Living the Dream

Fan Fiction: Justin Bieber.
My life seemed so perfect until, i found out my boyfriend was cheating on me again. On top of it he wouldn't say a word about it till brought it up. We were suppose to be going to a Justin Bieber concert together. That ended up not happening. My whole day was ruined... until i got to meet a special someone.


43. And we come to a close... Maybe?

Brienna's POV: 




I awoke to the heat swarming my body. I was starting to get way to over heated. My eyes fluttered open to see a sleepy Justin sprawled out. His arms were draped around my waist, and our legs were intertwined with each other. We were covered in blankets. No one wonder I'm burning up so much right now. Justin's warm body and all these heavy blankets on us. I really liked the position we were in right now but I was starting to feel uncomfortable. I didn't want to get up, afraid to wake Justin. 

His lips were parted a little so he could breathe. His lips were plush and pink. Little snores would escape his mouth. It was by far the most cutest thing I've ever seen. He looked so peaceful in his sleep. I noticed the little freckles on his face. He still looked so flawless, even in his sleep. Is that even possible to look that good sleeping? I giggle to myself at thought. 

I lifted my right hand to his face and held his cheek in my hand. Damn, he has soft cheeks! Like a babies bottom. I started to rub little circles in his cheeks addicted to his soft chubby cheeks. He started to stir making soft noises to himself. I giggled softly. He smiled with his eyes still closed. He lifted his hand and placed it on top of my hand that was still currently placed on his cheek. He rubbed his thumb back and forth on my hand. It sent little chills down my spine. 

His eyes fluttered open."Good morning beautiful." He said softly. I smiled back at him. 

"Good morning to you too." I said back to him. "You have very soft cheeks." I said quietly. 

"Do I now?" He said chuckling softly. 

"Yes! They feel like a babies bottom." I said giggling again. "I didn't mean to wake you though." I said apologetically.

He chuckled. "Don't be sorry babe." He said smiling. "It's a different way to wake up in the morning... besides I liked it." He said bringing my body closer to his. I forgot he was still shirtless and only wearing his boxers. I could feel every part of him against my body. Not to mention his tattoo's all over his perfectly sculpted body. 

He was going to make me crazy in this state. I smiled back to him. "I got really warm with all these covers and... your warm body." I said shyly. I felt embarrassed for some stupid reason. He rolled on top of me so I was pressed up against the mattress, while he was hovering above me.   

 "Hmm, really?" He said leaning closer to my face, so our noses were touching. I nodded and bit down on my bottom lip. He lips were hovering over my lips, as I waited in anticipation for him to kiss me. He was such a little tease. He leaned down and bit down on my bottom lip, making me free my bottom lip from my own teeth. A moaned passed my lips. 

He smiled against my lips. He moved his lips away from mine. I just wanted him to kiss me already. His lips trailed across my cheekbone, sending shivers of pleasure. His kisses trailed over to my ear. He took my earlobe in his mouth teething it. I couldn't help myself but let out another moan of pleasure. 

He stopped, and began to trailed his beautiful wet kisses down my neck. His lips stopped and stayed in one position on my neck. It was a sensitive part of my neck. He began teething my neck, making me weak at the knees. His sweet sucking made me hot and bothered. It felt like pure torture but in a good way. His hands moved up and down my sides. My emotions were definitely in over drive. 

"Ahh Justin." I mumbled in pleasure. I could feel his smirk against my neck.

I felt that deep stir below. I wanted him so bad. He moved his kisses back up to my lips. He slowly placed his lips on top of mine. I kissed back immediately loving every moment of it. We both kissed back with so much passion. Then he bit down on my bottom lip again. I moaned back in pleasure. His tongue slid into my mouth. His tongue poke and prodded inside my mouth joining with my tongue. 

His hand slid down the side of my left leg. I wrapped my left leg around his body. He continued to rub up and down my leg. Sending shivers down and up my legs with his touch. I wrapped my arms around his neck deepening the kiss. I wanted more from him. I never wanted to do this more than anything else. I want to know what it feels like. Like when you read in those romance stories. They all tell how amazing and romantic it is. I'm sick of the romance novel, I want to experience it for real. 

