Mistaken Identity

Lia.. Scarlett Summer as most of her fans know her as.. yes I said fans. Lia is a worldwide superstar. But no one knows who she really is, her name is Lia Ray but to everyone is else its Scarlett Summer, what happens when she is told that she has to have a collaboration with the one and only One Direction? And what if they find out her dirty little secret?


2. Meeting.. Them..

I groaned. 
"Anyone but One Direction! Christian you know I hate them." I mumbled. 
"Yes but our record company said it would be good for your career, they are the biggest male celebrities right now and your the biggest female. You have to do it Lia!" Christian pleaded. 
"Fine" I whispered. 
"Perfect! You have a meeting with them and their manager Simon Cowell tonight" Christian said excitedly as he tapped away on his phone and scribbled in his planner. I suddenly froze. 
"W-Wait.. I'll be on tour with them for a year.. I won't be able to take the wig and contacts off at ALL?!?" I said, I hated the wig it was so itchy and the eye contacts felt wrong in my eyes. I couldn't stand to see my green eyes blue and my brown hair blonde. 
"Well.. you will have privacy.. at times. But most of the time yes you will have to have your disguise on." Christian said looking a bit disappointed. 
"CHRISTIAN!" I groaned. 
"Deals of the trade Lia." he said. I just nodded knowing that I couldn't get out of this. I decided to call my best friend / "make-up artists" Aly. 
"Hey Aly" I said. 
"Hi" her voice rung through the phone. 
"I'm going on tour with One Direction.." I said. I heard her scream as I dropped the phone. 
"Is the screaming done?" I said laughing a bit. 
"Yes and your bringing your "Make-up Artist" right??" she asked. 
"Of course I am! Your my best friend.. And I'll need you to help me not be tempted to take that stupid wig off." I said. 
"Ok calm down." I am not sure what day we go on tour but I think its soon.. so get your bags ready Aly!" I said trying to sound happy. 
"Ok bye!" she chirped. 
"By-" she had closed the phone and the last thing I heard was a high pitched squeal. I chuckled and smiled. 
"Well she took that well.." I said to myself. I lay on my bed and fell asleep. 




"Wake up! The meetings in half an hour go and get ready" Christian said waking me from my peaceful nap. 

I got up from my bed and got dressed into this comfortable outfit:


I smiled at my casual appearance and went into the limo with Christian close behind. The drive was silent and my mind was racing, I had millions of thoughts in my head all trying to be my main focus of attention. I groaned as I felt a head ache coming along. We arrived at a large studio that I remember having recorded a few songs in before. We got up and up the elevator to the 20th floor. I saw Simon Cowell and walked up to him completely ignoring One Direction. 
"Hello Simon it's an honour to meet you" I said smiling. 
"No the pleasure is all mine.. the marvellous Scarlett Summer.. dashing" he said. I smiled to him and I heard the boys talking amongst themselves. 
"Well let's meet the boys." Simon said turning me to face the direction of the five mutts.. I looked away not wanting to talk to them. 
"Come on love we don't bite" Niall said. 
"I know.. but I do" I said looking at them at sternly. 
"Feisty!" Louis said giving Harry a high-five. I rolled my eyes. 
"I like your top. We are matching" Harry said pointing to my Jack Wills jumper. 
"Oh.. yeah" I said not really interested. 
"I will give you all time to talk amongst yourselves then I'll come back so we can commence the meeting." Simon said as him and Christian vanished. 
"Your cute" Harry said looking at me. 
"Listen don't try to flirt Harold! I know what your like, and besides if I have interest in any of you I have interest in Liam." I said going by his side and smiling. Liam looked down at me startled and then at Harry who was clearly frustrated. 
"Whats wrong? Harry didn't get the girl this time?" I said making a pouting face. All the boys laughed but Harry stayed quiet. 
"Anyways I'm not a big fan.. so what are your personalities? I don't know much about you guys apart from your names" I said looking a bit embarrassed. 
"I'm Louis Tomlinson the funny one" Louis said. 
"I'm Niall Horan the.. Irish one" he said laughing at his own joke. 
"I'm Zayn Malik.. the hot one" Zayn said as the boys laughed.. he even got a light giggle out of me. 
"Not really love'.. Zayn is vain" Louis said. 
"I'm Liam Payne the sensible one" Liam said smiling and looking down at me from his side. I smiled back. 
"And you Styles?" I asked raising my eyebrow. 
"I'm Harry Styles.." that's all he mumbled as he looked away. 
"Harry's the leader and the flirt" Louis said winking. 
"So I'm stuck with.. an irish lad and funny, sensible, flirtatious, vain boys for 1 year? Oh joy!" I said sarcastically. 



There's the 2nd chapter! I hope you all enjoyed it! It took me a while to write. So just from this beginning what team are you?



-Justin Bieber

I just want opinions.. I'm sticking to my plans though :P 

Same as my other stories they will be updated weekends and maybe a few weekdays if I can squeeze it in. University started back up so I'm really busy again. 

I hope you all enjoying this story so far!



~Maria xx

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