Love and War

Two boys who are in the same band, One girl who doesn't know who or what she wants.
what will Happen When both Harry and Niall fall in love with Meghan?
Will both of the boys jeopardize their friendship for this one girl?
Who will she pick and which boy will walk away with a broken heart?


1. Chapter 1

I was just a regular girl. I was just another fan. So why out of all people did they decide to choose me? I can admit i'm not the prettiest girl so why do they want me?  

Today was the concert day and I was way more than just excited. I had front row tickets to see One Direction perform live in Miami. I spent the past week getting ready with my best friend Emily. We made posters, T-Shirts, painted our nails with the British and Irish flag, and we even did our makeup and hair. Yeah I know it sounds ridiculous ,but you never know what could happen. Its true going into the concert I wasn't sure what was going to happen  but i knew it was going to be something good. When Emily and I arrived at the concert and took our seats I got a very odd feeling. It was like i was nervous for no apparent reason. I know almost every girl there wanted Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall or Zayn to pay some notice to them and I was one of them but i don't know why I felt so nervous. After about 30 minutes of listening to the screaming from girls whenever someone came out to finish setting up, the lights went down and the crowd went wild. The boys came onto the stage and you can bet that every girl was up against the fence trying to get to the boys. I was of course one of them but i wasn't so crazy about trying to reach them, I guess reality had hit me. The concert was absolutely amazing and I might have had a few heart attack from the occasional glances coming from both Harry and Niall. For all I know they could have been looking at other girls who were sitting behind me. So I brushed it off. when the concert ended Emily and I walked to our car which of course happened to be parked by the buses so every screaming girl was trying to get to them and of course blocking our car. We were finally almost there when a body guard stopped me.

 "Excuse me miss, but Niall would like me to bring you back to meet them" He gestured to the bus.

"Ummm i'm sorry but why?" I said as we slowly walked to the buses.The guard just shrugged and I told Emily that I would call her  and she could come and pick me up. She nodded and went on her way to the car and off to home. When we got to the bus a gorgeous blond haired blue eyed boy opened the door to let us in. I walked in with caution.

"There is no need to be nervous, love" Niall said with his perfect Irish accent.


"oh..yeah..I'm sorry i just didn't think i would be meeting you right now" I smiled unsure.

He laughs and smiles softly at me and gestures me to sit down next to him on the small couch.

"whats your name beautiful?"

I blushed instantly "Meghan"

"Well I'm Niall but i think you already know that" He chuckles " I was wondering if maybe you wanted to hang out with me ummm like you know go out on a date" he stuttered and blushed.

To be honest i was surprised I mean why would he be asking me out on a date. Out of everyone why me? I nodded "Yeah that sounds great"

He pulled me into a hug and kissed my cheek. " you know this makes you my girlfriend now" he said cheekily.

I laugh "I mean i guess but i don't think i got asked to be your girlfriend Niall" I smirked cheekily

" How rude of me then...Meghan will you be my girlfriend and Hang out with me on tour?" He smiled and fiddled with his fingers nervously.

"Of course...but don't you think we should get to know each other better before we even start dating?" 


Immediately shaking  his head he said " No because i can see it in your eyes that you're an amazing and perfect girl...No questions asked" 

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