I moved my arms away from his neck and trailed them down his chest. Feeling every part of his beautiful sculpted chest. It felt amazing like I thought it would. He was so well built. He moaned back in response to my touch. It got me a little excited inside. I moved my hands lower down, following his happy trail. That got a little reaction of him. I could start to feel his member pushing at my pelvis. 

It made me moan, causing Justin to smirk while kissing me. "This is what you do to me." He whispered in my ear with his raspy voice. That just made me explode inside and out. I tugged at his waistband of his boxers wanting nothing for them to be off already. What happened next, surprised me.

Instead of him helping me take them off, he moved my hands above my head. I was shocked by this little stunt. But Justin cleared that all up for me minutes later.  

"I don't want to make love to you here in this hotel... It has to be more romantic and special." He whispered to me, making my inside melt. The fact he cared about this made me want him even more. God I felt like a teenage boy. 

He nuzzled his head the crook of my neck. He released my hands above my head. I moved them down and wrapped them around his body. We stayed like that for a couple minutes, it felt so amazing. Although I was still going crazy with what happened. 

"Mhmmm you smell of vanilla." He said whispering against my neck. "We definitely have to get married then." He said looking up at me smiling. I giggled back. The thought of marrying Justin made me excited and happy, but a part of me was worried and scared. I ignore the negative thoughts because I was happy with what I had right now, and I didn't want that to disappear now. 

Then a thought hit me. I had bad morning breath and Justin just kissed me. Ahh fuck. I hate morning breath. How could he kiss me with such bad breath? "I need to brush my teeth." I said to Justin. Hoping he would understand and get up off of me. But he didn't seem to understand the hint. In fact he tightened his grip around my waist. 

"Justin?" I asked. 

"Mhmm?" He managed to get out. 

"I have bad breath. I need to brush my teeth." I said to him.

"No you don't. Besides I could care less." He said still laying on top of me. I just wanted to brush my damn teeth. He probably just lied so I wouldn't get up. 

"I need to take a shower too." I said to him trying move his heavy body off of me. 

"No you don't need to." He said. I could feel his smirk against my skin. 

"Justin." I whined, just wanting be clean some how. 

"I'll let you go if you let me take a shower with you." He said smiling now looking me in the eyes. I knew there was catch. There always is a catch with Justin. That little tease. 

"That's a for sure no." I said unwrapping my arms around him. 

"Aww why not babe." He said pouting. Ah fuck that always makes me weak when he pouts. Curse your damn charms Bieber. 

"N-no" I stutter trying to find the words to say. 

"Fine then no shower or brushing your teeth." He said laying his head back in the crook of my neck. What is with boys and wanting to take showers with you. I huff and roll my eyes. 

"Maybe another time?" I asked as a question instead of just saying it like a demand. 

"Hmmm, I'll think about it." He murmured in my neck. Making my breath hitch again. "Besides you smell to good to leave." He said against my sensitive skin. This boy is going to make me crazy. My emotions and what not are every where!

I sighed in defeat and just layed underneath him, not being able to win this in any way. I decided to wrap my arms back around his muscular body, because there wasn't much else to do. I wonder what were going to do today? Maybe that's what I should ask him. 

"Hey Justin..." I asked. 

"Hmm." He mumbled. 

"What are we planning on doing today?" I asked puzzled. I didn't have any classes today. I was a little relieved to be almost done with college soon. I only got like maybe 2 weeks or less left of college. I'm just excited because it means my dreams might actually come true. I might be able to get that dream job, that I dreamt about when I was living the miserable life through out junior high and high school. 

"I'm not sure actually. I think I have a couple things to do later. But other than that, I have nothing to do right now." He said smiling at me. "We could have a little fun." He said inching his way up my body so that his lips were centimeters away from mine. 

