Living the Dream

Fan Fiction: Justin Bieber.
My life seemed so perfect until, i found out my boyfriend was cheating on me again. On top of it he wouldn't say a word about it till brought it up. We were suppose to be going to a Justin Bieber concert together. That ended up not happening. My whole day was ruined... until i got to meet a special someone.


1. Only the beginning

By the way you guys this isn't real, just fan fiction. :)

Brienna's POV:



Hi, I'm Brienna. I'm 18 and I live in Los Angeles, also known as L.A. I had recently moved here to go to college which was USC, my favorite school. I happened to meet this guy named Steven. He was amazing and seem to treat me right. He had beautiful blue eyes that reminded me of the ocean, a smile just made me melt every time I saw it, and sexy caramel hair that glistened in the light. He was my everything. So I thought. We've been dating for the last year or so, since I moved here. 

Luckily it was summer vacation, so me and Steven could go out and party tons! We also had just bought tickets to go see Justin Bieber in concert like a month ago!! I was so happy, Steven had got them as a surprise for me. He knew how bad I've always wanted to see him in concert.

Everything was doing good. Until, a couple days before the concert...   There had been this big party 2 days before I couldn't go because I was so sick. I insisted that Steven go and not worry about me. He really wanted to go and I didn't want to stop him. He ended up going. I tried to wait for Steven to get back, but it was already getting late. I had called it good and went to bed early that night because I was so exhausted to function. 

I woke up to passed out drunk Steven sleeping next to me. I smirked at him, and got out of bed and let him sleep some more. I was really excited because the concert was tomorrow and i couldn't wait anymore! I picked up my iPhone to see if I had any new messages. 1 new messages. Wow I'm popular. I laughed to myself. I wonder who they could be? I had 1 new messages from one of my new friends I had met in L.A. Her name was Kelly. She helped me find my way around here, since it was so crazy.

I read the first message slowly, and re-read it again to see what I was reading was real. I stood there gaping at my phone. It was the longest text I've ever read. What did I just read?! The message said this * Hey Brienna. I don't know how to explain this... but last night I went to that party too. I so happened to see Steven there and I was wondering where you were at. He told me you were sick and all. So I hung out with him the rest of the evening. We got real drunk together. After that... we ended up having sex. Look Brienna I'm really sorry! I didn't mean to do it on purpose! I wanted to be able to tell you first so I didn't feel guilty. I'm really sorry!! Please forgive me!:( *

I fell to the floor and started crying and getting more mad every minute. Steven couldn't hear me because he was to drunk. All I wanted to do was scream! Why?! Why?! Why did this have to happen to me? I walked to my room and saw still passed out Steven laying on the bed. I wanted to wake him up and start yelling at him, but I decide not to. I calmed myself. Maybe when he wakes up, he will tell me everything about it. He did it once before and I got over it. I trust him. So i decided to just wait until he woke up. I walked to the bathroom and started getting ready to go shopping. I was feeling so much better now. As I finished get ready, I made sure to leave Steven a note. So he wouldn't freak out.

*3 Hours Later* 

I finally returned home, from a good day of shopping which always makes me happy. I noticed Steven was finally awake and walking around. 

"Hi", I said.

"Hey babe", Steven said. 

"Hey babe, do you know where the Advil is?", Steven said.

"Yeah , it's in the cabinet next to the spice cabinet.", I said. 

"Ah thanks babe! I have like the worst headache ever!", Steven said.

"I figured that.",  I said  Now is my chance to see if he'll fess up, to what happen last night. "So babe... How was the party?", I said.

"It was amazing babe! You missed out on a good damn party. I got sooo wasted!", Steven said. 

"Did anything else happen?", I said. He took a couple minutes to reply back, as if trying to recall what even did happen. Then we he did remember, he went pale in the face a little. "Babe?", I said. 

"What? Oh sorry, I was just trying to remember. I don't think anything else happened, besides the fact I got totally wasted", Steven said. 

I know he's lying to me! This time he's not going to tell me what really happened! Fine, will play the waiting game then. "Hmm... ok. Sounds like you had fun then.", I said.

"If only you were there babe!", Steven said.

Yeah me too... asshole. "It's ok. Maybe another time", I said. Yeah how about never. "I'm going to eat something and go to bed early ok.", I said. 

"Ok babe. I have to go to my friends house any ways. Later babe.", Steven said. He gave me kiss on the cheek then left. 

Now I'm pissed off. He better fess up tomorrow about it, or I dumping his sorry ass. Well see who's going to be saying babe anymore. With that I ate something, and got ready for bed. Hoping tomorrow would be better day. Still filled with anger and the fact I don't trust Steven anymore, I fall asleep...





Well what you guys think so far? Let me know! I'll do the next Chapter tomorrow. 

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