in junior high around the time the crash happened. I got a call late that night from the hospital saying how my family was in critical condition. So many things ran through my head. I had to take Brienna with me and we waited hours and hours in the waiting room for some type of news. Brienna went back to sleep. She didn't know what was going on before I just told her I would explain to her later. Finally what felt like forever a doctor came to tell me the news..." He said pausing and continued. "Brienna was still sleeping so I left the waiting room to talk to the doctor. He told me he had good news and bad news. I had him tell me the good news first. He said my parents where going to make it, with minor cuts and injuries. And they would have to be hospitalized for a little bit. Then he told me the bad news. He told me the my little sister Amy however wasn't so lucky like my parents. She was pronounced dead... She lost to much blood." He said as his voice croaked. 

I felt so bad for him. He went through the same pain as I did but his was worse. His little sister died... and mine made it barely. Every part of me wanted to die. I lifted my head up. My eyes where full of tears from before. I could see Jake with tears coming down his face. 

"I'm so sorry" I said quietly. 

"Every part of me wanted to take my own life for her. She didn't even get to live her full life." He choked out. "The worst part of it was the affect it left on my family. I had to tell my parents that Amy didn't make it. I also had to tell Brienna. I didn't want to tell her, out of all the people." He said. "When my parents had finally woke up after undergoing some surgery, I had to lay it on them with the bad news. They told me not to tell Brienna yet. I would take Brienna to see our parents, but she always asked where her sister was at. It broke my heart to hear her say that... Three days had gone by,  the doctor told me and my parents that it would be a good to tell Brienna soon about what happened." He said the sighed running his hands through his hair. 

"My parents where of course still hospitalized, either I had to tell her myself or my parents. It was a rough choice neither one of us wanted to tell her that..." He paused and went on. "Then one day she came up to my parents and I had fallen asleep in the waiting room. I was sleep deprived, and needed some sleep. My mom was up I guess and Brienna brought up the question again wondering where Amy was. My mom didn't want to tell her. She took a couple minutes to reply back to Brienna. She came out with everything, slowly but surely. I woke up and remember at that moment I heard the sobs of Brienna and the questioning coming from her mouth." He stopped trying to find the words to continue on. He tried to hold back the tears. I could the see pain he experienced just talking about this whole thing.

"She came running to me with tears in her eyes. No words came out of her mouth just sobs. It broke my heart to see my little sister like that. I just wanted Amy back and so did Brienna..." He said barely able to say the words. "After she found out about the bad news, things only got worse." He said and went on again. "No one touched Amy's room. Everyone was in a funk in my family, even me... The funeral came around. Worst day of our lives. Brienna wasn't her cheerful self anymore. My parents tried to forget it because it pained them to much to think about it. My sister however kept mourning about it... She lost interest in things she usually did. She even lost some of her friends, she couldn't handle going out any where." He said sighing. 

"In high school it only got worse for her. People picked on her. I tried to stop it. Just because she was upset about her little sister, and she no longer had all her friends. They didn't know her story, yet they picked on her... She was bullied almost everyday. It stuck to her all the way through high school. The name calling and what not..." He said and continued on. "It only got worse her last year of high school... When she got elected in the top three nominees for homecoming. I heard from my parents about it. I was happy for her. I was in college now and could no longer be there for her. But I was suppose to surprise her that day. My parents called me a couple days before to come see her because she needed cheering up." He said. I was horrified by all the information he was telling me. I hand't realized all the shit Brienna had put up with her life. And I thought mine was worse... 

"Then it all went downhill that day. I guess Dave the captain of the football team had led her up to the stage to get her crown just like all the other queens. But he quickly left her side only to dodge the eggs they where being thrown at her, by all the football players..." He said with edge in his voice. "They were all laughing at her. She ran home. And tried to kill herself..." He said looking down as tears began to stream down his face again. 

"I thought I was going to lose my other sister..." He choked out. I moved my hand to his back and gave him a little pat. It broke me down inside to hear that come from. The fact the girl I'm madly in love with went through something like that...