"Well for starters I'm hungry." I said quirking a smile. He wanted to play again but I had enough of his teasing because I would literally rip off his clothes if he did this again. Two can play at that game Bieber. He leaned in to kiss me and I moved my head to the side so he couldn't kiss me with his magnificent lips. Another one of my weaknesses. 

This time I smirked at him. Ha-ha beat that Bieber. "Babe that wasn't a good idea." He whispered seductively in my ear sending shivers down my spine. "I was going to let you go... but now I don't think I will." He said with his raspy voice. 

My insides were melting by his words and voice. My legs felt like jello. Why does he do this to me! He hovered over my lips again and came down, but I turned my head again. I smirked wildly at him. "Is my baby girl being a bad girl?" He growled in my ear. I gulped loudly. I felt that stir down below again. God damn Justin why do you have to tease me like this! 

I bit down on my bottom lip again. He moved back to where he was before hovering above my lips. This time he placed his hands on the side of my head. I knew I wouldn't be able to get out of this bed anytime soon. I was so weak when it came to Justin's charms. He leaned in closer and slowly but surely placed his lips on top of mine. I gave in, and kissed back. 

He deepened the kiss more and started to slide his hands down my body. His hand came in contact with my butt and cupped it then gave it a little squeeze. I moaned loudly in his mouth causing him to smirk with accomplishment. Curse your charms Bieber. 

I could feel his manhood bulge above me. Looks like I'm not the only one who is excited. Well, well Justin, I can play this game too. I slid my hand down brushing past his manhood, causing a deep throat moan to escape from his mouth. "Ahhh." He says lowly. I smirk this time in accomplishment. Two can play at this game Justin.

He growled lowly and grabbed my hips. My breath hitched. He began to grind against me, causing me to moan loudly like he had before. I was literally about minutes away from ripping his boxers off, and tell him to forget about the romantic crap. He continued his assault and kissed me slowly and passionately. Then when I thought we were going all the way this time and forgetting what he said earlier... he stopped his assault. 

My hormones were on full flow right now and then he just stops! This is the second time today this morning. He rolls of me leaving me breathless and sexual confused. I felt like hormonal teenage girl in high school again. He walks over to the bathroom and closes it. I hear the shower turn on seconds later. I felt my inside twist and stir. I wanted it to go on more, but that wasn't happening for sure. 

I tried to ignore the fact back in high school and college of constantly wanting to do it, but I was so nervous about it. Right now I felt ready and fierce. Like a tiger ready to pounce. Weird I know, but how would you like if someone left you hanging like this? Then the idea I didn't want to think about popped in my head. Ummm no... I looked down at my hand. That's just disgusting. I squeeze my legs together.

I groaned in frustrations. I've never felt so frustrated in my entire life till now. I layed there and tried to think of something else that didn't make me more hormonal then I already was. I waited till Justin was done in the shower. He finally came out, steam rushing out the bathroom. He had the towel wrapped around his torso, revealing that v-line. 

Didn't I just get done trying to calm myself down from being all sexually confused. God damn it Justin. He looked up at me smirked immediately, probably knowing what I'm feeling right now. I glared at him and rolled off the bed. "Took you long enough." I mumbled under my breath. He chuckled and swatted my butt with his hand. I yelped in response. I glared at him again only receive another laugh. 

I walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I started the shower and quickly got in. Note to self: Justin is tease. There's no winning that. I relaxed under the warm water as it cascaded down my body. It felt good. 

I finished and wrapped the towel around me, walking out the bathroom. I walk over to my suitcase and grab some clothes. I can feel Justin's stares on my half naked body. I smirk, look who's the tease now. I turn around to see a fully dressed Justin eyeing me up and down. He licks his lips in satisfaction making me go weak in the legs. Damn. Pull yourself together Brienna. 

"Take a picture it'll last longer." I said snidely glaring at him. Way to go Brienna. I applauded myself inside my head. I smirk and continue to walk over to the bathroom to change. Before I close the door I see him smile wickedly. I ignore it and get ready for the day.










