The bully's been beat

a poem about bullying. entering it in the contest! wish me luck!! :)


1. the bully's been beat

your touch? it burns.

your words? they hurt.

your smile? misleading.

your eyes? deceiving.


your lies? they're clear.

your stories? we hear.

those people? they're crying.

their hearts are dividing.


i'm broken, you see? 

you did this to me.


you lied, and i've tried

to tell you what's right.

but you don't want to listen,

this isn't alright.


we shiver with fright

when you come into sight. 

we're injured inside,

our smiles aren't bright.


you're a bully, you see?

you're rude, and you're mean.

you lie, and you cheat,

we're constantly beat.


but we will no longer stand

for your constant demands.

we're standing together,

all hand in hand.


we'll stay here together

with bonds that are tethered.

we'll fuss, and we'll fight

to make things alright.


soon you'll give in,

we'll finally win.

you'll put up a fight,

but we know that you'e in.


.you were a bully, you see?

you were rude, and you were mean.

you lied, and you cheat.

but the bully.. was beat.


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