Her Name is Olivia. She made a big move from her home country of Australia to England. Olivia was walking alone in London, minding her own business, when she suddenly had an uneccpected incedent where she would of came face to face with one of her idols, Niall Horan. Olivia, was a typical 19 year old girl. With a dream of become a world famous fashion designer and stylist. She also had another dream of finally meeting the 5 boys that have changed her life, and made her who she was....


2. Chapter 1

Walking alone in a cold London street, it was about minus one here this dark gloomy night. I was walking back to my apartment I had just moved into, about 1 month ago actually. I moved from Melbourne, Australia after I finished High School. You're all probably wondering, who am I? Why would she pack up her whole life in Australia for England? Well first off my name is Olivia, Olivia Marsh. I'm now 19 years old, with what I hope a bright future ahead of me. I moved because I wanted to pursuer my dreams in becoming a famous stylist and fashion designer and hopefully end up having a house hold known brand like Chanel or Dolce & Gabbana and of course I couldn't make that dream reality in Australia could I?

Ever since I've been in London I haven't really talked to anyone. It may be the fact that I'm just a generally shy person, I'd rather people come talk to me than me having to make the effort for me talking to others. I guess I'm just awkward, and that's probably why I also didn't have many friends back in Australia either.

I didn't have many friends, it could be because I'd rather be on my own, I'd rather be in my bed watching movies and eating junk food then out partying or socializing. I guess I liked it better that way. Or maybe because I had this dedication to a boy band called One Direction and basically my whole life was about them and that's including a Twitter and Tumblr blog dedicated to their existence. People called me crazy or obsessed but really, I was just dedicated. I love the boys so much, but I especially had a soft spot for my special little Irish snowflake Niall. Whenever someone called Nialler 'ugly' or that he didn't deserve to be in One Direction I would give them the biggest death stare and tell them they have 5 seconds to run before I punch them straight on the nose.

Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis are the reason why I am the way I am today. If it wasn't for them I'd probably be anorexic or bulimic because before the boys were even discovered I suffered an eating disorder and Anxiety. Thoughs 5 precious boys saved my life, you may think it's crazy but I don't. Whenever I was having an off day, I would always listen to their music, watch their videos and just laugh until my sides hurt. They made me see happiness in this life, plus knowing I could maybe one day meet these 5 amazayn boys (see what I did there ;) made me see light at the end of the tunnel.

Okay, now back the present.

I pulled out my grey beanie from my bag and flicked my light brown hair. I put my beanie on, then pulled my hoodie over my warm head and let it sit on top of my head. I took my iPhone and earphones out of my pocket and plugged the earphones in my phone then put them in my ears. Rest of My Life by Ludacris featuring David Guetta and Usher started playing and I started dancing a little while I was walking to the boppy sort of tune. With my eyes still glues to my phone I got a notification saying one of the boys have tweeted. I opened my twitter app and noticed Niall had tweeted.

@NiallOfficial: What a cold night in London! Can't wait until I'm snuggled up watching some Soccer on the couch!!! Xx

I giggled to myself, that boy was such a cutie! I decided to have a shot at trying to either get a follow or RT from the poor boy knowing his Twitter mentions are probably blowing up right now from girls saying "Can I come cuddle up to you bby" or "I can make you warm if you know what I mean ;)" and like always "OMG NIALL PLSSSS FOLLOW ME ITS MY BIRTHDAY, OMG IT WOULD MEAN SO MUCH!!!1!111!!!!"

I sighed and started typing;

@OliviaMarsh: I agree Niall, It's so cold here in London! A nice hot Starbucks Mocca would go great right now! Enjoy your night. Xxx

I tried to be as respecting and sophisticated as I can so maybe he might think I'm not weird and tweet me back. That's also why I changed my Twitter username from @gnially to @OliviaMarsh.

My eyes were still glued to my phone, and of course silly me was about to turn the corner on my way back to my apartment. I was so concentraited on my phone waiting or hopefully reciving a RT or follow from one of my idols but because I was so concentraited I ran hard into someone. I feel back onto the ground, hitting my head hard but not that hard to knock myself out. With the unexpected inpact of me falling down onto the ground my eyes closed suddenly. I heard gasps and I felt strong hands try to pick me up. As I was getting picked up I heard the person curse, he had a strong accent, clearly not British.

The person helped me to my feet. I opened my eyes to see a boy, his hood was on but I could only see blond hair coming out of it. I tilted my head in confusion, waiting for the boy to speak, but as I did he then opened his mouth to speak.

"I'm so sorry, love. Are you hurt, did you hit your head hard? Oh my god why aren't you answering me? I should take you to the hospital!" The boy franticly said, he was pacing around fast. "I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there! I was concentraiting on my phone, please answer me, I'm so sorry!" The boys added.

I could tell that he has an Irish accent. I smiled "Don't worry, I'm okay." I said reassured the panicking boy. "Well my head does hurt but that's okay, I'm going to be okay." I admitted.

I was about to bend down to pick up my phone but before I could the blonde boy bent down and picked it up. He glanced at it, his eyes went wide opened. I looked at him confused.

"You're Olivia Marsh?" The boy questioned. I nodded.

"Yeah why?" I gulped. Where was this heading?

"Oh um, are you a fan of One Direction?" He started to smirk. Shit, what do I say? Do I tell him I'm in love with them? Like this Irish boy is the only person out of work that has talked to me.

I looked down nervously playing with my hands "U-um ye-yeah I am. I'm a h-huge fan." I whispered.

I looked up and saw the boy take his hood off, my eyes went wide, my jaw dropped. I just ran into my biggest celebrity crush ever. I just ran into one of my idols. What do I do, I can't fangirl or else he will think I'm weird and leave me here alone? Do I try and act as normal as I can and wait until I'm back at my apartment and scream and cry for ages? Okay I promised myself that if I ever meet one of the boys I won't fangirl and try and act normal so they maybe ask me out for a date or they think I'm normal and cool or something but when you're in this position you don't honestly know what to do!


"Uh, y-yeah I'm just r-really sup-surprised that Is all. And n-nervous." I mentally face palmed myself. Why would I say that, bloody hell this is like word vomit?

"Hey it's okay to be nervous, wait, it may be because you hit your head hard!" Niall started to panic. He roughly put his fingers, combing through his hair making it look like he had sex hair. I am so close to crying and hyperventilating its ridiculous. Niall gave me a funny look.

"W-why are you looking at me like that? Do I have something on my face? Do I look gross? What, what is wrong with me?" I spoke fast. I touched my face nervously making sure I have nothing on my face.

"No, there is nothing wrong with you. You just have really beautiful eyes." He smirked. I looked into his eyes, they were beautiful too. Wait what am I doing? Niall Horan just told me I have beautiful eyes, what do I do? What do I say? Do I smile? Oh no my cheeks are blushing!

"I um.." I stuttered.

Niall got a worried look on his face. "O-Olivia what's wrong, you're going pale."

And before I knew it I blacked out.

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