Living the Dream

Fan Fiction: Justin Bieber.
My life seemed so perfect until, i found out my boyfriend was cheating on me again. On top of it he wouldn't say a word about it till brought it up. We were suppose to be going to a Justin Bieber concert together. That ended up not happening. My whole day was ruined... until i got to meet a special someone.


17. Lost In Confusion

Justin's POV: 


*Earlier today*


I decided to follow Brienna again. I was going to go home but I told my driver to follow her instead. Then I went home finally. I just needed to remember where she lived. Man I'm creepy... I decide to text Brienna again. I assumed she has returned home safely now. I ask her what she's doing tonight. I felt my phone buzz. Her text makes me upset and sad at the same time. She has a date?! I didn't know what to say next... 

I decided to ask her if this guy was her boyfriend and what his name is. I also asked to meet him. Her next text devastated me. I'm gone for my concert and she gets a boyfriend. What the fuck?! Don't get ahead of yourself Bieber, quite yet. I mean I didn't think she would have a boyfriend already. She works fast. Bieber time to get your game on. 

She told me his name is Brad. He sounds boring already. Ah I got an idea! I'll just interrupt her date tonight. Wait that sounds mean. Well I want to make sure he's the right guy for her. I've become so obsessed with this girl since I first met her. I don't know why. There is just something about her, that makes me want to keep coming back to her. I can never stop thinking about her. She runs through my head like 24/7. I tell her that i'll see her tonight. That'll freak her out. I chuckle at the thought. I decide to take Alfredo with me tonight. I finally told him all about this girl. Now he complains about how I talk about her all the time. I couldn't help myself. 

We get in the car and drive to Brienna's house. I pull up to her house and tell Alfredo to wait in the car. I walk up to the door and knock on the door. Brienna opens the door without even bothering to pay attention to who it was. Does she do this all the time? I inhale her scent. It's the most heavenly smell, it makes me want to be with her more. I say her name. She seemed pretty freaked out, well she didn't even bother to see who it was. Probably thought it was that Brad guy. His name annoys me just saying it. I laugh a little bit. Once she turns around I could tell she breathed a sigh of relief. When she turned around, I couldn't help myself but look her up from head to toe. Damn... she was beautiful. If I only she was mine... That will change soon. I compliment her. She starts to ask me all these questions of why I was here and all that. I joked with her and all. She finally just decides to get ready. I start to look at her stuff, man shes so beautiful...

I hear the door bell ring. I Immediately run to the door knowing its that Brad guy. I was right. He seemed pretty cocky to me, I don't like him. He's got bad written all over him. He asked me who I was. I joked and said I was her boyfriend. That freaked him out. Haha I could tell  Brienna wasn't happy with me because of what I said. She clears up everything with Brad. He asks if I'm going with them. Ha funny... Brienna tells him no I'm just leaving. I say goodbye to them both and say Brad's name in a harsh tone. I don't like him. I hop in my car and wait for them to pull out. I decide to follow them but try to make it not to noticeable. 

They pull up to some fancy restaurant. "He Alfredo lets have some dinner here?" I say. 

He laughs because he knows what my game is. "Ok Bieber. I'm starving anyways." He says laughing.

I quickly type up a text to Brienna.

From: Justin 

To: Brienna

I don't like Brad...

I decide to keep a low profile with Alfredo but still stay close enough to see Brienna. I feel my phone vibrate.

From: Brienna

To: Justin

That's to bad Justin... and why did you follow me here?!

I laugh at the text.

From: Justin

To: Brienna

He's a jerk, just saying... and you know me, can't keep myself away from you(;

From: Brienna 

To: Justin

Justin I'm on a date ok. Please don't embarrass me! Your becoming real creepy. And he isn't a jerk! Now goodbye.

