Living the Dream

Fan Fiction: Justin Bieber.
My life seemed so perfect until, i found out my boyfriend was cheating on me again. On top of it he wouldn't say a word about it till brought it up. We were suppose to be going to a Justin Bieber concert together. That ended up not happening. My whole day was ruined... until i got to meet a special someone.


23. Mistakes happen

Brienna's POV:


I cried all the way home. When I get home finally I through everything on the couch. I walk up stairs to my room and just flop onto my bed and began to sob into my pillow some more. Thinking about how much I hate myself for what I did. I cry even louder at the thought. I hear my doorbell ring, I ignore it. Fuck the world. Then I hear it ring again this time multiple times."Go away!" I yell even though I know they won't hear me. I put the pillow over my head to drown the noise. Then they stop ringing the bell. Finally! Jeez.

I lay on my bed still crying but not as hard anymore. I know my eyes are all puffy and red from all the crying I did. At least I'm home so no one can see me like this. I started to get really sleepy from all the crying I did.

*Tap* Where did that come from? *Tap* *Tap* Fuck is someone trying to get into my house. I don't need this right now. *Tap* *Tap* *Tap* Ugh go away who ever you are!! *Tap* *Tap* I turn my head towards the tapping noise. I realize then that someone is at my balcony. I don't feel like getting up. I roll myself out of my bed and end up falling on the floor. Just fucking great. Whoever it was saw it happen and started laughing.

I pulled my curtains away from the window. Great just the person I didn't feel like talking to right now. Justin. He smiled and waved, then pointed to the handle for me to unlock it. I really didn't feel like unlocking it right now. I stood there for a good solid five minutes. I think Justin was getting irritated from waiting because I could hear him say on the other side of the class to open the door already.

I unlocked it finally and walked back to my bed and covered myself up, so Justin will freaking get it in his head I don't want to talk to him! He sits on my bed. Of course he doesn't get it because he takes the blankets off me and turns me around to face him. I turn to look up at the ceiling, trying to avoid eye contact.

"Brienna we need to talk." He says to me. I stay quiet, I didn't feel like talking right now. "Brienna please say something. You being quiet is killing me inside." He says.

Then I went off on him. "Talk about what Justin! The fact I kissed you and I let it happen! The fact I have a boyfriend and I most likely ruined my relationship with him! And the fact that I'm in with love you!!" I said yelling at him now face forward towards him.

"Your... your in love with me...?" He says quietly, to quiet. I put my face into my pillow and began to sob again. How much more does girl need to cry?! Jeez! That's the only thing he could say out of what I said to him?! He starts to rub my back as I'm sobbing into my pillow.

"Brienna I'm sorry about everything it was my fault. I didn't mean to ruin your relationship. I love you Brienna and I'm not afraid to admit how I feel about you." He says to me. I continue to cry. How could he say that to me?! I'm already troubled as it is with all this shit. I don't need more shit on top of all this.

Justin kicks off his shoes and crawls beside me in my bed. He turns me around towards him and just starts holding me. He doesn't mind me crying all over his shirt. He kisses the top of my head as I'm crying. It's so warm in his arms. "Ssh." He says quietly trying to calm me down hugging me tighter. I love being in his arms, it feels safe and the one place I want to be when I have a bad day. I stop crying and start sniffling. Justin tucks my hair behind my ear and kisses me on the forehead again. "I hate to see you cry. You get this little v on your forehead when you cry" He says touching it with his smooth hands. "And your eyes get all puffy and red" He says while kissing me eyes with his warm lips. I was getting really sleepy from all the crying so I began to close my eyes slowly. "I love you Brienna Silversmith" He says whispering into my ear. I hated my last name, but really I didn't care at the moment. I closed my eyes and took in the words he said to me. Then out of no where I say "I love you Justin Bieber". Then fall asleep...


Justin's POV:


I felt like shit this morning. I decide to call Brienna first thing. She didn't pick up. I called her 15 times, left 10 texts, and 5 voice mails. She still didn't say anything. I was starting to get worried. Today I saw this magazine and the one of the things that caught my eyes was "Pop star sensation Justin Bieber with a new girl?" "Who is this mysterious beauty?" I really didn't want that to happen. They have pictures of me and Brienna kissing and holding hands. I knew that we would be noticed. The paparazzi is always ruining my life. They never know how to keep their heads out of peoples business's. That's why I needed to talk to Brienna but she kept ignoring my calls. Alfredo started to ask what was up with me. I told him and he knew that I was in some serious shit. Then it hit me. The one person who is always been there for me and is always giving me good advice. My mom.

I type in her number and call it. It rings a couple times.

"Justin!" She says happy.

"Mom..." I said not being able to finish my sentence.