He wiped his nose and face with the back of his hand and started to speak up again. "If it wasn't for me not being there... she wouldn't be here now, and we wouldn't be having this conversation right now..." He said. The thought of that killed me inside. I would be continuing my life not knowing this at all. It broke me inside to hear those word. I couldn't imagine seeing her laying on the floor dead, with no pulse.

Jake begins to speak up again interrupting my thoughts. "She tried to kill herself with pills. I was able to get an ambulance for her. I had to hold her back why she sobbed and screamed saying how she wanted to die... She smelled of eggs, and was lighter then I last remember." He said. "A week later I ended up finding out about what was happening to her. How she starved herself, and cut herself... My parents put her in therapy scared they would lose another daughter... She didn't go to school for a while till she was recovered. When she came back, she still got shit. People found out what she tried to do to herself, and would make fun of her... I told her not to do anything that would cost her life. I didn't want to lose my other sister..." He said as his voice cracked. "I still went through the pain. My parents made me go to therapy for a little too because they began to worry about me. It did help though..." He said. 

"Brienna is my inspiration everyday and so is my sister Amy, who is now in a good place..." He said looking up with a faint smile. "They were both strong just like my parents. Not a day goes by and I still worry about Brienna. I try to meet up with her more often. She usually calls me if something goes wrong..." He said looking at me. I looked down and fumbled with my fingers. He sighed and leaned his head back against the cold cement wall. "I just don't want her hurt again Justin, and have to hear about my last sister being dead..." He said saying to me. 

I finally spoke up after being quiet for a period of time. "I can relate a little to your pain..." I said sighing. "I almost lost my little sister too." I said looking up at him. He was intrigued and looked at me with interest to tell him more. I didn't want to tell anyone. I was afraid that it would get out... I trusted him a little but in the back of my mind. The fear kept nagging me. I didn't want to have another panic attack either. I took a couple deep breathes before I began to speak up again.

"Jake can you promise me something?" I asked with edge in my own voice. He nodded his head. "You promise not to tell anyone I'm about to tell you right now?" I asked as my palms began to sweat more. He nodded again.

"I promise I won't tell anyone. I always keep a promise..." He said quietly. His words were promising. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes and breathed in slowly to relax myself. I started off talking again.

"I was pissed with myself and thought she wasn't going to make it out alive. Not a day went by when I wished it was me in that bed instead of her..." I said croaking.

I began to tell the whole story to the amount of blood I saw to the fact I saw her laying in a bed for weeks. He was horrified just like I was when he told me the story about Brienna. Tears were coming down my face now. It felt good to tell other people besides my therapist. He gave sympathy to me. There was a part of the story when I began to freak out again but Jake tried to calm me down again. But I was able to tell him everything. 

"Well it looks like we both come from messed up past then..." He said. I nodded in agreement. "I know this might sound random based of this conversation where having, but I just wanted to ask you something." He said to me. 

"Go ahead." I said curious of what he was going to ask me. 

"So... your my sister boyfriend?" He asked curious. I shook my head. "Does she know about your story?" He asked.

"No." I said quietly. 

"Why not?" He said.

"It was to painful for me to tell anyone... I was worried about people telling other people. And it got out you know..." I said.

"Well if there's one thing you should know is that Brienna runs away from her problems. A little like you." He said and went on. "It was her way of trying to escape away from the memories. But I strongly suggest you tell her soon. She'll realize she isn't the only one who has to face obstacles everyday like you do." He said. "She needs that person to show her that there is more to life, and that it isn't that bad even though her past was so fucked up." He said quietly. 

The words sunk in. Brienna needed me more then I needed her. She was fragile and broke and needed to be repaired like me. I was more worried for her then I was for myself anymore. 

"Thanks a lot Jake." I said calmly. "It really helped me... I saw cuts on her wrist recently and she had ran away from me without telling me where she was and with no way of contacting her." I said. 

"She does that a" He said looking down at his hands. "I can tell you that something had pushed her to far to do that. She usually never does that unless something pushed her to far to the edge." He said worried. 

"I just don't know what could of caused it..." I said as my mind ran through every possible thing that could affect her to go and cause those cuts. Every thought ran to me. I just didn't want to be the reason I pushed her that far. The thought broke my heart, and I felt sick to my stomach at the fact of thinking that. Could I be the reason she did that? 

