Mistaken Identity

Lia.. Scarlett Summer as most of her fans know her as.. yes I said fans. Lia is a worldwide superstar. But no one knows who she really is, her name is Lia Ray but to everyone is else its Scarlett Summer, what happens when she is told that she has to have a collaboration with the one and only One Direction? And what if they find out her dirty little secret?


1. An Ordinary Day

I'm Lia, Scarlett Summer as most of you may know me. I am a bit like Hannah Montanna but with a much better wig! I have what people call the best of both worlds.

I'm Scarlett Summer the blonde-hair, blue-eyed super star but when I'm not working to everyone but my family I'm Lia Ray the normal girl with green eyes and brown hair living her normal life. 

"Lia get your lazy ass up!" my assistant and one of the only other that knew my secret called out. I was lying down on my bed scrolling through Twitter and reading hate and nice comments, the hate didn't really get to me it actually made me laugh that people put in the effort to write reasons why they hate me. 
"Fine Christian stop shouting!" I told him and got off my bed. He had prepared my favourite hot chocolate. 
"Thanks" I said and took a sip. 
"Are you forgetting something?" he said pointing his pen up and down my body. 
"No we have day off today" I said. 
"No.. you have the Alan Carr interview!" he said chuckling. 
"Ughh.. but its comfy" I said pointing to my one piece pyjamas. 
"Aww I don't care.. now go!" he shooed me into my room laughing. I got out the outfit my stylist had chosen for me:


And then put on my blonde wig and blue eye contacts. 

We arrived at Alan's studio and fans where waiting for us at the back entrance. I looked at them sadly; who knows how long they've been waiting! I gave Christian a look, 
"10 minutes" he said as I rushed over to them. They all began to scream. I signed papers and talked to them. Then they all started talking about One Direction. 
"Scarlett you and Harry are perfect for each other!" a girl squealed. 
"I don't think so" I said laughing as I walked off. 


"Ok 3,2,1 your on" the stage director said as I walked down Alan's stairs. 
"Hello darling how've you been" he said as we hugged. 
"I've been great how's my favourite talk show host been?" I said giggling as we sat on the couch. 
"Oh same old same old.. chillin'" he said earning a laugh from the crowd. 
"Ok what are we drinking?" he asked opening up the case of drinks. 
"Water" I said as everyone laughed. The rest of the interview went smoothly,

But then Alan then started asking about relationships. 

"So are you dating anyone?" he asked as a picture of me and Justin Bieber popped up. I began to blush. 
"No not at the moment, but in regards to that picture me and Justin are really good friends and on the occasion of that picture we had gone out to an after party of an awards show and had gone outside for a chat.. it was very VERY loud inside" I heard Oo's and Ah's and began to blush. 
"No no stop it. That is definitely and innocent explanation." Alan said rolling his eyes. The rest of the interview was fun; I loved it. Me and Alan did and sing off and OF COURSE he won! I headed off and everyone clapped. I got into the limo and fans started chasing after our car. I opened the sunroof and popped my head out everyone began to scream. 
"Byee!" I said and blew kisses. They all squealed. We got home as I flopped down on the bed. 


"Oh yeah I got some important news. Your doing a collaboration tour!" Christian said excitedly. 

"With who? Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, The Wanted?" I said happily. 

"No silly! One Direction"


Well thats the new chapter to the story! I hope you guys like it and comment if you think I should continue it has potential to be great!!

Feedback Pleasee?


~Maria xx

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