"What's wrong Justin?!" She says with concern.

"Mom have you ever messed up so much that you hated yourself for it?" I said.

"Is this about that girl Justin?" She asks.

"Yes..." I said.

"Justin... there will come days in your life when they aren't the best. You'll have your up's and down's. But you learn from your mistakes. That's just what life is about. You get knocked down but get back up. Were not perfect Justin. No one will ever be just perfect. Were humans, we make mistakes all the time." She says to me. I love my mom she always knows what to say to me. It always helps.

"Thanks mom. I love you so much. Your always there for me." I said.

"I love you too Justin. And just remember your just human ok. We make mistakes they can be bad choices or good choices but we always learn from them." She says.

"Thanks again mom! I need to get my stuff together and figure out this mess." I tell her.

"Ok Justin. I love you! Goodbye!" She says.

"Bye mom." I say. I hang up the phone. So maybe my mistake was meant to happen, maybe there's a reason why. I really need to talk to Brienna.

I wait hours and hours for Brienna to call me back. Right when I was thinking about it my phone begins to ring and it's Brienna. FInally!

"Brienna!" I said worried. Nothing."Brienna?" I say. She begins to sob into the phone loud. I feel so bad for her. "Where are you at Brienna?" I asked wanting to get to the bottom of this.

"I'm... I'm in... car." She says between sobs.

"Are you at your house?" I ask.

"No... no... I'm not" She said crying.

"I'll come get you Brienna. Where are you in your car?" I say more concerned.

"No... don't... come get me" She tells me still crying. "I'm... going home... Bye Justin" She says then hangs up on me. Ahh! I'll just go to her house. Hopefully she will be there. I hop into my car and drive to her house. I finally pull up to her house. She must be here because her car is out front. I get out and walk to her door and ring the bell. Nothing. I wait a couple minutes then start to ring it some more. Come on Brienna come to your door. I waited and waited, still no reply. What am I going to do now? She must have a window open in the back or something. I go around to the back of the house and began to look for a open window. Nope. I open the gate and go into her back yard. I see a balcony. Hmmm maybe that leads up to her room. Now how am I going to get up there. I need a ladder. I start to look in her back yard for something mainly a ladder. When I was just going to give up, I found a ladder hidden behind a bunch of stuff. I bring it back and put it up against the wall and begin to climb. I get to the balcony and begin to tap on the glass. I do it multiple times hoping that it's her room. Come on Brienna. 

Finally she pulls the curtains away. I can see she's been crying a lot because her eyes are all red and puffy. I smile at her and wave. I point to the handle for her to open it. She stares at me for like 5 minutes, until I finally told her to open it. She unlocked it and went to back to her bed and put her blankets on top of her. I sit on her bed and I take them off her so I can see her and turn her body towards me. She turns to face the ceiling.

"Brienna we need to talk." I say. She stays quiet. "Brienna please say something. You being quiet is killing me inside." I say.

Then she went off on me. "Talk about what Justin! The fact I kissed you and I let it happen! The fact I have a boyfriend and I most likely ruined my relationship with him! And the fact that I'm in with love you!!" She says yelling at me now face forward towards me. I'm stunned at what she said. She love... loves me?

"Your... your in love with me...?" I say quietly, to quiet. She puts her face in the pillow and begins to sob again. She admitted that she is in love with me. I knew it...  I start to rub her back to sooth her as she is sobbing into the pillow.

"Brienna I'm sorry about everything it was my fault. I didn't mean to ruin your relationship. I love you Brienna and I'm not afraid to admit how I feel about you." I say. She continues to cry. It was true every word I said. I wanted her to know and understand that.

I kick off my shoes and crawl beside her in her bed. I turn her around towards me and just start holding her. I really didn't mind her crying all over my shirt. I just cared about her. I kissed the top of her head as she cried. We share body heat together as we lay next to each other. "Ssh." I say quietly trying to calm her down hugging her tighter. I love being able to hold her in my arms. She stops crying and starts to sniffle. I tuck her hair behind her ear and kiss her on the forehead again. "I hate to see you cry. You get this little v on your forehead when you cry" I say touching it with my hand. "And your eyes get all puffy and red" I say while kissing her soft warm eyes. I could tell she was getting really sleepy from all the crying she probably did today. She began to close her eyes slowly. "I love you Brienna Silversmith" I tell her whispering into her ear. Her last name was beautiful. She closed her eyes. Then out of no where she says "I love you Justin Bieber". She then falls asleep in my arms. She admitted it for sure this time. Brienna loves me... I love her so much. I want to be her everything. I hug her tighter with joy. "I love you, I love you, I love you." I whisper in her ear. She smiles. I decide to just lay with her and sleep too. My true love in my arms right here. Mi amor...


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