Her Name is Olivia. She made a big move from her home country of Australia to England. Olivia was walking alone in London, minding her own business, when she suddenly had an uneccpected incedent where she would of came face to face with one of her idols, Niall Horan. Olivia, was a typical 19 year old girl. With a dream of become a world famous fashion designer and stylist. She also had another dream of finally meeting the 5 boys that have changed her life, and made her who she was....


3. Chapter 2


"For god sakes Niall, you know not tell a fan that she have pretty eyes, especially if she is basically concussed!" Someone whispered while yelling. Why did they say Niall? Where was I?

"I'm sorry Liam but she is really cute and she didn't scream in my face okay!" The boy who was clearly named Niall whispered. I didn't know anyone else who had the name Niall other than Niall Horan? Wait, why did the boy called Niall say Liam? Okay I should really open my eyes right now.

"Okay, okay fair point there. Niall you got yourse...." "YOU'RE AWAKE!" Yelled Niall Horan, wait, Niall Horan? I'm in the same fricken room as Niall James Horan from Mullingar, Westmeath Ireland. The Niall Horan who before got braces had cute crocked teeth which I miss. The Niall Horan that laughs at everything even if it's nothing. I should probably say something...

"Oh um yeah I am, where am I Niall James Horan from Mullingar, Westmeath Ireland?" I paused. "Shit did I say that out loud?" I face palmed myself, I was probably the most socially awkward person you'll ever meet. This is horrible word vomit.

"Oh Niall, you got yourself a hot girl." A curly headed boy walked forward giving me a wink. "Hi, I'm Harry." Harry cheekily smiled at me showing off his dimples. Okay I was swooning; his dimples will be the death of me.

"Oh I know who you are..." I face palmed myself again, I seriously need to shut up. "God dammit."

"What's wrong babe?" Louis walked in, with a massive grin on his face. That boy must have been up to something cheeky.

"I um, I am just very awkward you know? Just trying not to fangirl because I'm like massive fans of use, like I have a Tumblr blog dedicated to all your existences and my old room in Australia has millions of posters of all of use and and..." I was rambling but lucky Niall cut me off.

"Wait, you come from Australia! This is so cool! I should have realised from your real Aussie accent when I was talking to you last night!" Niall jumped up in excitement, what was so good about my accent? I've heard it's one of the most sexiest accents in the world but come on, it's not a big deal!

"Yeah, I moved here about a month ago. Trying to peruse my dreams I guess." I smiled at all the boys. They were all sitting around the I think living room.

"I love Australian accents, they're so sexy." Harry looked me in the eyes giving me a wink. I really need to leave this room for a bit and scream. I need some help.

"oh, um, uh, okay, um Niall where am I?" I looked towards Niall.

"You're at my flat, I called the lads over because I needed some help. I didn't know where to take you so they just said meet them here and yeah." He smiled at my reassuringly.

"Oh okay, well before I leave may I take a shower?" I asked politly.

Niall got up from his seat, walked over to me and put his hand out for me to grab. I did as he asked and walked with him to what I assume was the bathroom. He let go of my hand, as I walked into the bathroom.

"Towels and whatever else you need is in that cupboard. Come out when you're ready." He smiled and walked back to the other boys. This is where I can cry of happiness hehe shhhh.

As I pulled off my clothes, and took my hair out as what seemed to be a knot. I thought one of the boys clearly decided to play with my hair while I was knocked out because last time I checked my hair was down. I stepped into the shower and sighed as I saw all the horrible pattern of scars all across my thighs. I didn't mean for it to turn out like this, I just didn't feel as if there was an escape. I promised myself I would never do it again after the boy's first album came out.

Then all my horrible memories came rushing back. The times my dad would come home drunk. The times when my dad would abuse my mum. When my father nearly made mum crash the car and I was in there, that moment was terrifying because Mum and I basically ran to the police station. My dad was chasing us nearly the whole way until he realised where we were going. My dad was an alcoholic; he has Depression and doesn't see what he has done wrong. The pain he had endured on my whole family was excruciating. He made me scared; he made my brother not have a father figure and not sure whether to open up to people, and most of all he has made my mum scared of men, scared of what my father may do. She is basically living in fear.

