Living the Dream

Fan Fiction: Justin Bieber.
My life seemed so perfect until, i found out my boyfriend was cheating on me again. On top of it he wouldn't say a word about it till brought it up. We were suppose to be going to a Justin Bieber concert together. That ended up not happening. My whole day was ruined... until i got to meet a special someone.


22. I've really fucked up big this time.

Brienna's POV:


I woke up this morning all sore. Then I realized I slept on the floor next to the door last night. Then everything came rushing back to me. Every part of it... Tears began to pour from my eyes again. I couldn't help myself. Then it hit me... Shit! I have class today! What time is it anyways? I get up and look at the clock. Shit! It's 9:20 and I have class at 10:00 today! What a great start to morning. Fml... I decide to take a quick shower and skip breakfast this morning. I put on just some shorts and floral tank. I decide to put minimal makeup on today, only because I'll probably cry. So I just put on water proof mascara on instead. I already look like shit today anyways. I grab my bag and books and run out to my car. It's already 9:50, I have ten minutes to get to class. I try rush through traffic but go at least close to the speed limit. My phone starts ringing. I look to see who it is. It's Justin of course. I ignored it, I'm driving anyways. I didn't even to bother to look at my phone this morning. I have 15 text messages,10 missed calls, and 5 voice mails all from Justin. I really don't feel like talking to him right now either. I'll probably look at it later or something... I don't know.

I hope no one notices the fact I was crying and shit. I arrive at school finally, now I just have to find parking. I got lucky when I saw there was one open parking space. I park and start running to class. I have one minute. They don't mind you being late in college most of the time, it's just I hate walking in late. People stare at you like somethings wrong with you, and your like what the fuck you looking at? I'm like a couple minutes late to class. Of course people stared at me. I realized how I only have at least a month or left of college then I'm done with it. The only bad thing about college is having to pay off all your student loans. I'll probably be in debt till I'm old.

My phone starts to vibrate in my bag and pulls me out of my little daydream I was having. I pull it out of my bag and look at the caller. It's Justin again. Why can't he see I don't feel like talking to him right now. Man I'm starving. It was not a good idea to skip breakfast this morning. Today is just not a good day for me at all.

Finally my class is over. At least I only have to classes today. One in the morning and one later at night. My stomach starts making noise man I really need to eat, I'm starving. As I'm walking to my car, Brad happened to see me. Also another person I just don't want to talk to today. He called my name, I kept walking pretending to not hear him call me.

"Brienna!" He began to run up to me trying to catch up with my pace. "Did you not hear me call you?" He asked puzzled.

"Apparently not Brad." I said a little bitchy.

"What's up with you? Is it that time of the month again?" He said jokingly. I'm not in the mood for this shit right now.

"Not in the mood Brad." I said trying to get to my damn car so he would just leave me alone already.

"Come on babe. Just tell me what's wrong?" He said determined to find out what was going on with me.

"Just leave me alone Brad... Please." I said. I finally got to my car.

"What did I do?" He asked puzzled even more. I unlocked my car door and got in. I slammed the door shut and started the engine.

"Babe? Tell me?" He said desperately. What does he not understand about leave me alone Brad? Seriously?!

I back out of the parking space, while Brad keeps saying my name wondering what the fuck was going on. I finally leave the parking lot. Finally I'm away from him. I just didn't feel like talking to anyone today. Sigh... My stomach made a weird noise again. Argh I seriously need to get something to eat. I'll just go to some small little restaurant that's cheap. I pull up to this breakfast and brunch restaurant. It's interior looked like something from the 80's or 90's, it was cute. The waitress put me at a booth. I think I'll just get lunch then.

As I'm waiting for my food, my mind starts to wander about what happened yesterday. Justin kissing me, holding my hand... I...I didn't know what to think of the whole situation. Did I love Justin? I don't know him that well... What kind of mess have I gotten myself in?! Then my phone vibrate in my pocket. Great who's calling me now!? I look at my screen, it's Brad. I ignore it of course. Holy shit Brad has called me five times already how did I not notice my phone ringing? My food finally comes. Finally! I'm starving! Felt good to finally eat something. I feel like I have more energy now. This little restaurant is so adorable! It's like something you see in a video or a movie.

I get in my car and just sit in it for a couple minutes. Then I remember how Justin called me and left a bunch of messages on my phone. I decide to look at them. I listen to the voice mails first.

First voice mail. "Brienna please pick up your phone. I need to talk to you." Second one. "Brienna I'm really sorry about last nigth. Please pick up your phone!" His voice sounded so sad and quiet. It almost sounded like he was going to cry. Third one. "Brienna we really need to talk. This is urgent. I think someone saw us." That last two voice mails where just like the other ones. The one that worried me more was the one about how someone saw us. Fuck... I look at all his text. They all say either "pick up your phone", or "we need to talk", and "I know you see this". Fml... I've really fucked up big this time.

I pick up my phone and type in Justin's number. Should I call him? No I shouldn't... yes I should... no... yes. Argh!! Let's flip a coin heads up I call him, tails up I don't. Heads... we'll looks like your calling him Brienna. The phone begins to dial his number, then it starts to ring. He picks up on the second ring.

"Brienna!" He says sounding worried. I'm speechless, I didn't know what to say. Shit Brienna why did you call him?! Stupid coin. "Brienna?" He says with concern in his voice. Tears began to roll down my face, I couldn't help myself. I began to sob into the phone more. How embarrassing I'm sobbing into the phone and Justin is hearing it all. "Where are you at Brienna?" He asks worried about me.

"I'm... I'm in... car." I said between sobs.

"Are you at your house?" He asks.

"No... no... I'm not" I said crying.

"I'll come get you Brienna. Where are you in your car?" He says.

"No... don't... come get me" I tell him still crying. "I'm... going home... Bye Justin" I said crying harder and end the phone call. It's a good thing I wore water proof make up today...



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