Living the Dream

Fan Fiction: Justin Bieber.
My life seemed so perfect until, i found out my boyfriend was cheating on me again. On top of it he wouldn't say a word about it till brought it up. We were suppose to be going to a Justin Bieber concert together. That ended up not happening. My whole day was ruined... until i got to meet a special someone.


39. Not what I was hoping for...

Brienna's POV:



After what felt like eternity my class ended. So close to being done Brienna, so close. Just stick with it. I really felt hungry. That little granola bar didn't do much for me. I wanted to get a fresh muffin, like a chocolate chip one mhmmm. Stop it, you don't want to make yourself fat. But I really want something chocolaty... Fuck it I'm going to get a muffin. I have to walk to my car that I parked farther away from the campus this time. Thinking about that muffin only made me ten times hungrier. I started to walk a little faster to my car because my stomach was starting to make those weird noise again. Hate it when it does that. I make sure to not run into Justin or get seen to much in public.

I finally reached my car, it felt like forever to walk back. I started the car and pulled out of my spot. Now what are some good places for muffins. It's sad that I don't even know where a lot of places are. L.A. is pretty big if you ask me. Maybe I should go to that little undisclosed restaurant Justin took me to. They had good muffins there. Yum. Yeah that's where I'll go! I started my way to the restaurant. I was trying to remember how to get there, because I had forgotten the street names. After several, several minutes of searching I finally found the place, and boy was I starving. I just park around the corner from the store. I was happy to find parking in L.A., it's always so hard to find a damn spot. 

I walk up to the doors and push instead of pull. Well I feel stupid. Hope no one saw that. I mentally laugh at myself. Just play it cool. I walk up to the counter where they have muffins. Aww man look at all these muffins! I want all them,  no you don't. I'm just going to get one, that's it. This place was like a little Starbucks but it had more of a variety of stuff.

"What would you like to have miss?" The cashier asked. 

"Can I get one chocolate muffin, please." I asked.

"Yep, and will that be all for you today miss?" She asked. 

"Yes that will be all." I said 

"Great that will be $4.00 please." She said. I open up my wallet and pull out four one dollar bills. 

"Thank you miss. Let me get that for you." She said. 

"Thanks." I said. Should I eat it here or just take it with me? I'll just eat it here, maybe. As I waited for my delicious chocolate muffin I heard a familiar voice. Holy shit! I turn my head a little to the side to see if my little theory was correct. I was right, shit! I saw Justin talking to the waitress in the dining area. He was ordering something. I didn't even see him when I walked in! Shit what I'm going to do?! 

"Miss?" The cashier lady said. 

"Huh, oh! Sorry, thanks again." I said. 

"Your welcome." She said then moved onto the next customer. Ok calm down Brienna you got in here without him noticing you, I think I can handle getting back out without getting noticed. I inhale and exhale ok well I got this. Looks like I'll have to eat this in the car. I start to walk to the door ok remember to push this time. I walk like I didn't even notice Justin. Apparently I wasn't paying attention and trip over the damn sign near the front knocking it down. Damn it Brienna! Why do you have to be so clumsy! I look to see if Justin noticed, his eyes were right on me now. I made direct contact with him. Well I failed at trying to not be noticed. 

He got up and started off to me. "Brienna!" He yelled. Shit! I picked myself up fast and booked it out of there. I made sure I had my damn muffin though. I ran as fast as I could, I sprinted to my car and turned the corner to make sure he didn't see what direction I went. I peeked around the corner to see if he was still following me. He looked both ways then started his way towards my way. Fuck! I pull out my keys quickly, my hands were trembling so much. Come on Brienna pull yourself together and unlock the car door. I finally got it open, and slammed the door shut. My hands were still trembling I tried to start the engine. Come on baby turn on. With luck it starts up right away. Thank goodness! I see Justin come around the corner and starts to run towards my car. No Justin I can't do this right now. I pull out quickly and get into traffic. In my rear view mirror I see Justin trying to still chase after me, he's yelling my name. No please I can't... Tears began to roll down my face. I sobbed loudly in my car. I remember seeing Justin run to his car to try to catch up to me, but it didn't matter because he wouldn't be able to find me. I open the bag my muffin was in and began to stuff my face, while the tears continued. If this wasn't a chocolate muffin I would of not eaten it and thrown it away because I was crying. 

"I'm such an ugly fat bitch" I say between through mouthfuls of muffin. I continue to sob and eat muffin while I drive. I'm just an emotional wreck right now. I just want to leave town right now. Fuck my life. I hear someone honk at me. What the fuck is people's problem?! "I'm driving the damn speed limit. Go around me if I'm slow!" I yell expecting the car behind me to hear. The person pulls up besides me and rolls down there window. It was Justin's car... Are your fucking kidding me?! I looked like a mess with tears pouring down my face and now half of a muffin in my other hand. He was trying to yell something to me but I clearly could not hear him. I look at him and just cry some more. He motions for me to roll down my window for him. I rolled it down slowly and just continue to cry. 

"Brienna pull over! We need to talk..." He yelled to me. That's all I managed to hear from him. I shook my head and rolled my window back up. "Brienna..." He yelled before I closed the window. I could tell he was frustrated with me. I don't want him to like me anymore, I'm not worth it... He rolls his window up and speeds up in front of me. He starts to slow down in front of me causing me to slam down on the brakes. Damn it Justin! I don't want to talk to you! I speed up and switch lanes and try to get away from him. He speeds up in his car to get near me. I keep moving up and switching lanes. He just continues his pursuit after me. Ahhhh! I need to go some where so I can just lose him. 

I began to start my way to the hotel I'm staying at. I remover around cars trying to get away. He still is on my butt. Fuck this! I just want him to get it through his head he doesn't need me! I don't mean anything to him... I pull up to the Hilton hotel Justin is not that far behind me. I pull up to find a spot quickly. Justin has to go park a little farther away because there was no parking spots near me. That'll give me sometime to hide from him. I turn off the engine and get out of my car. I start to sprint away from the parking lot to get to the hotel. I turn to see if Justin had found a spot. He did of course... He hops out and slams the door of his car and begins to sprint to me.

"Brienna please stop running away from me! I just want to talk to you!" He yelled to me, trying to hold his shorts up while he was running. No your not going to catch me. I used all my energy to run away. It wasn't enough to escape from him... shit. 

"No please just leave me alone.." I cried out. Tears threaten my eyes and I couldn't hold them back they began to pour down my face like Niagara falls. He comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my stomach. I try to push myself out of his grip but it's no use. I slide down to the ground, sobbing my heart out. Justin just holds me there, cradling me. I just sob like a fucking baby. 

"Shhh..." He says trying to calm me down, rocking me back and fourth like I was a little baby. He kissed the top of my head and continue to calm me down. I can't do this... "I've missed my baby so much..." He chocked. "I love you so much..." He said almost a sob and hugs me tighter. I sob louder. Justin I loved you too but I can't stand you to see me like this, a mess with a bad pass...







OMFG guys, cliffhanger sort of!! Haha Ok so what should be there little couple name so far I saw #Jienna and I thought of #Bustin. Let me know in comments below! Need to know soon so I can write the next few chapters!! Go read my new Movella, and tell me what you think! I'll try and start the next chapter on that one(: Happy reading loves :* 

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