Living the Dream

Fan Fiction: Justin Bieber.
My life seemed so perfect until, i found out my boyfriend was cheating on me again. On top of it he wouldn't say a word about it till brought it up. We were suppose to be going to a Justin Bieber concert together. That ended up not happening. My whole day was ruined... until i got to meet a special someone.


16. Oh jeez

Brienna's POV:


I then  start to hear the stranger laughing. I immediately knew who it was... Justin. 

"Justin!! What are you doing here?!" I said confused and a little creeped out at the same time.

"I told you I would find you" He says and winks at me. 

"How did you find my house?!" I asked.

"I have my ways..." He said.

"I bet you followed me huh..." I say blankly. 

"Noooo! That's absurd!" He said. 

"Justin just admit it you did." I said. What does he want?

"Ok maybe that and some memorization." He said snickering. 

"Justin! I have a date! And Brad is going to be here soon!" I said.

"Perfect I get to meet him then!" He said with a jolly smile.

I gave him a stare down but didn't last very long. Why right now?! "Fine... but please don't embarrass me..." I said.

"Ok whatever you say Brienna. By the way you look beautiful tonight." He says smiling.

When ever he says that to me it makes me feel like I have butterflies in my stomach. Why does he make me feel like this?

"Thanks Justin." I try saying in a mean tone but fail. I'm to nice sometimes, I swear. I sigh at the fact. and finish getting ready. Justin starts looking through my stuff while I'm getting ready. 

"Nice place you have here." He says.

"Thanks..." I said.

"So... when is this "Brad" guy getting here?" He asks.

"Around three. I'm not sure?" I said. 

Next thing I know I hear the door bell ring. Justin runs to the door. I was to busy putting on my shoes to catch up to him.

"So this is the guy "Brad". Interesting..." Justin says.

"Who are you?" Brad asks. 

"Her boyfriend." Justin says. 

"What?!" He says confused.

I finally come up to the door. "He's not my boyfriend Brad. He's kidding... This is Justin, he's...  he's my friend" I say. 

"Oh I see... Is he coming with us?" Brad asks. Justin is having a stare down with Brad. Oh my gosh I need to end this... 

"No. Actually he was just leaving right now. Right Justin?" I say trying to fake a smile.

"Yeah sure... I'll see you later Brienna... and "Brad" He says Brad's name in a little bit of harsh tone.

"Goodbye Justin" I say. "Ok let's go." I tell Brad.

"Awesome. By the way you look beautiful today." Brad says.

"Thanks" I say. Your not the only one who's said that today. I really hope Justin doesn't follow us... Sigh 


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