Instead of crying because I've meet my idols, I'm crying because everything I've tried to forget has suddenly came back. The fear that my Mum or bother may be hurt. What if my father finds out that I moved to London? Would he hunt me down? Would he hurt my mum or brother? I don't know but I don't want to think about it but it's so hard.

I quietly sobbed while sitting on the shower floor. The warm water and steam cleansing my whole body making me feel clean and pure. I laid my head back against the tiled wall, nearly asleep because off all the crying I've been doing. I guess, you may think it's not that bad what I've suffered, like a lot of other people out there have worse problems than me, but everyone has their own personal battles they face every day. My father's alcoholism was one of my many problems.

I was drifting off to sleep, slowly, but soothingly until I heard a knock on the door. "Hey, um Olivia its Niall, you've been in there for nearly 2 hours. Is everything okay? Are you okay?" A worried Niall asked. I didn't have the energy to answer, my voice coming out as a quiet whisper. Something I'm sure you couldn't hear above the water.

I didn't have enough energy to turn the water off too. I suppose I cried that much that I just couldn't stand up, to really do anything.

I heard pushing and pulling of the door and before I knew it, in flew Niall. He looked worried. He looked around and saw me wide eyed, naked, in the shower with the water still going. I guess it kind of took him by surprise maybe but he should of expected me to be naked because the water was still going. He looked at me, then you see his eyes going down my body. His eyes stopped at my thighs, he looked up with a sad look in his eyes, his bottom lip was trempling.

"O-Olivia, what are t-thoughs?" he said looking at my thighs. I gulped and looked down, I forgot all about my scares. I forgot about them because I was too out of it. How I wish I didn't and covered up, how I wish that I did cry so much and felt numb. But sometimes feeling numb is good because I forget about everything.

Before I could even answer Niall shut the door, opened the shower glass and sat in the shower with me. He was fully clothed but it seemed like he didn't care. He sat beside me, lifted me up and placed me on his lap. I was a bit nervous, not only that I was fully naked in the shower sitting on Niall Horan's lap, but more about what he is going to say to me.

He placed his arms around me, holding me securely in his arms. He didn't know a single thing about me except my name is Olivia Marsh and I move here from Australia. Why was he being so caring towards someone he doesn't know? I laid my head on his chest and balled his soaking wet t-shirt in my fists and started to sob. Niall was rubbing circles in my back with his thump and on the other hand he was twirling my hair around on of his fingers.

"Its okay love, I don't know what's happened but it's going to be okay. You're going to be okay." He whispered trying to make me calm. I started to calm down a little.

"You can tell me what ever is on your mind okay, whatever you feel comfortable in telling me. I'm not going to leave you until you're okay." Niall softly said.

"You're beautiful , Love and don't ever forget that." Niall kissed my forehead and let it linger for a few seconds before letting go.

Why was he being so nice to me? We only just meet. I don't want to tell him everything because I don't want him to think any different of me. Something inside of me is saying, trust him, he won't hurt you, but then another is saying he is going to leave you stranded, he is going to not want you.

I looked up at the boys eyes. His eyes looked red and puffy. Was he crying? Why would he be crying?

"Ni-Niall where you crying?" I sniffed looking into the beautiful blonde Irish man's blue eyes.

"I know I only just met you Liv, but seeing you cry is the most heart breaking thing ever." He whispered.

"Its okay Niall, I'm going to be okay, I just had a breakdown and I felt numb. That's why I didn't answer you." I sighed. I felt bad about making Niall cry, he is so loving and caring it just sucks to see him cry especially because of you.

"Liv, can I ask you a question?" Niall paused, looking down at my thighs. He took a deep breath. "Why do you have s-scars?"


A/N : Hey guys, sorry for the confusing with no paragraphs last chapter. I didnt realize as I also have this saved on my Word documents so i just copy and past it really.

I'm going to update as much as I possible can because I start school back at school in 3 days and I'm a big year 10 now so all my exams count ect ect;

Hope you're liking the story now, comment anything you like I always read peoples feedback and try my best to impove my writing. I look good feedback to, it always makes me enjoy writing but all hate get deleted and you will get blocked but I know you're all lovely people and won't be so mean!


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