From: Justin

To: Brienna

What ever you say Brienna(; That's just what Bieber's do lol Still think he's jerk... btw I can see you(; 

I see her read her text. She looks up and tries to search for me. Me and Alfredo can't stop laughing. I tell Alfredo I got a plan. We get the waitress attention. We tell her to tell Brad that his car has been towed. At first she doesn't want to do it. I beg her and give her like twenty bucks. She finally agrees. We see Brad run out. I quickly walk to Brienna's table.

"Omg Justin... What do you want?!" She said with a tone. I like when my girls are feisty.

"I want to talk to you Brienna. Is this Brad's food?" I asked giving her smile.

"Go away Justin. I'm on my date. And yes, why?" She asks

"No I don't want to... and awesome. No reason why." I tell her. I decide to spit in his food. Enjoy that Brad. Brienna see's me of course.

"Justin!! That's disgusting! Ugh" She shakes her head.  "I know you want something don't you?" She asks.

"Maybe..." I said.

"What do you want?" She asks.

"Hmmm... How about just YOU and ME hangout tomorrow" I say winking at her.

"No deal. Me and Brad are hanging out tomorrow. Go away Justin, Brad is coming back!" She says to me. 

"Nope not till you agree with me" I said. She was get more nervous about Brad seeing me and embarrassed. "Are you embarrassed?" I said.

"Yes! Yes! Please go away!" She says again.

"Agree then with me" I say with a smile.

"Fine, fine. You win Bieber! Now can you go please" She says.

"Awesome! See you later babe" I said. I kiss her on the cheek before leaving. I could tell she was a little stunned by that. I have that affect on people.

The last thing I hear her say when I leave is "Don't call me babe Bieber". I laugh at what she says. You'll be saying it soon. 

I tell Alfredo it's time to go. Mission accomplished.


Brienna's POV: 


Ugh Justin followed me all the way here. So embarrassing... He said Brad was a jerk! He isn't a jerk... I don't think so. Justin keeps telling me how he can't keep himself away from me. Clearly he has problems. I might just need a restraining order. Haha. Does Justin like me? I really hope this isn't happening. I just met Brad not that long ago. Ughhhh... 

Next thing I know some waitress comes up to us and starts telling Brad that his car is being towed. He tells me he'll be right back and runs out the restaurant. Next thing I know Justin comes and sits in Brad's chair. I right away figured that he's the one that did that. 

I ask him what he wants. He says he wants to talk to me. I tell him to go away but he refuses to. He defiantly wants something then. I ask what he wants. He says he wants to hang with just me tomorrow. Are you fucking kidding me? I have a boyfriend!! I remembered that me and Brad where suppose to hang out tomorrow. I told him I can't because of that. I asked him to leave, he refuse again until I agreed to his request. Fuck and Brad is coming back. "Fine!" I tell him. I just wanted him to leave I was so embarrassed. He says awesome then calls me babe?! I'm not his babe?! Then he gives me a kiss on the cheek. Fuck! What is he trying to do to me?! He left finally. I could still feel the place where Justin kissed me on my cheek. His soft lips against my cheek felt so amazing... wonder what it feel to kiss his lips? Get a hold of yourself Brienna! You have a boyfriend! Focus.   

Brad finally comes back in. He says "My car was never being towed?" 

"Weird?" I said. I knew why but didn't feel like explaining it. 

"Yeah... I saw that guy Justin a minute ago though." He said. 

"Oh really?" I said trying to sound not interested.

"Yeah. Is that Justin Bieber?" He asked.

"Yep. Why?" I asked.

"Ah. I don't like that guy. He annoys me and is a jerk. He's nothing but trouble" He said. Wow that really wasn't nice... Justin is nice and cares about people!

"Well he's my friend. And I don't agree with you on that" I said blankly. 

"How could you like that prick?!" He says. 

"He's not a prick Brad! He's my friend ok. I don't want to talk about this anymore..." I said now upset at him

He dropped it and started eating his food. I totally forgot how Justin spit in his food. To late now. I guess he kinda of did deserve it anyways...





What do you guys think?(:


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