"Justin..." He said snapping me out of my thoughts and worry's. "Don't ever stress it. It had to be something from either her last two boyfriends. She told me about them..." He said. 

"Does she ever talk about me to you?" I asked curious. 

"I've heard little information about you, but that was before when you guys where just friends. Especially when she broke up with Steven, I heard about you and how you were going back on tour." He said. "I wanted to punch that Steven guy in the face..." He spat out. 

"Yeah same here. Did she miss me..." I asked. God I sounded like a fucking school girl or a little kid wanting candy. 

"Well she talked about you on the phone every time we talked." He said. "She assumed you probably would've had a girlfriend or didn't even like her at all. But now look at you!" He said chuckling at the thought. I looked down again and smiled. So she did remember me even when I was gone, and she liked me. The fact of it was she was my girlfriend and I loved her. No matter what happened in her past. She was still the sweet fragile girl I met at one of my concerts. I didn't like her that much back then only because I didn't know her that well. But when I was away on concert all I could think of was her dazzling smile that lit me up. She was the girl I dreamed about because I wanted to get to know her better. She was the light of my day. 

I knew now what I needed to go to do right now. I needed to see her and tell her how I still feel about her and my story. She deserved to know. I found out about her twisted past. The thing she worried about the most today. Thinking I would never like her again because of her messed up past. In fact I love her even more because I'm not the only with a fucked up past.

"You should probably get going and see her before something does happen. I trust you with my sister Justin." He said. "And I promise that no one else will find out about our conversation, ok. Just make sure to promise me that you will never hurt my sister like the other jerks. I don't want to see her in a hospital..." He said as his voice began to croak. 

"I'll make sure that doesn't happen Jake. She's my everything... I promise." I said. 

"Thanks. And I think your different from other guys Justin. You have a soft spot. I'm glad my sister has someone like you." He said smiling then extended his hand towards me to shake. 

"Your welcome Jake. And thanks." I said. 

"I'll see you around sometime Justin?" He asked as a question smiling. "Maybe Brienna's birthday and thanksgiving... and more." He said. I smiled at the thought of being with Brienna forever. The said part was I didn't know when her birthday was. I did know she was graduating from college. 

"I'll be seeing you around." I said chuckling. "By the way this may sound retarded but when is her birthday?" I asked a little embarrassed. He began to walk towards his parked car. I started my way to my car too.

"Oh it's August 31." He said chuckling.

"Thanks. I never got time to ask her about it." I said scratching the back of my neck.

"It's ok. Just don't get her something to expensive. She hates getting big things for her birthday, she feels bad." He said. 

"Thanks for the heads up." I said as we parted from each other. 

"No problem!" He said loudly. "Later Justin." He said. 

"Late's." I said back. I got in my car and started the car. It purred to life. I began my way towards the Hilton hotel. I thought about her beautiful face and immediately wanted to have her in my arms right now. I now knew now why this all started. I just needed to put the pieces together and find out what put her off to far, to make her run from and hurt her beautiful self. 

I pulled up to the hotel and found a spot. It was quite a distant but I didn't care. Luckily it was dark so I wouldn't get all this attention. I walked through the back exit to get to the elevators. Oh how I dreaded the elevator... Now what was the number of the floor? Ohhh yeah five! I pushed the number five button and the elevator accelerated up to the floor. 

It dinged and the doors opened up to the floor five. I walked out quickly to get out of that small elevator. I looked at the numbers. Ok it was 118b. I walked towards the 100's and went down the hallways till I reached the number 118. 

I knocked on the door and waited hoping for her to open. I just hope she still was awake. I waited a couple minutes then knocked a little louder this time and waited again. I heard the door began to rattle and open up. 

"Justin..." She said sleepy and sounding shocked.

"Hi..." I said shyly. 


We were both overboard but we would find a way to help each other... No matter how corrupt we were.













I’m soooo sorry for taking forever to update guys! I was in this funk and just had no idea what to write. I almost felt like not wanting to finish this story but don’t worry I will. Just a little bit of writer block >_< I hope you guys like it! Read my other story and like it up and this one!! :D ok bye now haha 






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