We finally left the hotel with all my stuff including. Justin kept trying to tease me. He constantly kept kissing me and "accidentally" kept brushing his hand against my butt or any other areas that made me weak. It was funny because I think at one point I yelled at him for it. He only continued to smirk. This little game he played was starting to get on my nerves. 

When we were on the elevator he tensed. There was a ton of people in the elevator this time. He seemed to stay closer to me this time but didn't do any funny business. In fact he was still the whole time. It was so weird. My first theory was that he was claustrophobic. The second theory was that he didn't like being around so many people. But that one sounded more absurd so I canceled that one out. I'll have to ask him about it one of these days. 

We drove back to his flat. Except I had to take my car and he had to take his car there. So we were separated for a little bit. I have to admit it I didn't favor being not being with Justin. Even when I had disappeared from him, I hated the feeling of leaving him. He was like a piece of me that I couldn't leave behind. 

When we pulled up to his monstrous house he came and helped me with my luggage. Even though I didn't have much to carry. He placed it in his room. There were random people in house which I've never seen before. I assumed they were there to clean the house up. Since they were all nicely dressed in some work uniforms. 

Justin decided to take me to some diner for some breakfast. I was finally relieved because I was honestly starving. I hadn't eaten much in the last couple days. I know my swim coach would be piss with me, and Justin. 

We got to the small diner, and there wasn't much activity go on. I was kind of happy because that would mean no one would bother us. Me and Justin laughed together at the conversations we had together. It felt good to finally relax and not worry about anything bad happening. And I could finally enjoy the time with someone I loved.

 I bet it felt better for Justin though. He's constantly going through shit and random trash talk on the internet and TV daily. I feel bad for him sometimes. But then again he wouldn't be here with me if I hadn't come across him at his concert. This would all be nothing but a dream. But it felt like I was living the dream. The life I always dreamt about later on. The fairy tale ending. 

I felt like spending my life with him forever. The stuff you read in a romance novel. Where they get happily married and have kids, then grow old with each other. But this time I didn't have to rely on a stupid romance novel to bring my happiness. I could now live through the happiness with a special someone. Who opened up my universe, and showed me the positives of living. I was living the dream...








Well guys it looks like its done now for the Living the Dream fan fiction(: HAHAHAHA Just kidding. I would never do that to you guys! But it is done for Part 1 of Living the dream fan fic(; Part 2 will be coming soon!! Here's a little preview of whats to come...





Next time in Living the Dream Sequel (part 2)....




Justin thought it would be a good idea to come to my graduation. Either he's just stupid or just dumb. I'm going with stupid. He'll freaking attract the attention of every girl or person that's madly obsessed with him! Like me. It's already bad enough with all the attention we've gotten so far with dating. The paps never leave me alone anymore. It fucking sucks. My parents haven't met him yet either. So he wanted to come to my graduation because then he could introduce himself to them. I'm a little nervous in fact. But at least my brother was coming. 




Things were becoming more difficult to fit into the public eye. I was struggling constantly. Justin said he be there for me. I knew he would but sometimes it wasn't enough. The constant hateful words and sayings. I don't know if I can handle it...






"What you mean she's not answering phone?!" Her brother yelled into the phone. 

"I don't know! She's not picking up, and she always picks up." I said panicking. She always does, I know she does. My mind ran through millions of question, with no answer to them. I raced home. Only to see her near death...




Why did it matter anymore? The people thought I was this piece of trash girl. Worthless. My phone rang countless times. I knew it was Justin, but I didn't answer. It's time to go now. There's the rope...





I gasped in astonishment. It was so big and beautiful. It shimmered in the light. The jewels were amazing. It must have cost him a fortune! And were in Paris! My emotions were flying everywhere. Tears of joy flowed from cheeks. I love you so much Justin...







Alright guys there it is! The preview for the next sequel in Living the Dream. Enjoy!<3 And don't forget to favorite and comment! Let me know what you think, I enjoy your guys comments and what not. Love you guys!



By the way sorry for the slow updates, I'm in school right now. Last year of high school!! Woot, woot! Haha

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