Living the Dream

Fan Fiction: Justin Bieber.
My life seemed so perfect until, i found out my boyfriend was cheating on me again. On top of it he wouldn't say a word about it till brought it up. We were suppose to be going to a Justin Bieber concert together. That ended up not happening. My whole day was ruined... until i got to meet a special someone.


14. Is that really you?

Brienna's POV:


I woke up a little earlier today, which I never do but something was just on my mine the whole night. I just couldn't sleep. I try to shrug it off. Today Brad is supposedly taking me on a "fun" date. I laughed at the thought. I wonder what were doing, hmmm... I get distracted when my phone vibrates. 

From: Brad 

To: Brienna 

Be ready by 3 k babe(; 

I smiled at his text.

From: Brienna

To Brad

Ok! See you then (:

I have such a long time to get ready, so I decided to go get some breakfast and pick up a couple things from the store. It only takes me a couple minutes to get ready. The next thing I know I'm out the door.

I pull up to some restaurant called Lulu's Cafe. I kept thinking about how I was almost done with college, and how much my life is going to change after that. I ordered just some eggs, bacon and toast. I'm never really hungry in the mornings. Something immediately grabs my attention when I start to her girls screaming and tons of paparazzi. What in the world is going on?! Then I start to see a familiar face I haven't seen in a while, Justin... What is he doing back in L.A. already? I thought he wasn't coming back till next month? I want to walk out there and say something but decide not to, because it really won't get me any where. He won't remember me. I'm just another some body. I decide to leave the restaurant after finishing eating and avoid the crowd as much as possible. I finally make it to my car. The question is how am I going to get out of here? I pull out and try to avoid as many teenage girls as possible. Finally made it out of the parking lot, took a while, but got out. Now I need to go pick up some groceries. As I'm driving I start to notice someone is following me... shit. Just act cool Brienna maybe they aren't. Maybe they also need to go get groceries too. Perfectly logical. Right?


Justin's POV:

I was able to get out of the house today. Day 1 of looking for Brienna. I need to stay low so I don't get noticed today. 

As I'm walking down the street, some girl out of no where yells "JUSTIN BIEBER!!". Great... I was trying to avoid this today but doesn't look like that's going to happen anymore. I love my fans, but sometimes I just want to be able to walk the streets and not get bothered by anyone. Of course more girls starts screaming, luckily I had some body guards with me but that wasn't enough for all these crazy beliebers. I started signing some things for some of the beliebers until my ride got there. Then something got my attention. I look a little closer to make sure what I was seeing was right. It was Brienna no way... I've been looking for her all day! Dang it! If only I wasn't surrounded by so many people I could go talk to her. I see her get in her car and leave. Great, now I'll probably never see her again. Sigh. My ride finally arrives here right after Brienna leaves the parking lot. Then and idea pops in my head. Hmmm... 

"Hey driver, follow that car." I say. 

"Sure Mr. Bieber", The driver says. 

Brienna pulls up to a grocery store outlet. Now I just need to get in there without being noticed by people... I put my hat over my head and pull my hood up and put on a pair of sunglasses. I bring my security guards with me just in case. I walk up to the store like any other person would and pretend to shop for something, while following Brienna. She goes to the snack section and I follow her. It's creepy I know but I want to talk to her so bad. As she grabs something off the shelf I "accidentally" bump into her. 

"Sorry about that", I say. 

"It's ok." She says.

Hearing her beautiful voice again. Love it. I can tell she takes a double look at me to make sure who she was seeing was real. I smirk at her. 

"Justin? Is that really you?!" She whispers loud enough for only me to hear.

I smile at her. "Nice to see you again too" I say laughing.

"I haven't seen you in such a long time! What are you doing here? Were you the one that was following me?" She asks.

I laugh a little more. "Hey, what up with all the questions" I say laughing. "I know it's been a while since I've seen you. And you know getting some groceries just like an everyday person. Haha.' I said. 

"Yeah very funny, I don't believe you." She says giggling. Oh that laugh... "So you never answered my other question. Did you follow me here?" She asks.

"No are kidding me that be creepy haha", I say. 

"Well I did see you over near that restaurant I was at. Then some fancy car started following me... Pretty sure it was you." She says trying to keep a straight face but failing miserably.

"Ok fine you caught me red handed." , I said laughing not being able to stop myself. 

"I told you! Bieber following me interesting." She says giggling.

"Can't keep myself away from you, you know." I say smiling at her. She of course laughs a little more.

"So what's up Bieber? Why do you need to talk to me so bad that you had to follow me here?" She says with cute smile of hers.

"That's just it. I just wanted to talk to you." I admit. 

"Ahh I see. Bieber want's to talk to a nobody." She says. 

"That's not true. Your not a nobody." I said to her.

"It's ok Bieber. I am and I know it and proud of it." She says. "Where's your hot girlfriend?" She says.

"Would you stop calling yourself a nobody. You aren't" I say. Why doesn't she get it she's not a nobody. She means so much more to me than just another random girl. "Girlfriend? What are you talking about?" I ask. What is she talking about? 

"Fine, I'm not a nobody. And I'm sure you've met some girl at your concert. I mean your Justin Bieber. Who wouldn't want to be with you?" She says.

"No, I didn't. But I did meet one and she's standing right next to me." I say. She blushes a little at my comment.

"Haha very funny Bieber. But seriously where's your girlfriend?" She says.

"Are you crazy?! I don't have a girlfriend. I'm pretty sure you would know if it was all in the magazines." I say chuckling.

"Ok Bieber I believe you. I need to get going though." She says. Aww man now. I want to talk to her more. Wait, I got an idea.

"Wait a second. Can I have your number?", I ask with a smile. 

"Oh Bieber... Is that all you wanted?" She laughs. 

"Maybe..." I laugh. I hand my phone to her and she enters her number into my phone.

"What did you put your name under?" I asked.

"Don't worry you'll find it easily. Bye Bieber", She says winking at me. Then waves goodbye to me. 

I decide to just leave the store to make sure I don't reenact what happened earlier today. As I'm looking through all my contacts names, I come across a odd one. Who's "Nobody"? Ohh. I sigh at it and change it to Brienna with a heart. I immediately type a message to her.

From: Justin

To: Brienna<3 

Why did you put your name as nobody? ):

 I waited for her reply.

From: Brienna

To: Justin

Told you would find my name(; Haha I'm about to drive Bieber don't distract me.

From: Justin

To: Brienna

I changed it btw... and I'll just talk to you when you arrive home then(;

I shoved my phone in my pocket. Man who knew I would find Brienna on the first day. And I finally have her number now, so I won't lose her again. What a good day. The whole ride home I'm smiling.




Long chapter. Hope you liked it!(: 


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